Squeeze Page Templates – My Favorite 4

Can’t sleep cuz I’m so excited that I decided to do some work for you. They say “the money is in the list.” I’ve heard that advice for YEARS (even when I started).

Initially, I thought, “what a bunch of bull” – later I realized “holy crap, they’re right.”

I don’t care if you sell underwear online or nail clippers – you need to build a list. What’s the fastest way to build a list?

Step 1: Have a cool “FREE” thing to give-away…
Step 2: Have a SQUEEZE page
Step 3: Send some traffic to your squeeze page
Step 4: Sip a margarita on the beach while you hit the SEND button…

Alright…for your viewing pleasure, here are my 4 favorite Squeeze Page Templates. Given the situation, product, market, there is no ONE that converts the best – they all do awesome!

Squeeze Page Templates – My Secret Formulas!

Squeeze Page Template #1:

Squeeze Page Template #2:

Squeeze Page Template #3:

Squeeze Page Template #4:

Well, there you have it. May the “marketing force” be with you…

As always, I do all this work for you – the least you can do is leave a comment below, right? 😉

The Power of The Word “FREE!”

What up, it’s 2 AM here in India where I write this, so hope you get good use of it – put it into your marketing and make me proud!

The word FREE has proven itself over and over – yea, believe it or not, I do TEST (sometimes).

Now, since I’m up till 2 AM doing this, I think it’s only fair I ask you to leave a comment, right? 😉

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking – Necessary For Your Empire?

10 years ago you couldn’t even put me in-front of 15 friends to speak, I’d nearly piss my pants.

Then, 7 years ago I was an “Independent Financial Advisor” (aka working for myself) and my mentor in the company pushed me infront of 3,000+ people on stage to talk (I had no idea it was coming). It may have been the worst 15 minutes of my life.

I stumbled, mumbled, “uuhhh” “ummm” “likkeee” and was drenched in sweat. Let’s just say I BOMBED it. I decided that day, I’d never set foot near a stage again…

However, just weeks later with some “persistance” and training infront of smaller groups – I started to get the hang of it and was overcoming my fear of public speaking!

Today, I travel the world and regularly speak to hundreds if not thousands – I love it! I make them laugh, cry, jump, sit and even buy 😉


Just 2 days ago I was in the UK presenting at a Seminar on Internet Marketing and thinking about this blog and got to thinking…

Speaking on stage has been HUGE for my business and has had a MASSIVE impact on building my Empire.  I’m INCREDIBLY glad I got over my fear and just DID it. It’s helped me…

  • Brand my name internationally
  • Brand the company internationally
  • NETWORKING – Connecting with top people
  • Learning – Those late-night “bar sessions” taught me more than anything else!
  • Income – I was selling from stage…

The list goes on. So, yes, even if JUST for the branding and networking – I really think you should consider overcoming your fear of public speaking!

Is it easy? No. Will it pay-off? YES!

Can you do it?  Listen, I mean it – I was VERY shy and VERY scared when I started, now, you’d think I speak on stage for a living.

Here’s a quick video from this weekend in the UK:


Personal note on SELLING from stage…

I think I’m finally done. I want to speak on stage. I want the crowds to get even bigger, but I think I’m done selling “make money” packages from stage.

As much I believe 100% in what I’m selling, it contributes such LITTLE to our overall revenue and for some reason I feel “dirty” or “slimey” after I get done doing it.

Moving forward after my few next sessions, I’m considering only taking “Keynote” and other sessions where I’m allowed to just deliver training.

I’m not saying others shouldn’t sell on stage – many love doing it and are amazing at it. But, remember your Empire should reflect who YOU are and what YOU want.

For me, something doesn’t feel right about it, so why do it? Right?


Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking…

In a few days I’ll put up a few tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking – it’s really not that hard. The key is to PRACTICE (like with everything else in life).

I’ll give you some strategies on how to make EXCELLENT presentations and WHERE you can start practicing public speaking.

