Who Is Anik Singal?

Who is Anik Singal?

My name is Anik, 24 years old as I write this (about to turn 25) and I’m starting this site for a very specific reason. Some of you may be familiar with me from my work with Affiliate Classroom.

In the last few years I started a business while in college and have since grown it into a multi-million dollar web based business.

But THIS site (IwillFight.com) is not about building a business or making money, sure that’s a part of “improving your life,” but this site is about fighting for a better life and it includes anything from quitting soda (one of my goals) to getting promotions at your job to even things bigger!

What I’ve learned in the last few years having a chance to meet THOUSANDS of people, many of whom have been incredibly successful is that there truly is a big difference between the successful and the “not so successfulls.” The difference always seems to come back to the “fight” word. The successful in this world are true fighters…

> They’re persistent
> Refuse to give up
> Fail many times and get right back up
> Have a positive attitude
> Never quit, etc…

These are the qualities I hope to continue building in myself and I thought “why not bring you for the ride too.”

If you want to get a hold of me, you can do so at leadfighter AT gmail.com. Please bare with me if I don’t respond in time, I get over 300 e-mails a day and just get overwhelmed!

Why I Started This Site:

About 6 years ago I was sitting in a friend’s dorm room in college (still a freshman in college) and I was in quite a bit of pain (I have Crohn’s Disease), well I was still laughing, smiling and making jokes – all this while we were studying for a mid-term the next morning.

Seeing me in pain, my friends kept insisting that I go to bed or at least get some rest and meds. They were saying to skip the exam and get an extension, go home and see the doctor. But, for me, this was “every day life” and nothing new so I was used to it – I wasn’t going to start changing plans because of it.

I kept telling them that I was fine (I really was, I would always know if anything got serious), kept making jokes and kept studying.

One of my friends asked me a question – that one question led to the conception of this site a few months later. The question was…

“How do you do this? How do you go through everything you’re going through and still keep a smile on your face and keep moving forward?”

(( By the way, I forgot to mention that I had already missed a semester of college and had been through a series of surgeries, so all my friends knew that I was not in the best of conditions. ))

That question really got me thinking and I really had no response! I remember thinking to myself, “You know what? My life DOES suck, why the heck does this not bother me more?” After thinking about it some, the only answer I had for him was…

“I guess I’m just a fighter…”

Well it was THAT answer that led me to learning a lot about myself. I learned that what I had initially thought of as “stubborn” and “arrogant” was actually not that at all! It was the “fighter” in me who refused to give up.

It was a few months later that I learned what internet marketing was and while thinking about what site to launch, I decided I wanted to do something where I brought together people who are having hardships so that they can come together and help each other FIGHT through them.

I thought of the domain, www.IwillFIGHT.com and it made me laugh, I thought it was catchy, memorable and I LOVED saying it over and over.

This was the SECOND domain name I ever bought in my life (I now own well over 600), I am very proud that I have finally been able to launch this site.

What Do I Want From This Site?

I’m not 100% sure yet to be honest, the only thing I can say is “let’s build this site together” and YOU tell me how I can help you. For now, I want to share my experiences with you and I also want to launch a social community that will allow us to help each other.

I plan on running small *fun* competitions to help us all grow together faster.

My main goal is that everyone here should start to think like a fighter, make a goal and then go at it like a crazy person! Quitting or giving up should become a thought of the past!

My History – What Are Some of The Battles I’ve Fought…

I’ve fought a range of battles, to some they may be impressive, but to others it may be nothing compared to their own. I really want to hear about your own personal battles, please e-mail them to me! leadfighter@gmail.com.

The first time in my life that I was really forced to start fighting was when I was 12 years old and began getting very ill. I was having extreme stomach pains, could not eat and it got so bad that I had to be pulled from school and go into home schooling.

I was getting picked and probed at every single day with all sorts of new tests and exams, including nuclear medicine and everything else under the sun. However, I kept getting worse and worse to a point of being of serious concern to everyone. I went through this for over 2 months where I was spending every day at some new medical facility getting tested.

Finally after a series of grueling tests I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I had thought that “that” was a hard fight itself, that was until a few years later!

Since then Crohn’s has had years where it’s been dormant and left me alone, but far many more years where it has completely ravaged and almost killed me. To date I’ve had 9 surgeries in the last 7 years, one of which was a life-saving surgery that took over 7 hours.

