Power of the Subconscious Mind HOW It Controls Your Life

Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind

I get a LOT of questions about this topic. Many don’t understand what exactly the SUBCONSCIOUS mind really is and why it seems to control our lives. Well, now you’re about to understand!

The answer you seek lies in THIS image below.  That’s the only clue I’m going to give you. The rest of it is in the video!

Iceberg-Unconscious-700x453Let me just say that MOST of “you” is below the surface. Just like this iceberg, you need know the DEEPER part of yourself until you peel back the layers!

After you understand this we can do some serious work together!

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<====== Look at that face.

Doesn’t it just make you want to ask SERIOUS questions about the meaning of life? Hahaha…

But, in all seriousness, I thought I’d start off the week by giving all my subscribers a chance to ask me stuff (just stay within reason)! I’ll try my BEST to answer everyone, but of course it will take me time – so please do give me time!

But you can ask me about…

-> Internet Marketing
-> Personal Development
-> My Personal Life
-> Even Other Random Stuff…

This is just a fun exercise to get to know each other! 

Ask by leaving a comment below this post!

BTW – I just got back from a 3 week long vacation! But during this 3 week long vacation, my business did over 7-figures in sales!  Can you believe that?

I may have worked a MAXIMUM of 1 hour a day. There were days where I didn’t even have reception or Internet so I didn’t do a THING on those days!

I was in…

1. Los Angeles
2. Maui, Hawaii (which was amazing)
3. Palm Springs
4. San Diego

It was one of the most refreshing vacations of my life. I found this one spot in Maui, Hawaii that I think could be my FAVORITE spot in the world so far.  I literally sat here for 30 minutes just staring and reflecting.

I took a picture for you…

photo (1)

I still get chills when I think about that very spot.  So, sitting there, I was inspired. I really reflected on my own life and my work with YOU…

I decided that I’m going to talk more and more about LIFESTYLE businesses in the coming weeks.  We are going to remind ourselves that the whole POINT of an ONLINE business is to get FREEDOM!

So, I wanted us to start this entire campaign by first giving you a chance to tell me more about what you want to learn!


What If I BRIBE You To Talk To Me!

Just to BRIBE you to do this.

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Following Your Gut – Do You DARE?

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trust-gut-intuitionI’m inspired to write a post today about your GUT. This is such a debated and controversial concept. Here’s something you hear a lot now days:

“Just follow your gut…”

It’s kind of become a CLICHE statement lately.

Most don’t even know what it means to “follow your gut” – but it sounds right so we keep saying it. Well, THAT’S become a REAL problem.

I’ve discovered that knowing how to follow your gut can be a GIFT unlike any other. It’s saved me from SO much stress and SO much losses, I don’t know what to tell you.

I want to teach how to follow your gut now by giving you a personal and RECENT story…

My Story: How Following My Gut Saved My Business…

…The last 6 months my entire team was FEVERISHLY working on an amazing product. Something that I truly believe in and has helped change my life and the lives of my students, countless numbers…

– I wanted it to be PERFECT.
– I wanted the LAUNCH to be PERFECT.
– I wanted a TON of SUPPORT.

Now, to make matters more complex…

I started hitting lots of “issues” 2 weeks before the projected launch. We had technical issues creeping up. I didn’t feel the marketing was nearly as prepared as I wanted to be. ALSO – things didn’t seem perfect.

My GUT was off. I didn’t have that “GOOGLY‘ feeling that we expect to have before the most exciting project of the decade (That I’ve worked on).

Also, I had built QUITE the buzz around affiliates to get them excited to promote this offer. There were a LOT of people looking forward to it.

But… one night, I sat staring at a wall and I KNEW it just didn’t feel right. My GUT was saying to me that “we’re not ready…this is too much risk this way…don’t do it.”

Then my LOGICAL side kicked in and said “But…everyone has been working on this. You need the revenue. Everyone will be disappointed. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!”

This is when the battle begins…

Your LOGICAL vs. Your GUT

Honestly, for me…I’ve just become USED to listening to my gut.

I trust it.

I follow it.

It’s hard many times, but if the feeling is loud enough, I just know.

So I delayed the launch. Guess what?

It Was The BEST Decisions I’ve Made In Long Time

I am relieved. I am working on the launch slowly. I’m making everything better and better. Had I listened to my logical side, I could have made one of the biggest mistakes of my career.

But, I didn’t.

So, now I want to ask you question:

“How Do YOU Think We Can Differentiate Between Our LOGIC & Our GUT”

Leave your comment below!

