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Sometimes we need a PICK ME UP. Sometimes we forget what it really takes to SUCCEED in life. Sometimes…we need something to give us goosebumps.

I’ve Made This Video Just For You:

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How To Build a Profitable Business with Free Traffic

So last week I spoke all about the value of PAID traffic and we learned all about FACEBOOK. However, I DO understand the reality that many are just too scared to start with paid traffic right away.

This post (and diagram) is for you.

Just always remember, if you’re going to do nothing but FREE traffic, things take a BIT longer to start-up. That’s fair, right? You can’t get Free Traffic from Google, Facebook or Yahoo just OVER-night!

By the way, I’m running a Free Webinar with an amazing Guest Expert on Wednesday (July 9th) at 9 PM ET. We’re going to talk about how you can create small sites that earn up to $1,500 a month on auto-pilot (all using Free traffic). Register your Free Seat here: http://www.SmallSiteWebinar.com

Here’s The Important Elements When
Launching Your Business Using This Model:

#1. You set-up a 5-10 page small website – mostly focused around an OPT-IN page.
#2. You need a strong auto-responder series (promoting YOUR product or AFFILIATE products).
#3. You need traffic.

All in all – here’s the diagram to use for the SMALL SITE Business Model:


If you want the FULL Explanation of this Diagram, please Register your FREE Seat for this Free Webinar (July 9th at 9 PM ET) – http://www.SmallSiteWebinar.com

#1 – Small Site – 5 to 10 Page Website

It’s still possible to create a website that is very small, quick and based off of a template. You then focus the ENTIRE website around your OPT-IN Page. Your #1 goal in this business model is to just get someone to subscribe to your auto responder.

On July 9th at 9 PM ET, we’re going to give away this Template and show you existing websites using it!  You’ll have the exact model!

Just know that these sites are short, to the point and do not use any crazy “content management system.”

#2 – Autoresponder Series

Many people are so afraid of WRITING. Most students are held back online because of mostly two fears:

#1 – Writing
#2 – Technology.

Technically, to have a great auto responder series, you DO need to write, however, you really can just use a template approach. You don’t have to be the next Stephen King to make a lot of money with Autoresponders.

Here are some basics to make a note of (then on July 9th at 9 PM ET) – we’ll go over a lot more specifics!

1 – I like to have at least 15 days worth of messages before I start.
2 – Don’t be afraid to PROMOTE. I’m pretty aggressive in my auto responders.
3 – Use story. I like to use a lot of story in my messages.
4 – Email daily. (I don’t care what the “gurus” say – mailing daily works).

In order for me to really explain this – we need more time and visuals – that’s why I’m doing the webinar. However, these are some good rules to walk away with!

#3 – Free Traffic

I genuinely genuinely believe that if you can INVEST in traffic (even if it means starting with $50 – you’re going to build your business much faster). However, YES, of course, it IS possible to start for Free as well.

If you’re going to do Free traffic – you want to be very very smart about it.

You want to play the NUMBERS game and lay out as many “webs” as you can. The 3 main areas to focus on are:

#1 – Google (Search Engine Optimization)
#2 – Facebook (Setting Up Facebook Pages & Getting Followers)
#3 – YouTube (Ranking Your Video Well Within YouTube)

Each of these can (especially over time) build some great Free and HIGH QUALITY traffic to your site. However, when all 3 are done together, you can even see traffic pretty fast.

The funnest part of the Webinar on July 9th (at 9 PM ET) is going to be learning how to use Search Engine Optimization even on SMALL SITES (many “Gurus” say that this is not possible, when in reality – it is)!

Again – we need to show you HOW to do all this and it’s hard to put it all on a Blog post. Please register your Free Seat for Wednesday, July 9th at 9 PM ET. We’re going to go over this entire business model then!

FREE Seat: Small Site Webinar – http://www.SmallSiteWebinar.com  

4 Ways I Profit Using Facebook & Get Up To 1,000% Returns!

Hey!  I’m sitting in Washington, D.C. right now getting ready for my FIRST LIVE Event in 5 years – over 200 amazing students expected. I’m pumped!

Anyways, I made a kick-butt video for you – it’s full of ideas on how you can start using Facebook to make money right away.  I also share some of my own results.

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I’m Starting a New Business! Can You Guess What…

photo-3I’m excited. After 14 years of selling over $50 Million worth of digital products, I’m trying something new!  I‘m trying PHYSICAL PRODUCTS!

The truth is that I’m following an awesome step by step blueprint! I even hired a COACH to guide me and YOU – he’ll coach you too! Yes, I already paid him to train you! Free for you!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.13.24 PMAnd check THIS out, in just my FIRST TWO days of this business, I’ve already done over $1,700 in sales on 100% AUTO-PILOT!  It’s frigging AMAZing!

