Ask Me Anything You Want!

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<====== Look at that face.

Doesn’t it just make you want to ask SERIOUS questions about the meaning of life? Hahaha…

But, in all seriousness, I thought I’d start off the week by giving all my subscribers a chance to ask me stuff (just stay within reason)! I’ll try my BEST to answer everyone, but of course it will take me time – so please do give me time!

But you can ask me about…

-> Internet Marketing
-> Personal Development
-> My Personal Life
-> Even Other Random Stuff…

This is just a fun exercise to get to know each other! 

Ask by leaving a comment below this post!

BTW – I just got back from a 3 week long vacation! But during this 3 week long vacation, my business did over 7-figures in sales!  Can you believe that?

I may have worked a MAXIMUM of 1 hour a day. There were days where I didn’t even have reception or Internet so I didn’t do a THING on those days!

I was in…

1. Los Angeles
2. Maui, Hawaii (which was amazing)
3. Palm Springs
4. San Diego

It was one of the most refreshing vacations of my life. I found this one spot in Maui, Hawaii that I think could be my FAVORITE spot in the world so far.  I literally sat here for 30 minutes just staring and reflecting.

I took a picture for you…

photo (1)

I still get chills when I think about that very spot.  So, sitting there, I was inspired. I really reflected on my own life and my work with YOU…

I decided that I’m going to talk more and more about LIFESTYLE businesses in the coming weeks.  We are going to remind ourselves that the whole POINT of an ONLINE business is to get FREEDOM!

So, I wanted us to start this entire campaign by first giving you a chance to tell me more about what you want to learn!


What If I BRIBE You To Talk To Me!

Just to BRIBE you to do this.

For the best question I get – or the one that I like the most, I will be giving away a FREE iPad Mini!!!


  • Sinead

    What is the one piece of advice you would give to young people, graduating college now, sort of a “what you wish you knew then” wisdom?

  • Sinead

    posted too quick, I also wanted to add I am doing your Future of Wealth class and it is great, really well put together, easy to follow and great tips. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sinead

    What is the one piece of advice you would give to young people, graduating college now, sort of a “what you wish you knew then” wisdom?

  • Thomas Shioutakon

    How do I request a refund of the monies I have paid?

  • Zach Robertson

    Have you ever tried the Vemma nutrition formula?

    • aniksingal

      Can’t say that I have! But something tells me I’m about to hear about it now 😉

  • niki

    Silver bullet to manifesting the wildest dreams… where I make the profit instead of giving money to someone else

    • aniksingal

      Meditation – 10 minutes at least every night. This gives you a CALM mind, the rest follows!


  • David Diamondheart

    If I could change just ONE thing in my life that would make the greatest impact on the outcomes I observe, what would that be?

    • aniksingal

      Now I don’t know your life :( How could I answer that!

      • David Diamondheart

        I was thinking you might say something like: meditation, exercise, creative visualization, positive self talk, eating right, etc… I wasn’t looking for specific insights into MY life, just ONE regular practice that you engage in that you feel has made the greatest difference in your own life (totally removed from any specific circumstance or situation).

  • Jacque Jennings Carter

    If someone was looking for your advice and you could give them only ONE piece of advice, what would that advice be and why.

    • aniksingal

      Pick ONE thing in your life that you want to see improve (ONLY ONE). Break it into smaller goals and start working to get a win EVERY single day. That’s it… even something small.

      Create momentum and then capitalize on it!

      OH – and meditate every night for at least 10 minutes :)

  • Danielle Stolman

    how can I best attract the right clients to me (I’m in recruiting and work with both businesses – finding them clientes, and candidates), I’d love to increase volumes with both, but at the same time, I’d like to increase more the right clients those with whom my working would be a mutually benefical relationship then just add businesses and or clients who would work with me yet not be the best fit for them and myself.