But, I think for now, the bottom-line lesson is:

Yes, overcoming fear of public speaking can REALLY help your Empire build faster (and your personal brand too) – add it to your “to do” list if you’re scared of it…

Product Launches – Always The Last Minute Crunch!

It’s crazy isn’t it, every time we plan to launch a product – we promise ourselves ONE big thing:

THIS time will be different, THIS time I’m going to be prepared weeks in advance and have everything ready to go…

HAAA!!! BULL SH** – It NEVER works out that way! I think I’m getting to the point of just accepting that it’s not possible. Last minute crunches, late nights, sleepless nights and the FRANTIC panic will happen no matter what.

So, right now I’m help consult my friend Ritoban C on his launch – it goes LIVE today and I also had to travel to the UK today (speaking tomorrow).

I *actually* was writing sales letters and “mailing list swipe copy” in the CAB ride from the airport to the hotel – now, THAT’s what I call a last minute crunch 😛

But you know what, I may complain about it now, but the truth is – us marketers, we LIVE for the adrenaline. Doing all this crap last minute is like jumping off a cliff for us, we seem to get some kind of sick rush out of it.

So, today, I have no advice – I wish I could tell you “prepare better, spend weeks and don’t do things last minute…” Rather, I’m going to say:

Suck it up and deal with the truth – you ain’t gonna get it ALL done beforehand. Might as well just be realistic and PLAN for the last minute crunches and panic attacks.

Hey, after all…you know you enjoy it, right?

It’s a Hard Knock Life…For Us…

…haha this picture was taken yesterday around 3 PM ET in my office. In the middle of work, I decided to take a breather on my couch, well 5 minutes later, that breather turned into me flat-out passing out.

The picture inspired me to write today about things we tend to forget as we venture out to build our EMPIRES.

It’s all good and great to have dreams and fantasies of yachts, private jets and Lamborghinis, but along the way I feel most forget about the WORK and SACRIFICES it takes to achieve your dream.

I know what my dream is – it’s BIG, but I also know what it’ll take me to get to it.

  • I don’t kid myself about the sacrifices I need to make…
  • I don’t kid myself with the work it’ll take…
  • I put in the hours…
  • I don’t whine or complain about it…
  • I certainly don’t point fingers at others when things don’t go well…

I just know one thing and one thing only – HARD WORK.

The last week I’ve been hustling to finish a LOT of work here in the US office before I take off to spend 6 weeks in the India office. What does that mean?

  • 20+ hour working days
  • Tons of stress
  • HARD decisions…
  • A physical toll on my body

In the end though – it’s MY decision and I know I’m doing it to ultimately build the empire I dream of…

Ironic Though…You Work Twice As Hard So
That One Day You Don’t Have To Work…

Sometimes we forget to use common sense and think about it. Of course it takes HARD work and sleepless nights to get what you want.

There’s no such thing as an EASY button (sorry Staples)…

So, I LOVE this picture of me – it defines me better than you can imagine.

This was the FIRST time though that I was SO tired that I literally passed out in the office. But, hey, it’s proof – we do what we have to do to make our dreams come true – no excuses.

So, in Conclusion…It’s a Hard Knock Life…

The picture reminded me of this song…

How To Use The Peg Method To Start Building Your Online Empire if You Have No Money?

Welcome to AnikSingal.com! This is my first post to address the #1 question I get all the time…

“Anik, how do I start if I have no money?”

[jwplayer config=”Blog Player – manual start” mediaid=”696″]

So, in the video I introduced you to something called “The Peg Method” – this is one of my FAVORITE problem-solving techniques to use.

I’ve added another FREE report here for you to REALLY explain how to use the Peg Method. Not only can it help you resolve business problems, but really any problem you have (business or personal).

In the report the example I actually use is “how to lose 20 pounds…”

Anyways, enjoy the video and report and LEAVE A COMMENT – I wanna know what you think. Lastly, since we just launched the blog, tell your friends! (but only if you like it, if you don’t like, keep it shhh…)