My Take on the ‘Law of Attraction” – Is It Mumbo Jumbo?

Ok, no no…it’s NOT “mumbo jumbo.” But, honestly – the way SOME people teach it – they make it sound like some “secret magic button.THAT it is not as well…

But, I’m a huge believer. As a matter of fact, I genuinely believe I’ve mastered it and even found how to SPEED UP the process of attracting in my life…

I made a quick video about it here – you can even SEE my vision WALL!

FIRST – What IS The Law of Attraction?

In Summary:  “You get that in life that you think the most about. Bad or good. You get whatever you think about.”


You can’t just sit there thinking all day and open your eyes and it will appear before you. That’s why on the above video, I talk about how I combine “Law of Attraction” with the “Law of ACTION.”


Vision Boards:  A poster (or in my case a WALL) where you put pictures of everything that you want to achieve in your life. That way you have a VISUAL representation of it. It works.

Really. Even OPRAH has one and teaches it!

You can see MINE in the video above 🙂

FOURTH – How To Make a Vision Board

Step 1: Get a whiteboard
Step 2: Make a list of all your dreams that you want to achieve
Step 3: Go to Google Images
Step 4:
Type in your dream and find the best picture you like
Step 5: Save it.
Step 6: Print it.
Step 7: GLUE it onto your whiteboard
Step 8: Do this over and over again until your board is done
Step 9: Place the board in a place where you’ll see it a lot through the day!
Step 10: Make sure to look at it – don’t hide it from people! DECLARE IT!

FIFTH – I Said FORGET Vision “Board” – I Made a Vision WALL!

Law of Attraction

Why? Because it sits in-front of my DINING table. That means I stare at it for a long time at least 3 times a day.

SIXTH – Why Vision Walls Work BETTER

Because it makes you use the power of DECLARATION. I LOVE this. People come to my house every day and they can’t help but see my wall.

They instantly ask me “What’s this wall and these pictures?”

That means I get a chance to EXPLAIN and TALK about my dreams almost on a DAILY basis. That means I REINFORCE my visions to myself everyday.

PLUS I declare them to the WORLD. Now, I’m accountable!

My mind…is constantly reminded of what I want in my life. I’m always thinking about my dreams. Hence, the law of attraction?  Easy peasy…just happens on it’s own!

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