Struggling for a Good Entrepreneurial Idea?

entrepreneur ideaI’ve adopted a new simple system about 2 years ago to help me create amazing ideas that I’m passionate to execute on.

I just ask myself this question:

“Anik, what do YOU currently need that you can’t find? What product or service would you instantly become a customer of?”

I know. It sounds so simple and common-sense, but you would be surprised how many of us never think of this!

In the last couple of years my take towards business has 100% changed. It’s no longer ‘good enough’ to create businesses or generate revenue just for the sake of ‘money.’ I’ve discovered that those businesses never last. You end up always having to re-create and re-invent to keep the revenue going.

That gets exhausting.

Rather, if you take extra time building something of deep value (that even YOU yourself would be proud to be a customer of) – well, now you’re building something that will last a long time and may even change the world.

Seriously. Everyday we face challenges and hardships and we think ‘man, if only there was…

Start paying special attention to those thoughts. I’m not saying that all of them are Entrepreneurial genius – but you only need one!

This system has proven to be radical for me.

1.5 years ago – I created an amazing new company that is growing almost 100% every 6 months.

10 months ago – I created a new product that has become an incredible brand (seems it will last for years to come now). Just as a product alone, it’s become an enormous revenue and lead generator – it completely re-energized and sparked one of my existing companies.

6 months ago – I created an amazing Application that is still in Alpha testing but has done north of six figures in sales and my business partner and I have not even released it yet!

1 month ago – I closed on a HUGE business relationship that has been a dream of mine for 10+ years.

1 week ago (yes, even while on my honeymoon) – I fully designed and completed a business model for a brand new company in 2015. It’s an idea I got because I personally am dying for such a service. Every piece of the business is already falling in place.

Thanks to the new approach, I’m attracting the perfect team members. The perfect business partners. But, most of all – a true sense of fulfillment knowing that every day my businesses are touching and changing lives.

So…there you have it. You are full of amazing world-changing ideas – just take a deeper look into your own life and WA-LA!