    • aniksingal

      Danielle, do you have existing clients right now? Nothing better than using that and doing word of mouth. Assuming you like your current clients…people usually are friends with (even in business) with those that are like-minded.

      Try incentive programs for existing clients to refer. Also, try to throw “events” and little get togethers in your industry…you can start by inviting your clients and request that they forward it to at least 10 other people…

      Remember all it takes is ONE good referral and the fire can start!

  • Johnny Brravo

    Ok “MAC DRE!” 😛 how many pictures on your vision board are DIRECTLY for the benifit of someone else? Like for a loved one or a cause? If u have any, what are they and for whom?Thanks so much for all your help! Your FOW program allowed me to attract a student loan program that has consolidated my 66, 679 DEBT to 11, 700! And i am only up to lesson 2.3!! Law of attraction is real!!! My last question, I am going to join a direct coaching program in two months if not less. I was thinking bob proctor, but then again, bob proctor’s email blast gave me your FOW info. What are three things that I can get from your program that is exclusive to your program!! Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Johnny Brravo! (Facebook)

  • Jamie Strickland

    ***TIP*** I started your course but have a bad history of starting something and taking on too many other things to keep focused. Ultimately it comes down to money when I keep shifting gears. I would love to see a pre-course that trains the mind to stay focused, take action and not procrastinate.

    I used your product for about a week straight and I became irritable, lol. Yes… but hear me out. I became irritable because I wanted to take action so bad on something that would change my financial situation. Problem was, I didn’t know where to focus the waves of motivation inside and where to channel it. I have 17 years worth of MLM history but that is such a broken field when you consider how fast companies crash or people flock to a new shiny object.

    I am enjoying the course and it appears I have my channel to focus my energy. I look forward to finishing lesson 1 and interested to see how you can help me remove my procrastination/delay. One final thought… I think it’s not just procrastinating, I have discovered that I find ways to waste time but having great intentions to being productive. I spin my wheels making myself feel like I am accomplishing things when in reality I am doing very little at times…

    It comes and goes, not sure what causes that but I want rid of it with a passion!!!!!



    • ANDREA

      jamie, if you would like to hear about an MLM in prelaunch (free to join and build your team in August) let me know. My email is

    • aniksingal

      Jamie, ONE thing I do that REALLY helps me with this “lalala” problem as I call it 😛


      Man, I love them. Nothing fancy. I just take out a notepad and I write out all the stuff I need to do. It empties my brain. It relaxes me and then gives me accountability. That way I almost always have a tendency to stay on track.

      It’s not magic. I know. Just try it for a week and report back, I BET you’ll love what you see!

    • Tere Bishop

      Hi Anik, The Profit workshops were real eye openers and inspiring. I would love to attend the 3 day live workshop online in March even without the coaching afterwards. Do you think you can open it up maybe for a small fee to those of us who are not in the founding members group? Even though I am launching my Inbox biz this weekend, I would like to see what is coming in the future while I am learning the ropes and setting the foundation for a sustainable business for me and my family. The course is easy to follow but being over 60 years old, I just needed a little more time to get my head around the technology aspects – websites etc! All good!

  • mike jones

    having been without employment now going on two (2) years, if you could find some advice, what would you say? I hope not platitudes, nor hollow cheer leading, I have greater hopes for you.

  • Musonda Mumba

    How did you first deal with escaping the rhythm of the rat race?

    • aniksingal

      Well I started in college so I was never really IN the rat race :( But you have to HUSTLE your way out of it. You have to work EXTRA hard. I was in school full time, had a part time job AND was starting my business.

      I gave up my social life and just worked around the clock. By the time I graduated, my friends were making $3,000 – $4,000 a month and IN the rat race and I was making $30,000 to $40,000 a month and traveling the world speaking on stages in front of 500 people!

      I worked my butt for 3 years and it paid off immensely!


  • Howard Kaschyk

    After finding where the hidden support is. How is response time figured? Is it number of attempts or is it number of days?

