Struggling for a Good Entrepreneurial Idea?

entrepreneur ideaI’ve adopted a new simple system about 2 years ago to help me create amazing ideas that I’m passionate to execute on.

I just ask myself this question:

“Anik, what do YOU currently need that you can’t find? What product or service would you instantly become a customer of?”

I know. It sounds so simple and common-sense, but you would be surprised how many of us never think of this!

In the last couple of years my take towards business has 100% changed. It’s no longer ‘good enough’ to create businesses or generate revenue just for the sake of ‘money.’ I’ve discovered that those businesses never last. You end up always having to re-create and re-invent to keep the revenue going.

That gets exhausting.

Rather, if you take extra time building something of deep value (that even YOU yourself would be proud to be a customer of) – well, now you’re building something that will last a long time and may even change the world.

Seriously. Everyday we face challenges and hardships and we think ‘man, if only there was…

Start paying special attention to those thoughts. I’m not saying that all of them are Entrepreneurial genius – but you only need one!

This system has proven to be radical for me.

1.5 years ago – I created an amazing new company that is growing almost 100% every 6 months.

10 months ago – I created a new product that has become an incredible brand (seems it will last for years to come now). Just as a product alone, it’s become an enormous revenue and lead generator – it completely re-energized and sparked one of my existing companies.

6 months ago – I created an amazing Application that is still in Alpha testing but has done north of six figures in sales and my business partner and I have not even released it yet!

1 month ago – I closed on a HUGE business relationship that has been a dream of mine for 10+ years.

1 week ago (yes, even while on my honeymoon) – I fully designed and completed a business model for a brand new company in 2015. It’s an idea I got because I personally am dying for such a service. Every piece of the business is already falling in place.

Thanks to the new approach, I’m attracting the perfect team members. The perfect business partners. But, most of all – a true sense of fulfillment knowing that every day my businesses are touching and changing lives.

So…there you have it. You are full of amazing world-changing ideas – just take a deeper look into your own life and WA-LA!

Why Asking for Advice Isn’t Always a Good Idea…

afraid to make mistakeOne thing I’ve seen very concretely in my life is how much faster I progress when I’ve relied on my own creativity and ideas. When I’ve had FAITH in my ideas and especially when I’ve been ready to take a risk and be OK with the idea of failing…

The level at which I progress literally eclipses the opposite situation…

See… We have a habit of having an idea and then asking everyone around us what they think. It’s natural. We like to feel supported. We like to feel accepted.

The reality is that we are just scared and by getting someone else (anyone – even if they are not qualified) to agree with us, it brings us a sense of confidence (even if this is completely wrong).

But…this is a very risky place to be. Most ideas we have will never be supported or even understood by those around us. Most importantly, I can bet that 95% of those we seek opinions from are not even properly qualified to give it!

So we risk being led wrongly.

The first few years of my career – I remember being a rogue! I didn’t care what others thought – I was going to do what I wanted. If I failed, so what? On to the next… 🙂

Then…I started seeing some bad days. I had some back to back failures and suddenly my fear grew and I always wanted the advice and opinion of others to confirm my thoughts. Well, if you ask 10 people, you’ll rarely getting any concrete conclusion. Quickly this led to a major demise in my life. My greatest talent as an Entrepreneur was left paralyzed.

No ideas would progress. Nothing new was happening. Nothing was being created!

Then – again about 2 years ago, I took a more rogue approach. I began to believe in myself. I began to do what I wanted. I lost the fear of failure.

Today… Well… I feel blessed that I learned such a major lesson so early in my life.

So, what’s my point? Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Who cares what others think? Who cares if you fail?

Just do it. 🙂

Perk of Working From Home: You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

1Socks, shoes, slacks, undershirt, button up, tie, jacket… hair done, clothes pressed, shoes shined…what a pain!

Are you tired of getting “dolled up” every day to go and see the same people, who are also dressed up to impress nobody but the boss, who is dressed to impress…well—who knows?

The ability to work from home comes with a whole host of perks,
one of them being every day is casual Friday!

Not just work casual either. Don’t want to get out of your jammies? Don’t have to. Sleep in your underwear, wake up and need to write a report? No problem.

A lot of the time when I shoot videos I like to rock a nice shirt with shorts and flip flops. That’s how I roll!