My 6 Minute Interview with Bob Proctor!

Spending the day in Bob Proctor’s house was one of the most educational experiences of my life. It was so great, I asked him to do a small interview with me before I left.

In 6 minutes, you can learn what he taught me in 6 hours!

The best part is that we ALSO discuss his upcoming launch – 6 Minutes To Success!

Please watch this interview all the way through! Also, if you want a BETTER explanation of Paradigms than I EVER can – Watch this FREE Video By Bob Proctor!

6 Minutes To Success <– 100% FREE Video 

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What Do Football & Your Growth Have In Common?

After spending some time with Bob Proctor at his home recently, I had another mental breakthrough! It’s based on what he explained to me. I’ve made a video for you below!

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Wait till tomorrow (or day after) when I release my 6 minute Interview with Bob Proctor himself!

Why It’s Important To Hang Out with Smart People

On Wednesday I took the train from Washington, DC to New York and have been here since. For the first time in my LIFE, I was able to sit still in a room for almost 9 hours listening to multiple people speak.

In the past I’ve NEVER done that. I’m 100% restless and hopeless at seminars and conferences. But, this even was different.

It was 1 day.
9 Hours.

I can’t even begin to tell you the VALUE of what I learned. I already have 4 product ideas. I have 8 things I want to split test for conversion.

Even more importantly, I have at least 4 NEW relationships that I never had before. For those of you who have studied the PEG METHOD – you know what this means. I just added FOUR NEW PEOPLE ASSETS (that’s HUGE) – in just 2 days.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because IN CASE you consider yourself an Entrepreneur…you NEED to get to LIVE events. They change your life. The learning, the networking, the people, the inspiration – it all combines like some kind of “Captain Planet” force and MOVES you.

That brings me to my point of this post.   I estimate that I’ll make millions within the next few months just from this week! This is a CONSERVATIVE estimate. But I know I’m right because I’ve been to many of these now.

I’ve NEVER been to one that fails. I’ve NEVER been to one where I don’t make money!

Remember, the benefit of going to LIVE events:

– Learning
– Networking
– Inspiration

If you have not been to a LIVE event in your field of interest yet…Make it a GOAL TODAY to schedule it. Don’t wait. DO IT TODAY.

It will change your life.

Feel Like a Failure? How To Get Back On Your Feet (Part 5 of 5)

Check out parts one, two, three and four where I talked about the first four steps to recover from a major setback.

All right, so you processed your emotions. You unburdened yourself and faced the fear. You put yourself in a mental and emotional place where you can begin taking action by breaking down your challenges into manageable chunks.

Now it’s time to follow through and get yourself back on your feet.

7Step five is to empower yourself with one small action.

This is a key step because the number one thing we lose when we’re feeling down is motivation. There’s just no inspiration to do anything.

You could give the world’s greatest opportunity to somebody with no motivation, and they will do NOTHING with it.

So how do you get your inspiration back?
Simple: get into motion again.
It’s difficult to start moving, but it’s easy to keep moving.

Let’s go back to the debt example from part 4. You may desperately want to get out of that situation. You might have all kinds of logical reasons why your life would be better if you didn’t have that debt load. You might even be terrified of the consequences of having that much debt.

But let’s face it. In spite of all those excellent reasons, taking massive action to overcome the problem is really hard.

However, if you are already doing something, even if it is the most minor of actions, you light a spark. It could be the smallest thing, like creating an Excel spreadsheet listing your creditors and the amount you owe to each of them. Yet just doing that ONE thing makes it a lot easier to fire yourself up – and take bigger and stronger action.

So, after you’ve broken your problem down, focus all of your attention on the first chunk. Then ask yourself a simple question: “what is the smallest action I can take right now?”

Take that one small action, and get some positive momentum going!

8The more momentum you build, the faster you will overcome your challenges. Once you start getting some “small wins,” it’s amazing how your depression and anxiety will go away. You will be back on your feet, firing on all cylinders.

These are the five steps that I ALWAYS follow when I suffer a major setback. And you know what? They ALWAYS work. Depending on the situation, each individual step might take an hour, a day, or even a week. But regardless of how long or short each step is, if you do EACH one (no skipping), I know that you will be amazed at how well they work.

It doesn’t matter how serious the failure is. Try this process, and see how strong you become in the face of adversity and how quickly you will move towards greater and greater levels of success!