Just 2 years ago, my Crohn’s got out of hand and I ended up losing so much blood that I passed out right into a wall, that event led to me being hospitalized for 6 weeks, 3 of which I spent in the ICU after almost going into shock from blood loss.

I had gotten to the point where I had to almost learn to walk again, just getting up from the bed would spike my heart rate to dangerous levels.

Anyways, long story short on the health side, I’ve had major problems, spent weeks in the ICU, had many surgeries – but through this entire time, I FOUGHT. I refused to give up. I specifically remember one day about 2 years ago when I was bleeding profusely and in tons of pain in the ICU and when my nurse came rushing in to help me, I was making jokes and passing lines at her :) I remember her saying “In the last 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen anyone with your attitude…”

I’m 100% convinced that if it was not for my fighting mentality, I would NOT be alive today. I would have never made it. It’s my attitude, hope and positive thoughts combined with my fighter mentality that not only kept me alive but let me recover so quickly back to living my normal life.

Is Health The Only Battle I’ve Fought?

I like to think not. I think “once a fighter, always a fighter” – I look at every situation through the eyes of a fighter. My on-going joke with my family is that to get me to do anything, all they have to tell me is that I “can’t” do it or don’t know how to do it. Just that statement is typically taken as a challenge by my brain and off I go!

Some of other battles include:

–> My sophomore year in high school I tried out for the high school tennis team and was laughed at. I was on the FIRST list of players to get cut. I didn’t even make it in the top 30. Needless to say I was very distraught. Many would quit, but I refused to. I started taking lessons and playing up to 4 hours a day.

Exactly one year later (my junior year) I returned to try out again and was ranked #4 on the team and was awarded the Most Improved Player that year.

–> Started a business in my dorm room that is a multi-million dollar, international business today – I was told over and over that I couldn’t do this. I have no businessmen in my family so had to do it on my own. However, fast forward 3 years after starting my business and I’ve achieved 100% growth every year, have people on my team from across the world and thousands of customers.

I’m not saying any of the above to brag or boast – but I want to give you an idea of the types of battles I’ve fought so you better understand where I’m coming from.

What Do I Want You To Do?

I want you to participate in our 30 day challenges and awaken the fighter within you. I want you to change your life 30 days at a time and use this community here to support you through it. Remember, only you can control your life and if you’re sitting around moping or depressed, well need I say more? Your life reflects that attitude.

Get up, stand straight, smile and push back…

Anik Singal
Lurn, Inc.
P.O. Box 530
Herndon, VA 20172
Phone: (888) 819-0227

Email: goodjuju@jujuq.net

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    Here Is That PDF: http://profitpentagon.com/the.pdf

    Please let me know if you need any other information regarding this, I am here to reply.

    Thanks & talk to you soon,
    Malik Merchant

    P.S.: I have learned couple of very nice promotion ideas and copywriting tricks from your website. I am going to copy them on my website – I hope you don’t mind…!

  • http://cosplaywigx.com/ Isabel Machado

    I totally agree that the successful in this world are true fighters…because though someone from a rich family he/she is very dependent it’s useless. I also believe that we have to possess positive attitude to become successful. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope this could give hope to those who lost their job.

    bleach cosplay

  • http://cosplaywigx.com/ Isabel Machado

    I totally agree that the successful in this world are true fighters…because though someone from a rich family he/she is very dependent it’s useless. I also believe that we have to possess positive attitude to become successful. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope this could give hope to those who lost their job.

    bleach cosplay

  • Marva

    I’m a follower

  • http://www.wisdomthought.com Francis

    Fight , fight fight!

  • http://www.totalflying.com Maurizio Stronati

    Your fight, is my fight…!!!

  • http://edgarroberto.com/ Edgar roberto


    great post…… just figth and fight again

    thank you

  • http://www.gatorhosts.blogspot.com/ Randy Melton

    Wow amazing succsess in life,Three cheers for Mr Anil…

  • http://jensholvoet.com Jens Holvoet

    Very inspirational story.

  • Robin Wood

    Hi Anik

    from Downunder (Australia) but really on top as most people are upside down when it comes to using the most powerful weapon at their disposal. The majority would not guess what it is let alone know how to use it to benefit themselves and everyone else which is very disappointing as it is a wonderful experience to see people achieving their dreams and goals. I don’t know why I blurted all that out as I was only going to say good on you and may you have a future full of love, happiness and may all your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations come to fruition as I am sure they will.