This is one small example of the many perks working from home allows you. No shoes, no shirt required when you have a killer job working for yourself.

Of course, some people find it easier to get work done when they throw a shirt and a pair of pants on. It’s psychological. But this is just an illustration of the FREEDOM you have being your own boss.

You wake up when you want to wake up, you eat where you want to eat, you take whatever kind of breaks you need—even a nap!

You have the ability to take care of your pets or your kids and you never have to ask for a sick day.

The key is balancing all of this freedom with the ability to stay productive.
As long as you can get your work in and meet your deadlines, you are golden!

So forget the pants. Do something you love without leaving the house. Just make sure to put on those pants if you want to head out for lunch!

What Will Smith Taught Me About Building My Company


Whether you think of funny man Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or the alien butt-kicking Will Smith from Independence Day…

You are thinking of a man with great success and a flourishing career.

Will Smith has built a reputation for producing quality, money-making films and delivering successes more than he fails.

You can tell that he is the type of guy who puts in the work and takes the time to fine tune the details. A look at this quote from Will says it all:

“You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.’ You do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.”


This is an almost Zen view of building your career and of reaching what few people will ever reach—perfection.

Starting with each brick, Will has built a film empire, raking in the dough and picking the winning horses to involve himself with.

What’s the lesson here?

By setting out to do each small task perfectly,
you will build the company you WANT to build.

If you put the work into each and every client as if they are the entirety of what you are trying to accomplish  – well, that totally changes your perspective.

It allows you to take the time needed to get things done right for each “brick,” instead of focusing all of your efforts on the “wall.”

The wall will come with time. Focus on the bricks and you will have the greatest wall (company) ever created!

No More Free – Why it’s Good for Your Empire

Over the years, I’ve received literally THOUSANDS of requests for free help, free consulting and free access to my courses:

“Anik, if you just let me in for free – I’ll be your best student…”

“Anik, I need this and you are the only one who can help me finally get my finances back on track…”

“Anik, I have a great idea, I just need you to help me with…”

For the first few years I was in business, I gave out a LOT of freebies. I helped a LOT of people.
And you know what came from it?


Well… I shouldn’t say “nothing”, many of the people that I’ve given free courses and help to have actually been nightmares! They get more and more demanding, they ask for more freebies and they have even gotten down-right rude when I finally have to draw a line and say “no more”.

And – as if that weren’t bad enough, I don’t have a single success story to tell about anyone I’ve given free help or products to.

It occurred to me that giving free access to me, my team and my products is really not helping anyone.

So – recently, I made a big decision: No more “free”.

Here are the 4 reasons why I know this is the right choice for me and for you:

  1. You need to put some skin in the game. You have to be invested in the success of your business. If I GIVE you something for free… what’s the harm to you if you NEVER use it…?

    We have people selling their TVs and giving up dinner out each week in order to buy our products. Those people WILL succeed.

    Not only do they want to build their businesses, they want their TVs back, they want to go out to dinner again.

  2. You have to learn that it’s not always easy. I know that you may not have any money right now. Most people DON’T when they get started. That’s part of what makes them strong later on.

    Who is going to help you when you’ve built your business, you have a team, you have an office, you have bills that need to be paid – and you have a bad year??

    Getting started with no money and learning through the school of hard-knocks will prepare you for the difficult times that your business will go through in the future (and it will – they all do!).

  3. You have to learn that “ideas” are worthless (huh?!). Until you EXECUTE on those ideas – they are worth zero, zilch, zip… nothing!

    I’m always surprised when people come to me with their “idea” and expect me to execute it… and then share the profits with them.

    Guys, I’ve got ideas. I’ve got a team who is full of ideas. Executing those ideas is the hard part. That’s what I do – and that’s what I’ve built my millions on.

  4. I already give you a LOT of free stuff! My team was key in pointing this one out to me. They say I’m too modest about it… but they are right, I do give away a lot for free.

    We have the free 158 page book that gives away a lot of great content from Empire Formula. I have a blog at where I share proven-profitable strategies. I have an eLearning network where we share training, webinars and networking for performance marketers for free.

Ultimately – I want you to be successful. Experience has shown me that giving away free courses, executing your ideas and allowing you to become a charity does not set you up for success and does not give you the foundation you need to be successful for the long term.