    • aniksingal

      Howard can you be more specific please? I’m a bit confused as to your question :(

  • Laurie Tysinger

    I quite literally have no money right now. I am serious…we don’t even have groceries in the house! I’ve watched your free videos, and done what I can. My outlook is always positive…always. I just KNOW things will be okay somehow. Where do I go from here?

    • aniksingal

      You really need to use the PEG method – I’m going to be releasing a Free report soon on exactly how it works.

      Not having groceries is a BIG deal and so you should really focus on “mini-goals.” Before wealth we need to get to a point where expenses are met. You need to sit down, re-group, tally your ASSETS (taught in Peg Method) and figure out how and what changes to make so you can first be at ‘break-even.’

      That will be Goal #1. From there it’ll all be a LOT easier!

      • Hani54

        Hi Anik, Should Laurie have images of groceries and cash money as her mini visions on her vision board for her to visualise so she may break even? Apart from taking action and figuring out what actions she can take to increase her income, would visualising additional cash (the exact amount she needs to break even) be also something she could do? Or should she just visualise on what the extra cash would allow her to do (images of groceries, images of her paying her bills on time), etc.

        Thanks, Hani

    • mojca

      Hi Anik,
      We are from Europe and we would like to buy your Inbox Blueprint system.
      We have your free book,but it is not enough.
      For us guys is much more difficult for start like for you in USA.
      Please let me know how is with that.

  • Ann

    In looking back, what is the one thing you did that put you right on your path to wealth? The one thing that if you hadn’t done it, your wealth would not have appeared?

    • aniksingal

      LAW OF FOCUS. I learned this from two people (Mark Cuban was one of them). There was a time I was focusing on 5 projects at a time. One night I sat down and finally convinced myself to get rid of 4 of them.

      60 Days later – $10,000… it was amazing. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

      • Wendy smith

        Ok! I posted above but I think this may have answered my question. I always have four or five things going on and can’t ever focus on one! Being a parent is always a priority. But I can scale back and focus on others! Thank you!

      • Debra Stewart RN

        This is my main problem

  • Dan

    What is you educational background?

    • aniksingal

      I have a Bachelors in FINANCE (but never used it for a day even). I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park (GO TERPS!)

      I did not pursue any graduate level studies but aspire one day to get a PhD in Psychology (just for fun not for my career).


  • timmycrw91

    With some of the things I’ve seen you demonstrate, I’m just wondering why you haven’t done a CPA course. Hope you’re feeling well, and Elton John would be proud to see your pic here! 😉

    • aniksingal

      HAHAHAHA re: Elton John. Funny you mention that Timmy! I’m actually working on a course right now that will teach people how to monetize using CPA offers an EMAIL marketing.

      We’re working on that as we speak.

      I will (one day in the future) also love to do a course where I teach merchants how to use CPA properly… but that is not on the maps just yet…

      Which side were you talking about?


  • Savannah Raé Oliver

    What is the craziest, out-of-the-box thing that you have done – or would be willing to do – for charity?

    • aniksingal

      I am saving up and will soon be investing $200,000 to build a network of schools in Indian villages. There is crazy politics to deal with here but we’ll get through it.

      I’m also going to take the montessori school concept to these schools. It’s started in the big cities in India but way away from the villages.

      Finally – I’m going to BUSINESS TRAINING programs and YOUTH ENTREPRENEURIAL programs in India (I mean very young, like when they are 10-12).

      That country is BUZZING with Entrepreneurism but the leadership and education in this area is way behind! Im already getting a lot of criticism for wanting to teach “little kids” how to be Entrepreneurs. But I don’t care :)

      I think Entrepreneurs are the past, present and future of any Economy!


  • Shelley Alberga Dayman


  • Shelley Alberga Dayman

    The training video is incomplete…I still need a single alkthru on how to do this. How do I get a response? Suffering Newbie…

  • Kathy

    If you were coaching someone who is completely new to internet marketing, what would be the one thing that you would tell them to do first in order to start them on the road to success?