Feel Like a Failure? How To Get Back On Your Feet (Part 4 of 5)

Check out parts one, two and three where I talked about the first three steps to recover from a major setback.

The first three steps in this series helped you process your grief, frustration and anxiety.

And it’s ESSENTIAL to go through the three steps. If you do not, then those emotions will linger beneath the surface and make it difficult for you to take action.

And you MUST take action. It’s when you take ACTION that you fix and heal things so you can move on.

aniklc The hardest part about taking action is that the challenges in front of you can seem so huge and imposing. The sheer size can paralyze you.

For example, a person who’s tens of thousands of dollars in debt might be depressed because they have absolutely no idea how they are going to get out of it.

A massive debt load, or whatever paralyzing fear you’re dealing with, can feel so intimidating, you just freeze. You take no action at all, which will only make your depression worse.

What you need to do is make the task before you a little less imposing. That’s why step four is to use the “divide and conquer” strategy.

This is how empires are built. The Roman Empire and the British Empire did not come into being after fighting one big war against all their enemies. That would have been a disastrous strategy (just ask the Germans!).

6Instead, these enormous empires were built by focusing all of their resources on one small enemy at a time. They’d knock down one. Then another. Then another… until all of their enemies were defeated and absorbed.

You need to employ a similar strategy with your own life. If you’re majorly in debt, don’t focus on the total amount all at once.

Always break that huge problem down into small manageable chunks.

While you may have no idea how you will pay off ALL of your debt, you can probably come up with ways to pay down a portion of it. After you pay down that small chunk, you can focus on the next chunk.

While you are dealing with each of these chunks, you should be focusing on that, rather than the total amount you owe.

You should just understand that the BIG problem will take care of itself as you eat away at the pieces.

With the help of step number four, you can now deal with the paralysis that overwhelming challenges create. Finally you can set yourself up to take real action and build up some momentum. That’s exactly what step number five – the final aspect – is all about. Watch for it in a few days!

Feel Like a Failure? How To Get Back On Your Feet (Part 3 of 5)

Check out part one and part two where I talked about the first two steps to recover from a major setback.

You suffered a major setback in your life. Following the advice in part one, you gave yourself permission to mope in a controlled fashion. You then confided in somebody to get your situation off your chest.

Step three is facing the WORST case scenario.

And I mean the WORST case. What’s the most horrible, disastrous, devastating thing that can happen? I want you to imagine it in detail… and look it straight in the face.

Why do you need to do this? In many cases, your negative emotions are an expression of the fear you feel internally. You are AFRAID – that you will never get the promotion, that you will never fall in love again, or that your business will fail and you will become destitute.

And because fear is sooo uncomfortable, our natural instinct is to suppress it.

But there’s a big problem with suppressing fear. It simply doesn’t work. Even if you try, fear still lingers beneath the surface. It HAUNTS you.

Until you confront your fear totally head-on, you will never, ever move on.

So how do you confront your fear? Feel it. And the best way to do that is to pretend – for a short time – that the worst-case scenario has actually happened.

  • Have a piece of paper and a pencil ready.
  • Sit down, close your eyes.
  • Imagine the horror of it all. Really put yourself in that situation.
  • Write down all the awful things that could happen.

4When you try this, you’ll notice something very interesting: there are OPPORTUNITIES available to you. Even in the midst of your fear. Even if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario. You WILL be okay.

In fact, even while you’re trying to experience all-out terror, you won’t be able to sustain it for long. That’s because our minds naturally gravitate to rescue strategies – even when everything is falling apart around us.

That’s why you need that pencil and paper in front of you. Once you descend into the fear, within MINUTES your mind will start showing you opportunities to fix things. You won’t be able to stop it.

So not only should you write down all the bad stuff – write down any solutions, exit strategies, anything positive that comes into your mind.

After you have that “aha” moment, your fear diminishes. After all, anticipation of the unknown is the fuel for fear. When you’ve already gone through something – even if it’s just in your imagination – it’s no longer unknown to you. Which means it’s much harder to be afraid of it.

This is an important step to overcoming a major setback. Yet many people skip it. They try to bury the fear deep down, instead of looking it in the face. They doom themselves to the constant, low-level, nagging stress of wondering when the monster is going to jump out of the shadows and eat them.

But trust me, if you feel the fear and confront it,
you’ll be taking a shortcut to quickly plow through those negative emotions and be FREE of them.

This puts yourself in the strongest possible position to feel better and begin taking ACTION again.

In the next part, you are going to learn about how to approach taking action to get out of your situation.