This may be the biggest announcement I’ve ever made.

There’s been a challenge in my life that has scared me for over 10 years. I could never do it. It’s BIG too. Really big.

Check out the video, I explain it all.

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A Toast To My Hero


Struggling for a Good Entrepreneurial Idea?

entrepreneur ideaI’ve adopted a new simple system about 2 years ago to help me create amazing ideas that I’m passionate to execute on.

I just ask myself this question:

“Anik, what do YOU currently need that you can’t find? What product or service would you instantly become a customer of?”

I know. It sounds so simple and common-sense, but you would be surprised how many of us never think of this!

In the last couple of years my take towards business has 100% changed. It’s no longer ‘good enough’ to create businesses or generate revenue just for the sake of ‘money.’ I’ve discovered that those businesses never last. You end up always having to re-create and re-invent to keep the revenue going.

That gets exhausting.

Rather, if you take extra time building something of deep value (that even YOU yourself would be proud to be a customer of) – well, now you’re building something that will last a long time and may even change the world.

Seriously. Everyday we face challenges and hardships and we think ‘man, if only there was…

Start paying special attention to those thoughts. I’m not saying that all of them are Entrepreneurial genius – but you only need one!

This system has proven to be radical for me.

1.5 years ago – I created an amazing new company that is growing almost 100% every 6 months.

10 months ago – I created a new product that has become an incredible brand (seems it will last for years to come now). Just as a product alone, it’s become an enormous revenue and lead generator – it completely re-energized and sparked one of my existing companies.

6 months ago – I created an amazing Application that is still in Alpha testing but has done north of $100,000 in sales and my business partner and I have not even released it yet!

1 month ago – I closed on a HUGE business relationship that has been a dream of mine for 10+ years.

1 week ago (yes, even while on my honeymoon) – I fully designed and completed a business model for a brand new company in 2015. It’s an idea I got because I personally am dying for such a service. Every piece of the business is already falling in place.

Thanks to the new approach, I’m attracting the perfect team members. The perfect business partners. But, most of all – a true sense of fulfillment knowing that every day my businesses are touching and changing lives.

So…there you have it. You are full of amazing world-changing ideas – just take a deeper look into your own life and WA-LA!

Why Asking for Advice Isn’t Always a Good Idea…

afraid to make mistakeOne thing I’ve seen very concretely in my life is how much faster I progress when I’ve relied on my own creativity and ideas. When I’ve had FAITH in my ideas and especially when I’ve been ready to take a risk and be OK with the idea of failing…

The level at which I progress literally eclipses the opposite situation…

See… We have a habit of having an idea and then asking everyone around us what they think. It’s natural. We like to feel supported. We like to feel accepted.

The reality is that we are just scared and by getting someone else (anyone – even if they are not qualified) to agree with us, it brings us a sense of confidence (even if this is completely wrong).

But…this is a very risky place to be. Most ideas we have will never be supported or even understood by those around us. Most importantly, I can bet that 95% of those we seek opinions from are not even properly qualified to give it!

So we risk being led wrongly.

The first few years of my career – I remember being a rogue! I didn’t care what others thought – I was going to do what I wanted. If I failed, so what? On to the next… :)

Then…I started seeing some bad days. I had some back to back failures and suddenly my fear grew and I always wanted the advice and opinion of others to confirm my thoughts. Well, if you ask 10 people, you’ll rarely getting any concrete conclusion. Quickly this led to a major demise in my life. My greatest talent as an Entrepreneur was left paralyzed.

No ideas would progress. Nothing new was happening. Nothing was being created!

Then – again about 2 years ago, I took a more rogue approach. I began to believe in myself. I began to do what I wanted. I lost the fear of failure.

Today… Well… I feel blessed that I learned such a major lesson so early in my life.

So, what’s my point? Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Who cares what others think? Who cares if you fail?

Just do it. :)

When I Thought I Was Being Kidnapped By a Drug Dealer

Check out this story :)

This is from over 12 years ago. Something happened in my life where I feared I was being kidnapped by a DRUG DEALER!

That event in my life turned out to be the GREATEST turning point in my entire career.

