Are Email Newsletter Templates Worth It? Or Do They Destroy Your ClickThrough Rate?

The two most important statistics even a basic Email marketer will track are:

Open Rate = The percentage of people who OPEN your Email to read…
ClickThrough Rate (CTR) = The percentage of people who CLICK a link…

Being an AVID Email marketer for 11 years, I wanted to run a test. Now, my good friend and Email Marketing JEDI – Jimmy Kim was 100% against it. He said he KNEW what the results would be. But, me being me…I needed numbers to prove it.

Yes, He Was Right.  Email Newsletter Templates Are a WASTE of Clicks!

A lot of marketers spend time making the fanciest of Email newsletter templates to give them a bigger “brand;” to look fancy.

The top “Email marketing consultants” even say “Good Email Templates are necessary and will make all the difference in your Email marketing.” After my recent test, I say BULLOCKS.

An Email Marketer’s MAIN Goal Is To Get The Click

Being an avid marketer I believe that the LANDING PAGE (where the click goes is more than enough to get the conversion, it should just get TRAFFIC). So, for me, the MOST important stat to track has always been CTR.

I recently wanted to make my look much more PROFESSIONAL. So, I spent days contemplating and making a pretty email newsletter template.

Then I sent out a blast to my list.  Something seemed fishy. The clicks…they seemed so low. So I tried again…

Here’s What My Pretty Email Template Looked Like:

Pretty Email Newsletter TemplateAs you can see. I have a headline in there. A nice blue background…

I even put an image of the video to make people want to click it more…

I worked on the formatting of text. I have larger font size and different color for the most important part of the Email – the LINK…

So What Were My Results?


My CTR was only a lousy 4.13%.

I’m used to much higher. Yes, I agree it COULD be the copy inside the Email that was not as enticing.  However, the results were so drastic, it showed me that it was more than just “bad writing.”

Now, Here’s My PLAIN Email Newsletter Template


It’s just straight plain text. I didn’t get fancy.

There is some bolding, underlining and highlighting.

That’s it.

I even pasted the tracking link AS IS – nothing fancy there too.

I made a short template with the offer and that was all. I kept it as simple as I possibly could.


So What Were My Results NOW?

NONFancyEmailCTR178% INCREASE in Clicks.

Look at the open rate. It only went up by: 14.95%. But my CLICKS went up by 178%!
So the open rate stayed kind of the same. But CLICKS!! Even if yes, the copy was different, after so many tests, I hardly doubt that the copy would be THAT different!

Now, I KNOW it’s not a TRUE split test because the copy was different. So before you jump down my throat and “call me out” – I’m acknowledging that!

BUT – I also just watched the trend for over a week. It’s SOLID. Clickthroughs go WAY up when you use a very simple and straight forward email. Not fancy.

Any feedback? Comments? Disagreement?