This is one of those businesses that could even scale to over $1 Million a MONTH and all on 100% AUTO-PILOT. That’s the part that has me most excited :)

The best part is that YOU can build ALONGSIDE me!  This is the first time that we can actually launch the same business TOGETHER. I’ll just teach you along as I do it too!

New FREE Profit Workshop Coming This Month…
4 FREE Webinars – $497 Value!
Webinar #1 – April 9th

I’ve teamed up with Bob Proctor and we’re going to be running FOUR absolutely FREE webinars where I reveal ALL the steps!

There is no catch. 

I’m going to be revealing the exact steps I use and that you can copy! We’ve been preparing this series for over 60 days now!

I’ve PAID My Coach To Help Train YOU…

Listen I want you to take this very seriously because I’ve actually paid MY coach a ton of money. Then, I paid him even MORE money so he would agree to do FOUR webinars to help train YOU.

This is absolutely going to be an amazing Workshop.

Do not miss it. No matter what happens, clear your schedule!

Can You GUESS What My New Business Is?
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So…what do you think it is?!

Traffic X Workshop Session #2! WOW – Watch Immediately!

Absolutely AMAZING – Do NOT Miss This!
Make Sure You Watch Every Minute – FINISH IT TODAY

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.52.48 PM

(Click The Above Image To Open The Replay Page)

Here’s Session #2!

1. After the Penguin Update - Google Competition seems to be down up to 90% in many niches!
2. There are FOUR ways to Generate Income with SEO
3. Rapid Video Google Rankings - How To Rank Videos on Google for Just $5!
4. Using Video Rankings To Generate $20,000 - A Very sneaky technique that targets your local market!
5. Launch Jacking - How To Make BIG PAY DAYS from Product Launches happening in many niches!
…there are about 8 other points but this Email will get too long.  Ok, here’s what I think you should do…

Have you watched Session #1 yet? This is an INCREDIBLY important session!  Make sure you watch BOTH!

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Session #3 LIVE – Monday, March 17 – 8 PM EDT

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Traffic X Workshop Session #1! Watch The Amazing REPLAY…

Ohhh boy! I watched it again just a few hours ago and absolutely awesome information.  They make FREE traffic seem so easy!

Listen, the replay is a BIT long – You’ll be inclined to put it off. DON’T.
Make Sure You Watch Every Minute – FINISH IT TODAY. 

Traffic-X-Webinar-1(Click The Above Image To Open The Replay Page)

Remember, this was just Session #1!  Have you saved your FREE seat for this entire Workshop yet?  If you registered for Session #1 then you’re automatically registered to Session #2 and #3 for FREE – just wait for your Email from “GoToWebinar…”

Session #2 LIVE – Thursday, March 13 – 8 PM EDT
Session #3 LIVE – Monday, March 17 – 8 PM EDT

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Traffic X Workshop Session #1! Here’s My Cliff Notes From It…

I don’t even know where to begin. That was an EPIC Session last night. It went for THREE FRIGGING HOURS!  Just incredible.

LOOK AT THE REVIEWS WE GOT BELOW… This image goes on for frigging ever – if you want to see how LONG it is, click here… (here’s a SMALL picture of it…)

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 2-49-13 PM-png(click the image to see the ENTIRE image…it’s seriously crazy…)

NOTE: Tomorrow Morning (Wednesday)
The Webinar REPLAY Will Be Available

BUT, instead of making you wait until tomorrow morning, I thought I would give you my CLIFF NOTES and thoughts on the Webinar session TODAY. This way you know what to expect and can make time for it tomorrow…You need to set aside at least 2.5 hours tomorrow. No excuses. Seriously…

Before we get to that – REMEMBER


Traffic X Workshop – FREE Session #2
Thursday, March 13 – 8:00 PM EST
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TOPIC:  Launch Jacking + CPA Marketing


I’ll tell you more about Session #2 tomorrow. For now, just trust me. Mark your calendar and be ready to JOIN the webinar at exactly 7:30 PM EST (30 minutes before).

Again, if you registered for Session #1 – you’re ALREADY registered for Session #2. However, if you have not registered for the Free Traffic X Workshop yet, please do so here:

Save My Free Seat For Traffic X Workshop Session #2 and #3

My Thoughts From Session #1 - SEO Domination

Last night’s event was not just an incredible event – for many it was life changing. Yes, I said LIFE-CHANGING. It was almost 3 hours of just jaw-dropping information.

We maxed out the room. Unfortunately a LOT of people were not able to log-in to the webinar. That is why I had warned you to make sure you are on by 7:30 PM EST (30 minutes early). Please make sure to do this for Thursday. Be there at 7:30 PM EST and you can join in LIVE!