    • aniksingal

      Build an opt-in page.
      Start an EMAIL LIST.
      Write about 30 days of autoresponder messages.

      BOOM! Done. Thats how I did it!

      • aniksingal

        Here’s a more detailed response I gave to Ritoban above :)


        Hey Ritoban! Great question! I’d go back to the basics of what I was good at – EMAIL MARKETING. I’d start developing a new list and go back to being an affiliate marketer.

        I’d also do a lot of consulting. For me, I’ve gotten quite the talent in copywriting – so that would be an area I could instantly start making some income. I really like the book “ART OF THE START” that talks about using consulting to fund your business.

        Mostly, I’d go back to setting smaller goals and climbing back up.

        I’d also sit down and figure out what led to things going bad and correct them. For example, I’ve already done this before.

        I had to virtually start all over again about 2 years ago and I realized that I had gotten really big overhead – I cut all that by 80% and now I refuse to make the same mistake again!

        But in short – I’d go back to developing an Email list + affiliate marketing + consulting. I’d be back in business in NO TIME!

  • Winkmeister

    How does one identify the cause behind inaction? When aware of rewarding options in various parts of life, why will I not act on them to generate the revenue, advance my life, and fulfill my potential??
    Don’t think it is self-esteem, nor fear of success…
    Feel like a rocket ship clamped down to the supports, or a motorboat revving at max, yet am still tied down to the dock…

    • aniksingal

      It’s DEFINITELY something – are you sure it’s not fear of success. OR fear of failure? These things are deep rooted for us and I find that 95% of the time when working with a student, it’s the FEAR (50/50 between success and failure)…

  • Carlos Rivas

    I want to start an online business but I have not experience so what would be the best way to start it from zero or what should I do

    • aniksingal

      Hey Carlos, I just answered a similar question for Ritoban above, so I’m going to copy and paste it here. He asked me what I would do if I had to start all over (so pretty much the same answer)

      Hey Ritoban! Great question! I’d go back to the basics of what I was good at – EMAIL MARKETING. I’d start developing a new list and go back to being an affiliate marketer.

      I’d also do a lot of consulting. For me, I’ve gotten quite the talent in copywriting – so that would be an area I could instantly start making some income. I really like the book “ART OF THE START” that talks about using consulting to fund your business.

      Mostly, I’d go back to setting smaller goals and climbing back up.

      I’d also sit down and figure out what led to things going bad and correct them. For example, I’ve already done this before.

      I had to virtually start all over again about 2 years ago and I realized that I had gotten really big overhead – I cut all that by 80% and now I refuse to make the same mistake again!

      But in short – I’d go back to developing an Email list + affiliate marketing + consulting. I’d be back in business in NO TIME!

  • Doug

    Will you loan me $100,000.00? Seriously! Low interest please.

    • aniksingal

      Doug :( Sorry buddy I cannot…

      But nice try 😉

  • Johanna Kelly

    With the hundreds (if not thousands) of Law of Attraction (LOA) tools and remedies available to the consumer, where do you see most going wrong or the area(s) in which they are deficient? I personally love the New Thought approach and find that above all, I receive the quickest and most accurate answers to my dilemma’s in regards to health, wealth and perfect self-expression. Many Blessings:)

  • Novepreet

    What is one piece of advice that you could give to a woman starting out on the road of wealth.. and would it be different then what you would give to a man?

    • aniksingal

      I honestly have no idea. It’s a great question, I’ll think more about it – but I’m one more to argue that there is no difference so why would the advice be different? I know a LOT of successful women in my life and they all seem to have followed the same template I’ve been tough (as a man).

      • Michael Kaleikini

        It’s been shown in history books that years ago, there was a kingdom that had women as equals. They served as judges, consuls, royalty and had their own armies. (and were good strategists too) I believe it should be equal, and if deserved, sure, more than the next person.(gender indifferent) There’s enough to go around, so why not?