I tell this story on the shores of VENICE (Burano Island). I got random inspiration to shoot this video :)


Profit Workshop SYNOPSIS #3

Wow, I am just floored. Another killer Google Hangout with thousands in attendance once again!  You guys are freakin’ awesome!

I want to point out that these cliff notes are a great revision, however if you really want the complete learning experience, you are way better of watching the replay of the event itself. In fact, I’ve put the replay of all three training sessions on the 1 page, so you can catch up on any you missed.

Watch The Replay Now

Sidebar before I get to the Cliff’s Notes… THANK YOU for being there. I mean it. You guys are an inspiration to me.  I am humbled and honored. Your feedback has been incredible.

You know what? Just knowing that you are all out there and seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM with a real business… well that’s what makes me get out of bed in the morning HAPPY to be alive!

A “Ridiculous” Vision?

Okay, I started this broadcast by warning you guys that I was going to share a crazy – even “ridiculous” – vision of your future financial freedom. I wasn’t just talking to those of you who grabbed some of the remaining spots at… though your dedication and commitment is awesome and it WILL be rewarded.

This last webinar was that select group of you out there who really “get it.” You’re the action takers. The visionaries. The dreamers who don’t want to just stay stuck in the dream. You want to seize your vision and own it and make it happen.

That’s what I showed you in this last workshop: the exact blueprint for a $1 MILLION to $3 MILLION a year business.  A business you can be PROUD of. A business that won’t get whacked by a search engine update or a bad economy. A business that can sustain you and your family for years to come. A business that you can 100% do from your own home (or your hotel room).

$1M to $3 M in 90 Days – The Key Steps

I’m going to show you how I broke into a niche where I was a total nobody – and hit the $1 Million mark in a very short time. I’m talking about getting into a brand new market (for me), with a brand new brand, as a virtual “unknown”… to become a leading force in the personal development space.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. The Mechanics of a $1M+ LAUNCH – And In a NEW Niche
  2. OUTSOURCING The Entire Process
  3. Your Own Army of Affiliates

Bottom line, I’ll show you the STEPS for how to break into almost any niche you want starting FROM SCRATCH and make millions in it!

It’s not brain surgery, and let’s face it, once I show you this, it will all look familiar. You’ve seen product launches. You’ve bought products. Maybe you’ve even bought all the upsells during some big launches. None of this is totally new to you.

What you haven’t seen, though, are the exact steps to making this happen FOR YOU. Work and commitment are crucial – but you know what “makes or breaks” people in this business? Follow my blueprint EXACTLY – and you can make it. If you don’t, it all breaks down!

Watch Me Build a COMPLETE Funnel Live!

During the hangout a lot of people were shooting me emails and questions about product creation and making a funnel. So I stopped and drew a beginner’s funnel for you from scratch. It was totally SIMPLIFIED and it included pricing, but… I’m not going to put a screen shot of it here. Why? Because I do NOT want you copying it EXACTLY!

Pricing that works in the Internet Marketing niche will NOT work in the Personal Development, or the Relationships niche, or the Fitness niche.

So to get a full understanding and learn about why it’s important to be sensitive to your market… hurry and watch the training before we take it down!

Making Your Own Products (Easier Than You Think!)

There are really only 4 main types of products:

  1. Written (eBook) – Easiest to make; the lowest price in your funnel (usually)
  2. Audio (mp3) – A little harder to create; commands a higher price
  3. Video (Screen capture or Face to Camera) – More work/expense to create; but you can charge more for it
  4. Coaching/Webinars/Personal Training – Highest investment of your time and energy; commands the highest price tag (and you can justify it)

I explained in the webinar how you can outsource almost ALL of the above. Certainly the first two can be 100% outsourced. The others usually require a little more of your involvement, especially if you’re building up your own personal brand and want to get your own voice and/or face out there in the marketplace.

When I built the product funnel “live” during the webinar, I showed you why you always see a lot of bonuses attached to products. Bonuses work a kind of magic, especially on something simple like an ebook. Add in some checklists, diagrams, short reports, short audios, spreadsheets, graphics packs, etc. and all of a sudden a $37 ebook automagically becomes a mouth watering value :)!

So of course you want to make sure you have bonuses attached to all the products in your funnel (except your downsells). And that’s where some of you get intimidated! (Yeah, I could tell from the questions you were sending in!)