Here’s My FAVORITE Parts of the Webinar:

=> LIVE PROOF <== 
Mike and Greg actually brought RECENT students they’ve taught through the same kinds of webinars. Those guys are KILLING it and some just started as recent as JANUARY.

It’s rare that a marketer does this. They give you LIVE examples and actually SHOW you what they are doing and how…

They had a LOT of their students on LIVE to talk and it was such a diverse group! I loved that because it shows how well the system works!

They have tons of students making over $20,000 a MONTH – many who just started. It’s incredible to hear their story and see where they came from!

IMPORTANT: Something I Observed During The Webinar:

Some of you (maybe 5%) were getting impatient in the first 1 hour. I can completely understand, but listen, there is a REASON we took an hour before the content began. We had to set things up properly.

There are a LOT of mind blocks a lot of students have and that first hour, we were actually massaging those blocks OUT (without you even knowing it)! Trust me, it’ll pay off.

Then right towards the 60 minutes mark, they REALLY turned the heat up and DIVE DEEP into their LIVE examples. They actually dissect the LIVE sites they’re showing you – it was incredible…

What To Look Forward To In The REPLAY Being Released Wednesday Morning (Tomorrow)

#1 – Million Dollar List Building – Entire Affiliate Website Exposed

This was really cool. Mike and Greg actually SHOW you one of their sites in the INVESTMENT niche. They actually give the site away and tell you to use this EXACT site as your own 7-Figure template.

The site is helping them build a HUGE list with nothing but FREE traffic.

1. The site only has FOUR links coming to it.

2. So there’s no crazy thousands or even millions of links…

3. The site ranks for at least 12 keywords.
 Using just FOUR links and not much more than that, the site is ranking for amazing keywords and getting TONS of traffic for FREE.

Again, easy…quick and amazing to see what they did. After you watch this part, you can copy it!

#2 – Google First Page DOMINATION – $127,000 a Month Site REVEALED

dominateThis was INSANE.  Most people only talk about having #1 ranking or “TOP” ranking. Now…for a minute…imagine having ALL rankings – #1 through #10.  That means on the first page of Google for a keyword – EVERY LINK would be yours!

I didn’t even know this was possible. INSANE!

1. The key is doing all of this using FREE SOCIAL MEDIA – sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… it’s completely FREE to do!  They show you just how…

2. Combine this strategy and you can either make a TON of money with client consulting OR you can just make it with CPA/affiliate marketing!  The traffic is 100% Free.

3. SEE IT LIVE in Action!  This is super cool!  You can SEE a site that is doing over $127,000 a month!

Alright, moving on…

#3 – From $0 To $100,000 In Just 100 Days

This story almost knocked my eyes right out of their sockets! Honestly the lesson taught during this part of the webinar could be it’s OWN webinar (easily).

1. With these SEO strategies, some of the BIGGEST money to make is in CONSULTING – Brian (one of the students) shows his EXACT template he’s using!


2. ONE Tip that made Brian over $17,000 just last Thursday.  Really cool stuff!

#4 – LIVE Case Study – LED BY GREG

gregmorrisonYou’re going to want to watch this lesson like a hawk because Greg goes one step at a time and let’s us watch right over his shoulders!  Guess what he reveals…

He reveals EXACTLY how he built out a 6-Figure per year DOMINATION website. He even shows you the exact keywords that he went after.  My favorite part was where he revealed how he uses SEO for MULTIPLE keywords at one time…

Watch Your Email Around 9 AM Tomorrow For The Replay

Listen, no matter what you do – WATCH THIS REPLAY ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Yes, it’s 3 hours, so what?  It’s amazing stuff. Don’t even skip a minute of it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.16.05 PMThen, on THURSDAY – DO NOT BE LATE. Make sure you’re there by 7:30 PM EST. That’s the ONLY way to virtually guarantee yourself a seat. WE WILL 100% – 100% – 100% be a packed room again on Thursday. That means tons of people are going to get locked out again :(

Alright…now let me go get this REPLAY prepared and ready to go show you.  Get ready to have your minds blown!  Make sure you take notes!

It’s Not Too Late – Register For The Traffic X Workshop
Session #2 and #3 STILL To Come!

Session #1 – REPLAY Being Released Tomorrow

Session #2 – LIVE – FREE – Thursday, March 13, 8 PM EST

Session #3 – LIVE – FREE – Monday, March 17, 8 PM EST

In case you already registered at some point for the Monday night webinar that just passed (Session #1) – then you do NOT have to register again. You’ll automatically get an email from GoToWebinar.

Click Here To Register Right Away! It’s 100% FREE – No Catch!