    • Rekhilesh Adiyeri

      I think women’s can make more than men, because they have unique thinking ability, possible to focus on one thing & in most cases people will attracted by womens, so you will get more traffic. :) It will convert into Money…


    Hey Annik, Just watched your 4th lesson and am wondering who you know that might be a great business builder in my new network marketing business?? It is in prelaunch phase and free to join and build a team in August. I want to build a super strong team before we launch. Help close my degrees of separation.

  • UShah Shah

    I asked a question in msg on your fb fan page…please answer that:-)

    • aniksingal

      UShah, that page is huge and I won’t be able to find it now – would you kindly just post it here? :)

      • UShah Shah

        Okay…so what I wrote was not exactly a question.

        I am doing your FOW course and first of all I would like to appreciate you for that. The Core commitment exercise is so awesome…really encouraging and eye-opening!

        Secondly, the reason for my message was that I am going to take your personal coaching (With Prosper) and certainly have opted to be a success case study for you:-) 😉

        I am a student and for me its not that easy at the moment to take this decision but since I have left no options for myself but to have a big breakthrough only…so I am gonna do it this Friday.

        I WANT YOU TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN (with previous case studies), HOW WOULD THIS BE DIFFERENT THAN WITHOUT ANY DIRECT PERSONAL COACHING…What do you think how much it makes a difference when I take this coaching???In fact encourage me by giving some examples from your students. I wanna some results from you.

        that’s all :)

        P.S. Every word you write in this reply will be very important for me.

  • Magnus Eklof

    Do you have an everlasting cure for the next-shiny-object-flu, to share with us?

    • aniksingal

      UNSUBSCRIBE FROM LISTS :) If you’re one of the ones that moves onto the next course or next hyped up thing, just unsubscribe once you’re in a course you really like! FOCUS has been key in my life!

      • rebecca


  • Betty Owen

    I am 74 and in the last 2 to 3 years have lost over half of my retirement income AND the principle. I’m not really a WalMart kinda gal, so how can I generate more passive income?

    • aniksingal

      Betty, have you looked into affiliate marketing? I think the best route to take is to start building a list – Email marketing. It’s how I started!

      • Betty Owen

        Thanks for the suggestion, Anik. I will definitely look into it!

      • Please advise

        Hi Anik- I unfortunately missed out on the inbox blueprint. How can i learn more from you aboout building a list and affiliate marketing? I stumbled across your video yesterday and have been obsessed ever since. :) I need to learn more. My husband lost his job recently and i work full time already- definitelty need to make some additional income. I practice the law of attraction and am believing that i attracted this information so i can use it to better my family’s situation.

  • Debbie Belmessieri

    In your Future of Wealth course in Lesson 1, you ask us to create mini-visions of steps to get to our big vision. I am stuck there because if I knew HOW to get to the big vision I would already be doing those things. What do you suggest if we don’t know the HOWS of getting to our vision??
    Thank you very


    • aniksingal

      Ohhh this is a good question. Debbie, you need to find SOMEONE that has already done what you want to do.

      Period. It’s the fastest way.

      Then, you need to spend some time with them – take them out to lunch, email, Facebook – learn about their story and then you can flat out ask them what they recommend the steps be.

      This will be the quickest way!

  • TJ

    What do you do to ensure that you keep up with doing all the exercises and staying motivated? How do you stay positive?

    • aniksingal

      Making SMALL tiny goals so you can feel like you have a “win” everyday in your life at least once. Even if the goal is “I’ll meditate today for 10 minutes” – it’s an easy one to do and you feel so fulfilled doing it.