I get it. You’re staring at this entire funnel and thinking oh my God, how am I going to get ALL these pieces done, an ebook plus bonuses plus some audios etc. etc. etc.  Well I’ve spent $5 million on outsourcing so let me make this simple for you. In just 3 steps you can simplify it to this simple process:

  1. Do research on Amazon and create your own table of contents based on other successful books.
  2. Use just ONE outsourcer for EVERYTHING. (Yes, one person CAN do it all.)
  3. Set a deadline of 2 weeks (give or take a few days) for completion of ALL your products.

Trust me, this system works. There’s an amazing amount of writing and voice talent out there on the freelance sites.

I had to cut this part of the webinar short since there was so much to cover. During Profit Academy there’s a whole training session just on outsourcing, and it’s full of great tips and tricks for finding the best possible talent at the lowest possible cost.

Even more importantly, in Profit Academy we get into outsourcing your MARKETING MATERIALS – including your video sales letter. That’s the hardest part for a lot of you, so this part of the training is worth gold.

Case Study: Behind The Curtain of the Future of Wealth Launch (or How to Break Into a Totally New Niche with the Power of One!)

This last part of the workshop should put to rest any doubts you might have that YOU too can build a $1 Million business… because I show you how I did it in a niche where they couldn’t have cared less who Anik Singal was or what his prior successes might have been!

In this case study I showed you how I broke into the Personal Development niche with my Future of Wealth product.

And one again, the actual model is pretty SIMPLE. It’s all just 4 steps:

Step 1 – Product Development – I covered that above (and in a lot more detail in the webinar)

Step 2 – “Rolling Launch” – This is KEY to breaking into a niche, it’s a 90 day process (not the 2-week mega-launches you often see)

Step 3 – Building Authority – I started with one affiliate… kept building my relationship with my personal development list… gained authority when the affiliate made some good sales… kept adding subscribers to my list… served my subscribers well… then  PROMOTED as an affiliate for others in the Personal Development space… made great sales for them… and soon had the attention of some of the biggest players!

Step 4 – Big Bang Launch – This is what I was building towards… got my $1 Million launch… and you will learn how to build up to this in Profit Academy.

Here’s the big point I want to get across to you: I had NO experience, NO list, NO reputation in the Personal Development niche. Yet in less than 18 months I became a leading name, a top brand, and a respected marketer in Personal Development. I now make millions in sales of my own products – and I can drive millions in sales to other awesome people in that space.

And let me repeat: My prior reputation in the Internet Marketing space didn’t mean a thing in the Personal Development niche. Like I explained in the webinar, I had to start from SCRATCH. Researching, building a list, networking by hanging out on Skype, going to events, introducing myself to leaders… I was starting from the exact same “square 1” that you are.

In fact, my background probably worked against me. I was known as a “marketing” teacher, so I probably had to prove myself more than you ever will.

But the Personal Development niche was my first passion, even before marketing and sales education. I really wanted to do this badly. So if you WANT to, YOU can do it!

Here’s What To Do Now…

If you haven’t already seen it, watch this…

I hope you’ve got a lot from this training series, and that you’ve enjoyed watching and reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed preparing it.

You now have the opportunity work with me much much closer, and really bring your business to a level that will excite you (even if you don’t have a business yet).

If building an online business is something that you are at all serious about, watch the section of the training above, and come and join me in Profit Academy. It will be a turning point in your financial life!

Profit Workshop SYNOPSIS #2

Wow, we had another killer training session here, for the Profit Workshop #2 (of 3) with thousands of people attending.

I actually broadcast this one from Amsterdam on my honeymoon believe it or not!! That’s the best thing about this business, it’s so portable, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

I’ve got friends that live on various islands around the world. They just surf all day, and do a little bit of work at night, and that’s their life. Not really my thing, but I can see the appeal.