    Robin Wood

  • Irene

    I have so many stories I could tell you about my life and fighting, that would cause you to ask me the same question that your friend asked you. I’m in a depressed state once again, but, I’m going to take the 30 day challenge. Its funny since I wrote that last sentence my mind has begun to explode with ideas. I’m beaming with anticipation. As my 10th grade teacher said to me 40 years ago, “What will you do next.” Thanks fir the inspiration.

  • Maria-Johanna Pluijmaeckers

    Hi Anik, It is known to me that when I set my mind to something it works. As long as I’m tuned in to the Universal power we all have, and are part of. Now the book the “Secret” that I don’t like, am honest about that. The people behind it have proven to me not to stand behind what they preach..SHARING WEALTH. When I’m in need for some peace, I without words or sound command my dogs, to name one example, by pure concentration to be silent. I simply ask the Universe ” Please let it be silent” and whether this may sound stupid or strange to some people, it is silent around me in an instant. Also, and I don’t know why for I never studied Metaphysics nor Quantum physics, I see codes in numbers. Example, I read a 1000 pages book, on a particular day I open it again on what ever page I was on and suddenly my eyes dwell off to the page nr. I then count it up, simplify again till just one digit remains. I know this number tells me something, good or as a warning. I hope I still make some sense. When you offered me to have the program for a mere $37 believe me could I afford it? I wouldn’t hesitate and purchase it. My situation at this point is that I live from 50 euro’s a week, that’s just for food to buy. For me and my child. From that I also have to safe up for school books and clothing. I wear the same clothes as I did 10 years ago, I’m losing a lot of weight and don’t feel well about it for everyone “attacks” me on it. My mother passed away last January 2013 in 3 days time. Someone who took my mothers money (a couple of 1000’s of Euro’s) can’t pay it back. That person had access and the keys to the little locker my mother had. Now, you might understand, had that not been the case I would have a greater financial freedom as it was meant to be our heritage, so in fact this person also took my share and spend it on a schemer in Africa. On the other hand I know even when I’m 54 years of age turning 55 in October , which counts up to ten (5+5 equals 10, right) , A huge change will take place. The problem I face now is will I see the opportunity that arises.
    I’m very sorry to display all this on here.
    And more sorry to not being able to grasp the hand you offer.
    Nevertheless, Thank you my friend.
    ananka@home.nl this is the e-mail I listed for the 7 free lessons from you. Although some are equal to the first one ;).

  • Happy Worlds

    Dear Anik,

    thanks for your idea of starting this blog. Actually I have been fighting all my life and chose not to do it anymore if I can help, because it is a waste of energy – clashing energy against each other=bringing damage/energy loss. I rather try to focus my attention to where I want to go – in the direction where it produces results I want and not the opposite. And nothing is more powerful as a focussed attention to what one wants: Energy goes where attention goes.

    But actually I think that this is exactly what you are doing, but you are packaging it differently: You are directing your energy away from what you don’t like (pain/sickness) to what you want (soothing,easy feelings) with getting smiles and positive stimulation/attention by smiling to others. And science shows, that if we trigger the smile point for 20sec we really feel better, because those well feeling hormones are being released. So one really gets a double whammy! Others feel better – smile to us and we back and we feel better! And the best: it doesn’t cost anything but produces so much value for all of us! 😉 As LOA states: alike is drawn to alike!

    I have also had some serious issues in my life- as probably everyone, who is on this earth for some while 😉 And I also like to share, like you, what and how it has helped me. For health issues I found a very good solution after trying all “regular” Western medicine and being handed from one doctor to the other: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I am even still very still thankful for the circumstances at those times to have led me to this old traditional way of treating people and looking at them, not just treating us as a mechanical machine where different parts need to be serviced or replaced. BTW: It also helps me to save a lot of money, to trust better my body and nature and TCM practicioners can be found all over the world. And to a much cheaper rate for consultation and medicine, without the side effects, which all the Western medications have. Not to speak about the obsession to cut and slaughter around in our bodies. But If you already tried that (and its kind a sister medicine Ayurveda) then just skip my suggestion.

    @mariajohannapluijmaeckers:disqus The Secret and alike never claim to be sharing wealth, but show you how to attract it yourself. But this is only possible if one thinks and FEELS as worthy about themselves and inside as those materialistic manifestations (money, cars, rich friends, good friends, jobs, businesses, planes, etc.) which one wants to see as the extension of what’s inside. And one needs at least a little bit wealth or feeling wealthy and not needy or pitiful in order to attract it – or one gets exactly pity and needing more.