      Or it can be as simple as “I’ll call and catch up with ONE friend today.” Or “I’ll try a new restaurant today”

      The process of getting even the smallest WINS can lead to the biggest different in your level of motivation (although as I teach a LOT motivation alone can never be enough to get you to succeed… it can actually be a trap that many fall into – believing that motivation is all you need…)

  • Beverly Smith

    Hi Anik,

    I want to get Desktop Lightning and it works with HostGator but I use Hostzilla. Is there anyway that Desktop Lightning will work with Hostzilla?

    • aniksingal

      Beverly, I have no idea :( I don’t even know what Desktop Lightning is. I do know what hostzilla is – it’s a great hosting company, but I’m sorry I may not be of much help here!


  • sybella

    What question would you like to asked, that you knew that by giving the answer, you could positively influence a great deal of people?

    • aniksingal

      That may be the TOUGHEST question yet!!! It’s like a riddle 😛

      It would be… something.. to the tune of:

      “Anik, what is the greatest and easiest way to calm your mind and remove FEAR and ANXIETY from your life?”

      my answer:

      “Deep breathing and meditation every night for at least 10 minutes before sleep.”

      This is the easiest way to reallllly calm your mind. We are all full of fear and most of see no success in our lives because of either the fear of failure or because of the fear of success (each just as strong).

      But I’ve found that by just breathing deep and meditating, I learn more about myself, my mind and my environment than anything else. I sleep better. My body gets more rejuvenated over night and overall I’m calmer and more composed!


  • Paul

    I would personally like to know if you have or you could recommend anyone that can help a complete New-by I M start his new business to give him the confidence to get started in Affiliate Marketing to begin making money to give them the confidence to take it on and achieve Bigger and Better things. From selecting a Money making niche market to building an affiliate page.

    Paul B

    • aniksingal

      Paul, can you clarify the question? You’re looking for a good place to start learning how to make money as an affiliate? Honestly, I’d recommend more than even a product to start your research at a good forum like WarriorForum (although going to forums has its own downside too)!

      • punam123

        Hi Anik….Thank you so much for so much vital information. Can you be my mentor and help me to achieve my dreams? please reply…I just not only want to buy the futureofwealth secrets but also want to make sure i get it everything correct and have a mentor like you. It would be so great to have you as my guru and mentor in creating my future wealth…Thanks in advance for your “Yes” :)…best regards Punam…please reply me

  • navneet kaur

    everyone has some startup or sign up cost while get into their work from business inspite of long gesty free video head on to give away every thing free as same stupid gesture so is any programme of yours making me wealthy without spending single penny …means single penny which considered to be a real real real free programme offer by you?????????if yes then i am desperately waiting for your reply

    • aniksingal

      Navneet, don’t take this message wrongly but why do you expect everything for FREE? Is that really fair to those teaching and training you? To a degree, we all offer free coaching and training (as I do on my newsletter and blog).

      But is it fair to expect that someone should give away all their strategies for free?

      I’m not sticking up for deceptive marketing – that’s wrong, yes. But, I’m not sure I agree with your thoughts here.

      Again, I say this all with respect – but felt the need to respond back…


  • Pisey

    Hi Anik, I want to set up a join venture website which directs customers to the suppliers of goods. I have a definite idea of the type of products and a few suppliers in mind. I have got a domain name for the site and a logo is already made. I seem to be stuck at this point, please help as to what to do next. I am very much a learner with this technology stuff. I’m grateful for this chance to ask for help.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Pisey,

      I’ll definitely need more information to be able to understand what I recommend you should do. Are you trying to be a BROKER? You want to sell physical goods?

      What markets? Global? Do you already have relationships with the suppliers?

      This is a BIG question!


  • Pisey

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to put my big picture. it was a mistake and I don’t know how to take it out.

  • Milena Saveva

    In one your video you say that you started with $ 100 ten years ago.
    Of course since then things have changed a lot but is it possible now to get rich when you start with $ 100?

    • aniksingal

      YEAP! It is probably MORE easy now :)

      Now remember, I WORKED MY A** off! It didn’t happen sitting around…

      I used $50 for a software (that later the guy gave back to me cuz I was so young and he liked me).