So… no more free.

I Get MAD – Here’s How I Feel About “Negative People…”

OK, before watching this video, be WARNED. I get pretty ANGRY and “go-off” a bit. Don’t get offended, I’m just very “passionate” about this topic. Plus, let’s face it – I was trying to have some fun too and see if I could make you laugh a bit

But, in all seriousness, it’s VERY important that you follow the advice in this video.
If you really want to build your ONLINE EMPIRE. STOP taking advice from those who haven’t done it.

Would you ask someone who’s never baked cookies…how to bake cookies? Of course not! You’d find someone with a great recipe who makes amazing cookies!
I’m baffled at how many people reach out to their “friends/family” to get BUSINESS advice when their friends/family are NOT in business.

That’s my rant of the day, hope you learned something 🙂

Just 1 Example Why You Need a TEAM

Whether it be outsourcers or people you hire (based on what stage you’re on in your business – more on this at the Empire Formula blog); a TEAM IS CRITICAL!

By the way this post is coming to you while I’m on a plane. Haha, seriously – someone wonderful on my TEAM is posting it, I have no Internet access this very second!

Here’s the facts:

1. I’m in the middle of launching the BIGGEST product of my life right now (it launches THIS Tuesday at 12 PM ET)
2. I was in US, but am now flying to India to oversee the launch from my office there… (in Mumbai)
3. I have the luxury of being able to take a breath and relax on the plane.


Because *I* finished my part of the work (don’t get me wrong, I worked my ass off). BUT, now I KNOW that even a few days before launch, I got an AMAZING team (That’s smarter than me) – running my launch.

On the plane, I’m going to finally take a breath.

– I’ll sleep (as in pic above – haha)
– I’ll read
– I’ll watch movies
– I may even just stare at the wall infront of me.

Point being, NO WAY I could do any of this if I didn’t spend years now focusing on building the most POWERFUL team in the business.

You can’t do it alone. Even if you’re just starting, think about getting help and keeping help. You won’t be able to become an expert at all parts of your business.

Even when I was broke and starting, I had help. We find ways!

In the Empire Formula course, I go over details on how to get help on a SHOE STRING budget (GOOD help too – just like I did).

But for today, the point is – START BUILDING A TEAM, it makes all the difference in the world.

Money Is The Reason We Have No Motivation?

So today randomly a close friend of mine sends me a message on GChat that says, “how do you do it?”

I knew exactly what he was talking about because he’s been trying to start an Internet business lately. I’ve spent a few weeks lecturing him and his business partner daily on their lack of focus and bucket of excuses 🙂

Today, he finally spilled his beans…

Ahh…so the issue is MOTIVATION. I won’t lie, I always knew it was. But, “they” needed to admit that for it to really make an impact.

Think about yourself. Just “wanting” something is not enough – do you really the RIGHT motivations to keep you going?  Most don’t…

This is the #1 advice I give a LOT of Entrepreneurs with budding dreams. If you make it about the “money” you may as well kiss it all good-bye.

Yes, money is important. But, if it’s your “be all-end all” – good luck!

All the biggest successes in this world are driven by different things, but I’m willing to bet you everything that neither is driven purely by money. If so, then why do BILLIONAIRES keep working?  Keep pushing?

It’s always about the CHALLENGE. The WILL. The TEST. Inspiring CHANGE.  Mostly…about the excitement of experiencing the PROCESS of building something that others can’t.

That, guys, is an ENTREPRENEUR.

So, he got it, do you?

Basically, the motivation to change your life DOES come from within.
I wanted to make this post to make you aware that if you’re doing it just for the money, watch out.

But, the reality is that you’ll have to realize this YOURSELF for it to really “click.”

So, take a minute today. Think about yourself. Why DO you want a business? Why DO you want an online empire?

If you keep thinking about private jets, yachts, toys, big houses and the “rockstar” lifestyle, I really recommend you take a minute to re-evaluate. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with “wanting” those things, I want them. I have plenty of toys and I love cars (hence, I have nice ones).

But…look deeper. WHY? In any Online Empire, the BIG money will take time to come. It’s a process. During that time, what’s going to drive you? What’s going to make you stick it out?  Think…think...

…and now leave a comment below and let me know what you’re thinking!