How ONE Blog Post Got Me 404 Free Subscribers & $2,415

I did the above in 7 days with ONE BLOG post…WHO says blogging is a waste of time? 

Lately, I’ve started blogging more actively. Not only is it getting me FREE subscribers, but using the right strategies it’s making me MONEY! I tracked the results of just ONE blog post – check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.01.27 PM

So, what exactly am I doing?

I’m Using Seach Engine Optimization When I Blog! Here’s 5 Crucial Tips… 

1. Make sure your keyword is in the META Title, Description and H1 Tag.

When you write the post, these are easy fields that ALL blog platforms have. Make sure the keyword is there!

2. Make sure your Keyword is in the POST TITLE – AS FAR TO THE FRONT AS POSSIBLE.

Technically, I should have titled this post: Blogging SEO Tips – XXXX

But, this is the only blog where I focus more on YOU (the user) and not so much on SEO (because I promote this blog mostly to my Email list).

3. Add an Image To Your Post with Your Keyword In It

seoblogimageJust like I did with this image next to me!  Basically take an image and NAME it with the keyword – then upload the image to your blog post!

Believe it or not, this can really help!

4. Write NATURALLY – Do NOT Squeeze Keywords Into Your Post

3+ years ago you would be told to include the keyword at least 3-5% of the text. That means that if you had 100 words in your post, your keyword would show up 3-5 times.

But DO NOT do this now. Google is looking for it and you get into trouble! Just focus on writing naturally and make sure the keyword IS showing up here and there…

5. Link Internally Between Your Posts

Let me copy and paste advice that was sent to my from my SEO expert friend, Jeff Lenney:

“Link internally whenever possible.  Think of any wikipedia page – they pass their own authority all over the site and link internally as often as possible.  When you CAN, try to add 2-3 INTERNAL links in each post.  Make sure each link opens in a NEW tab – this will help lower your bounce rate as well – and keep people on the original page longer once they’re done with the link they click through to.”

There you have it!

I also want to thank my #1 coach and SEO expert guru – Jeff Lenney. He’s the one that got me to start paying more attention to my blogs!


I call this my “TRAFFIC X WORKSHOP” – I’m bringing an AMAZING SEO Expert on to do 3 different training sessions. It’s going to be incredible!

Watch your Email for it…

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Don’t forget! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Power of the Subconscious Mind HOW It Controls Your Life

Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind

I get a LOT of questions about this topic. Many don’t understand what exactly the SUBCONSCIOUS mind really is and why it seems to control our lives. Well, now you’re about to understand!

The answer you seek lies in THIS image below.  That’s the only clue I’m going to give you. The rest of it is in the video!

Iceberg-Unconscious-700x453Let me just say that MOST of “you” is below the surface. Just like this iceberg, you need know the DEEPER part of yourself until you peel back the layers!

After you understand this we can do some serious work together!

arrow_downDon’t Forget!
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Ask Me Anything You Want!

Optimized-Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.08.41 PM

<====== Look at that face.

Doesn’t it just make you want to ask SERIOUS questions about the meaning of life? Hahaha…

But, in all seriousness, I thought I’d start off the week by giving all my subscribers a chance to ask me stuff (just stay within reason)! I’ll try my BEST to answer everyone, but of course it will take me time – so please do give me time!

But you can ask me about…

-> Internet Marketing
-> Personal Development
-> My Personal Life
-> Even Other Random Stuff…

This is just a fun exercise to get to know each other! 

Ask by leaving a comment below this post!

BTW – I just got back from a 3 week long vacation! But during this 3 week long vacation, my business did over $1.1 Million in sales!  Can you believe that?

I may have worked a MAXIMUM of 1 hour a day. There were days where I didn’t even have reception or Internet so I didn’t do a THING on those days!

I was in…

1. Los Angeles
2. Maui, Hawaii (which was amazing)
3. Palm Springs
4. San Diego

It was one of the most refreshing vacations of my life. I found this one spot in Maui, Hawaii that I think could be my FAVORITE spot in the world so far.  I literally sat here for 30 minutes just staring and reflecting.

I took a picture for you…

photo (1)

I still get chills when I think about that very spot.  So, sitting there, I was inspired. I really reflected on my own life and my work with YOU…

I decided that I’m going to talk more and more about LIFESTYLE businesses in the coming weeks.  We are going to remind ourselves that the whole POINT of an ONLINE business is to get FREEDOM!

So, I wanted us to start this entire campaign by first giving you a chance to tell me more about what you want to learn!


What If I BRIBE You To Talk To Me!

Just to BRIBE you to do this.

For the best question I get – or the one that I like the most, I will be giving away a FREE iPad Mini!!!