    You better read the “Secret” again, or better the original books who are the source of all this: Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham “The Law of Attraction” books series – and best in original English (translation always loses) or go to their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com There you find enough free information and how it all began and what’s really behind all of that.
    BTW: The Secret book (a friend lend it to me, when I was in a situation like you!) helped me to start my further studies with first free material and then I also could buy more: meditations, cd, dvd, downloads, etc. And for some years now I have a good job which I love, more money and …. wish you all the best

    Theresa :-)

  • Enyong Okau Augustine

    thankyou, am definately going to take on the program

  • Lillie R. Lawrence

    Hi Anik,
    This is a very motivational blog. It has given me the energy to carry on with my work. I will take the challenge and I will succeed. If you can do it so can everyone else. Thank for the ideas. I want to and hope I can share this.

  • catherine

    thank you so much Anik you are the greatest inspiration and that comes from your courgage to share from your heart I am going to do every course you have created so I can pay it forward the great work you have created

  • catherine

    What a great community you have created Anik

  • Jeff Wall

    Hello Anik, hope you are well. I am asking about the site http://www.incomekickstart.com. I have recently tried to access the training materials and received the message the site is down for “server maintenance”. Will the site be up again soon so I may access the training more?

  • http://www.gtsbestbargains.com/ GameToy Stephenson

    Anik I am a firm believer that when your mind is in the right frame you can do what ever you want. I am very pleased to see this reinforced by a brilliant motivator as yourself.

  • Zach

    Anik, I used to read your newsletter/magazine for Affilate Classroom. This may be a little off topic but I wanted to share my experience with you in case it proves helpful. I also have Crohn’s disease and also have had surgery for it in the past. When the doctors told me I would likely have to have surgery for a second time after only a few years, I tried a diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD.diet (you can find out more about the diet by looking up the Breaking the Viscous Cycle Website or reading amazon reviews of the book online – you don’t need to purchase the book, there is plenty of information about how to do the diet online). Although the diet is not easy (requires determination along the lines of a fighter as you mentioned) I was able to avoid having surgery and now 2 years later, I am off all medication and have been receiving glowing reports from my GI doctor and primary care doctor during recent checkups. It does not work for everyone but has helped the majority of people that I have spoken to – it might be worth trying for a month, the amount of time it usually takes to see improvement, and see if it is helpful.

  • peter


  • disqus_rda8xwCjzu

    Anik has gotten all, except the most important in life: salvation through Jesus Christ, unless he hadn’t confessed.

    • Denise Cummings

      I wondered about that. You’re absolutely right.

  • Katrina

    Not sure how I got here though did, reading your challenge comes at a very pertinent time in my life! I will take your 30 day challenge!

  • Mary

    Anik, thank you for all the positive wisdom you have shared. It makes me want to fight for what I want and need. I think some people just don’t know they have to fight and they can have what they want. There are some who won’t fight and they get what they put into it. I have a lot of faith in God who is my strength, but I have to put my faith into what He says. Thank you again.

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    Anik you rock! :-)

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    Anik…you’re a true inspiration…keep it up!

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    Hi Anik, ive been only reading about affiliate marketing for 7 months and finally will be taking action to getting started.I only just started to read about you and will be delving into all the info.Ive been looking at Clickbank then found PatFlynn and now you, so its very exciting as there are common factors amongst all and I think its just a matter of focus and crystalizing the idea now.I myself have been through a mega roller coaster of challenges in business(also nearlly a billion dollar industry) as well as other interesting ventures but in the middle very sadning relationship hardships which is very energy depleating and affects all sides of ones life.I hope to talk soon and share the success with all and also contribute where I can.

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    Hi Anik, my name is Sim and i joined Profit Academy back in February with your launch and glad to say my list is now well over 5,000 and i have made a good income and number 3 on top 25 badge earners and still growing. Cant thank you enough for this so SIMPLE system.. I would love to be part of the next launch for PA as a testimonial of the success ANYONE can achieve.. If that is something I can do to pay you back for this awesome training you provided I would be honored to do.. Im also from Maryland area and went to College Park and graduated from the Smith School of Business! Small World!! i can be reached at sim.aulakh21@gmail.com.. Would love the opportunity to hear from you.. Thanks again for everything!!