I Get MAD – Here’s How I Feel About “Negative People…”

OK, before watching this video, be WARNED. I get pretty ANGRY and “go-off” a bit. Don’t get offended, I’m just very “passionate” about this topic. Plus, let’s face it – I was trying to have some fun too and see if I could make you laugh a bit

But, in all seriousness, it’s VERY important that you follow the advice in this video.
If you really want to build your ONLINE EMPIRE. STOP taking advice from those who haven’t done it.

Would you ask someone who’s never baked cookies…how to bake cookies? Of course not! You’d find someone with a great recipe who makes amazing cookies!
I’m baffled at how many people reach out to their “friends/family” to get BUSINESS advice when their friends/family are NOT in business.

That’s my rant of the day, hope you learned something 🙂