Today’s Lesson… A Little Thing Called “FOCUS”

BEFORE you ignore today’s “advice” by thinking it’s cliche B.S. – you NEED to watch this video below. This one word “Focus” changed my life. 

This was the ONLY advice that Billionaire, Mark Cuban gave me years back:

My First 18 Months in Business - I FAILED!! 

I didn’t make even a single penny. I was trying 4, 5, 6 different things. Whatever I could get my hands on. I started asking every person I knew for advice and I kept hearing the same advice back…

“Anik you need to focus.”

I used to HATE hearing that because I thought that was BOGUS advice. I felt that all the top billionaires in the world have so many companies, why not me.

The difference I didn’t realize was that THEY do it – ONE AT A TIME.

The Power of FOCUSSo, I decided to finally put FOCUS into my life…and WA LA – my life changed. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE and who knows, maybe today is the day YOUR life changes too!

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Email box is..FULL!

Does your email box look like this???

Okay, maybe I modified it a little but I wanted to get my point across today.

I want to take a moment and RANT a little about emails and I have a feeling…

That YOU might have the SAME EXACT FEELINGS.

And JUST like most of you, I am on a lot of lists from different marketers. And I find it quite annoying sometimes that these guys are mailing me twice or three times a day even!

So I did something the other, I went through and decided to do the following:

  1. If the name is not someone I recognize, I hit unsubscribe.
  2. If I got emails that were like “Confirm Download” or “Your subscription is ready”… I hit unsubscribe.
  3. If I noticed 3 or more emails that DAY from them, I hit unsubscribe.
  4. And I can’t STAND when I’m called “member” or “subscriber.” A little tip, if your list doesn’t collect first names, try to avoid using the “[fname]” tag or “[[firstname]]” etc.

**LITTLE TIP** – Don’t simply respond “unsubscribe me” or leave a string of obscenities in their email box- just look for the little words at the bottom that says “Manage Subscription” or Unsubscribe me and click it. – It’s really THAT simple

But wait, before you start going crazy, think of these rules BEFORE you start massively clearing your inbox!

  1. Leave ME on your list OF COURSE! (well, it’s really your choice, but I think I don’t fall under any of the above..)
  2. People you are a member of their product for updates. Those are important to have and it’s more or less. You don’t want to miss updates!
  3. Anyone YOU decide sends quality content or updates and worthwhile.
  4. Each email you get, you should be willing to READ fully, if not, don’t stay on the list, what’s the point?

There are just my basic guidelines to empty out my email box and “protect” it against getting these emails. Not only are they time consuming, it hinders your success as you’ll find yourself looking at NEW products all the time!

Remember those 10 other products you purchased last week? It’s time to start using it and earning profits ONLINE!