Ok, first up, this blog post is a cliff notes of the 2nd in a series of 3 in depth workshops designed to teach you how to build an internet marketing business. First things first… if you haven’t watched the first one, go ahead and do that now. Here is a link…

Watch Profit Workshop #1 Now

If you’ve already watched the first one, that’s great!! Like I said, this blog post is a cliff notes for the 2nd one. It works better as a revision, so if you haven’t watched it live or the replay, then I strongly encourage you to go ahead and watch the whole thing. Here is a link for that…

Watch Profit Workshop #2 Now

Ok, so without any further ado, let’s get into the cliff notes. I started out with a quick revision of the 1st profit workshop. I’m not going to run over that here, because you’ve already watched it right… right?

Affiliate Riches

Did you know you can make loads of money online, without a product, without employees, and without headaches? One of the best ways that I know of to do this, is affiliate marketing.

Once you have built an email list, there are loads of ways that you can make money from it. Here are some:

  1. Monthly Residual – Let’s say I have a list of small business owners. I know small business owners need web hosting, and I know a good web host, so I send an email to my list recommending that webhost. When my list take the web host up on the offer, the web host will pay me every single month for as long as that person remains a customer!
  2. Launch supporting. There are loads of new products being launched every single day. This can be a fantastic money spinner.
  3. Your own product. I’ll talk more about this a little later, but this can easily 5x your income!
  4. Selling advertising! You’ve got the list, which means you’ve got the traffic. You’ve got something that people want. But don’t sell the list, sell the traffic, that way you can sell it over and over again.

Case Study #1: Making Money with the TYP Method

This campaign took me 45 mins to put together. Here is what i did

  1. Put an optin page up
  2. After the lead opted in to my free gift, I sent them to an offer page
  3. I wrote 3 follow up emails

And that’s it!! And guess what. In 2 short weeks, I built an 8,000 person list, I sold 220 units, and made $8,800!

But here’s the real magic… it cost me less than $8,800 to drive the traffic, so I now had an 8,000 person list FOR FREE, that I could mail over and over again, making money month in and month out. I still make money from it today!

Case Study #2: Making Money with Automated Emails

I’ve got a friend who is a fitness trainer. He LOVES his job. In fact he told me that even if he won lotto and became a millionaire tomorrow, he wouldn’t stop doing what he is doing.

The only problem is that he only used to make about $3,500 a month doing it. He knows what I do, so he sat me down for a chat one day. He explained to me that he loves what he does, but would like to earn more money.

There was a problem though. He works very hard, and at the end of the day he is exhausted, so he had very little time to spend on his business, and wanted to know if I could still help him.


I helped him build an optin page, we used the TYP method, and implemented the same 3 steps

  1. Put an optin page up
  2. Affiliate offer on the thank you page
  3. Only this time I had him write 10 emails for the autoresponder!!

The plan was that he should then write an email a day, and add it to the autoresponder… but he has been a bit lazy. In 7 months, he only has 85 emails, and should really have a couple hundred…


Even with his laziness, he is now making between $400 – $700 a day….  A DAY!!!

His top month was $42,000 in the month!

Imagine what he would do if not so lazy!

Case Study #3: Making Money With Manual Mailings

Remember from case study 1, I created that 8000 person list. Well, there was no point in turning it off, so it built up over time automatically. I remember at one point where it was 18,000 people (it’s bigger now).

Well, Bob Proctor was having a launch. I know Bob, I know his work, and I am a HUGE fan. His product was only available for 7 days, so I manually mailed the list.

With just 18,000 people, I made $22,560.06 in commission!

Remember, this list was already paid for with the auto emails. It was free. This was all profit.

Then the next week there was another product launch, and I made another $15,000.

My $1.1 Million Pay Day

Everything we’ve spoken to up until now is stuff that you can implement within weeks of getting started. It really isn’t that hard. But just to give you a taste of what’s possible when you’ve got your business established, check this out.

I participated in a launch for a product called Automatic Selling Machine. A fantastic product that I strongly believe in, which happens to be what we call a “high ticket item”, meaning that the price for the product is in the thousands.

For 7 days, I sent my list first to some fantastic FREE content that they were giving away, which I know my list really loved, and really got a lot out of. That alone would have changed lives, so my list loved me for it.

The in the 7 days that followed that, I let them know how they could work with the ASM guys closer (i.e. by buying their product). The ASM guys did such a fantastic job at providing value that…

In 14 days, I made $1.1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Oh, and guess what. My list at this time was only 68,000!

5x profit multiplier – Building a true business

Now get this. All of the case studies that I’ve mentioned above are using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is fantastic! It’s a dead simple way to make a lot of money. But if you REALLY want to super charge you income… I’m talking 5x your income, then you really want your own product.

This is WAY easier than it sounds, and I’ll be running over more details about how to do this in the 3rd workshop, but for now, make sure you watch the video above, where I draw out a $1 million dollar business blueprint for you in paint, and explain EXACTLY how you can build it!

Seriously, I’ve seen loads of gurus charge THOUSANDS of dollars for the information in this section of the video alone, and you know what… most people that pay it are happy with that they got… and so they should be, it’s that good!

I really can’t do it justice here with words, you just have to check out my beautiful drawing in paint on the video :)

It’s Not Too Late…

Remember, this is part 2 of a 3 part webinar. If you haven’t already, go and register for the last one, and catch it live. Here is a link…

Register For The Third Profit Workshop Here

Profit Workshop 1 SYNOPSIS

Wow! The first Profit Workshop was UNBELIEVABLE! It was almost four hours long!

Yes you read that right, FOUR HOURS of incredible information, and THOUSANDS of people watching!

If you haven’t already, your best bet is to watch the full replay. You can do that here…

Watch The Full Replay

The Top Three Reasons to Master Inboxing:


  1. It’s fast and easy to start : You can start within not months!
  2. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to make $1,000 or $10 million all your marketing funnels start here. This is the base route of all informational marketing.
  3. It is a Life-time asset: you can pass it down generation after generation. You can sell it at anytime and monetize it.

Review of Internet marketing:

I’m sure you’ve seen this a million times by now, but if you watch this section of the video, I know it will really make everything click!

5,000 list case study:

I had 4 things I wanted:

  1. A 5,000 person list
  2. Wanted to make PROFIT FAST
  3. Wanted it scalable

I was able to build this list in 3 days. Within 12 days I was profitable. That list today has over 30,000 subscribers!

Is it Scalable? Hundreds of people have been successful copying this exact plan.

So how did I do it?

1. I sent all of my traffic to an opt in page and got their email.

2. I then put all these emails into an autoresponder, and set up an email series that went on for 15 days. The moment they signed up they received the first email and it went on for 15 days.

3.I sent them 2 emails a day, one at 8am and one at 3pm everyday.

4.What did I email them? I went to the clickbank market place and found products that converted well. After picking 5 products to use, I wrote a nice email for each of the products. At 8am I would send them an email about one of the products at 3pm I would remind them about the same product. I stayed on the same product for a block of 2-3 days.

5.From day 12 I was officially past breakeven. That means for that every cent I make from the list after day 12 is pure profit.

Let’s Talk Traffic:

Forum Marketing:

My first 10,000 subscribers came from forums.

Q .What is a forum?
Ans. A forum is a discussion board where people talk about a certain topic.

In the forum, you create a signature box like you would at the bottom of an email. Every time you participate in the forum, your signature will appear at the bottom of your post. If someone clicks on your link in your signature, and opt ins you have a targeted subscriber.

You have got to listen to Dan’s story: he went from making $400 a month to $1 Million a month using Forums!

2. Facebook traffic
Facebook ads are amazing to use. You can target exactly who you want to see your ad, as well as work under your own budget. You can spend $20 a day or $200 dollars a day it’s completely up to you!

Just listen to what Lary has to say about his experience with Facebook ad, it will blow you away.

3. Solo Ad marketing **Anik’s favorite
This is where you use someone who already has a huge list. You get them to send out an email promoting your opt in page and pay them per click.

Make sure you keep your eye out for the upcoming workshops, because I’ll gove over this in a lot more detail!

If you haven’t already, make sure you watch this entire webinar! Like I mentioned, it was 4 hours long, and I couldn’t possibly go over it all here, that was just a small taste. Trust me, you will learn so much circumstance altering information it will blow your mind!!

Watch The Full Replay!

Also, this is just part 1 of a 3 webinar series!! At time of writing this, it’s not too late to register for the rest of the series. If you haven’t already, make sure you do that now (It’s totally FREE!!! My gift to you :))

Register For The Rest Of The Series Here!