      I used $10 for a domain name.

      I used $30 for hosting.

      I put up a website and I start posting like mad at forums. I was anyways on those forums learning internet marketing. Before I knew traffic started and I was making money.

      Then I re-invested that money into buying advertising!

      KEY THING: My first 3 projects I tried were a 100% TOTAL FAILURE :( So it happens!

  • Soma

    I’m a very young girl, (younger than eighteen) and I’m having troubles in school. My ”friends” or the people who i used to call my friends are bullying me now. And i have tried everything to work it out with them, they just won’t listen.They are very shallow people, and like judging others. I only have four friends left. If i can call them that. I don’t speak to them outside of school even though i want to. And i always feel a bit left out, I’ve always had problems with being judged and watched, it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Those people just won’t leave me alone, they call me all sorts of things. And i have tried everything. Really, everything. (talking to teachers, parents, the people themselves) But nothing works with them. And i just feel bad. I feel so unwanted and lonely. I hate walking around alone in school, it makes me so ashamed. REALLY, ashamed. And,i just don’t know. The people who i hang out with are okay, we don’t know each other that well, and they seem kind of uncomfortable around me. (You know talking by themselves, and other stuff) And i feel left out. I can’t get any new friends, the school system is very different in the country i live in. You barely meet others our age aside from your own class. And clubs or anything like that don’t exist. They have started to taunt me even when I’m on my way home, since we all live in the same neighborhood. I barely even go out anymore.

    Sorry for the long post. Do you have any advice at all? Help is much appreciated!

    • aniksingal

      Soma, that sounds absolutely horrible, but I genuinely wonder what is at the bottom of this? I went through a phase like this when I was younger too for a bit (because I used to be very ill all the time). I remember the more I tried to address it, talk to them, talk to others, it was getting worse.

      What happens with BULLIES is that they don’t enjoy the torture, but more than anything enjoy your REACTION (crying, sadness or even wanting to talk about it).

      It was hard but I learned to smile through it and just ignore it. I’d even laugh along with them. I took about a year to focus on MYSELF. I was focusing on what I could to make MYSELF feel better about myself.

      In those days I wanted to get healthier (had put on a LOT of weight from medicines) so I started playing Tennis. I loved it. I would play for 6-8 hours a day around school time. Many times i’d go play alone at the courts (practicing serving).

      I started to feel good with MYSELF and was very involved in growing myself. Slowly that seeps out confidence. That very confidence is what automatically makes people shutup and also makes your reactions a lot less drastic.

      That led to an interesting chain reaction. Thanks to Tennis, I lost a lot of weight, started playing tournaments and winning…

      Before I knew it (honestly) – within 2 years I was one of the more popular boys in school. I was hanging out with the “COOL KIDS” but let me tell you – it never changed me.

      I was and have always since been very satisfied in myself and my own time. I think take some time and really sit down and think about YOU and for a few, leave others out. What does SOMA like to do…what brings YOU happiness and for some time focus on that.

      You’ll begin to automatically attract the right people into your life :)

      • Soma

        Thank you so much, all of you who took the time to answer what i wrote. And I’m going to try everything you wrote, it seriously brought me to tears. I will work on my self esteem and my ”me” time. And answering Chrysa’s question I’m starting martial arts next year, since that’s the only time i can get in. But once again, thank you for everything all of you wrote. Words can’t explain how thankful i am. Thank you.

        • chrysa

          It is a pleasure to help, I hope the best for you

        • Peter Griffiths

          Soma,the truth is you just haven’t realized how awesome you are yet.You say you are younger than 18, how much I don’t know, but I know this. You need to surround yourself with people that are at or above your level and these people are not even close, plain and simple.
          You sound a lot like I was at your age. If I could do anything different it would be to realize that I am capable of so much more than I could ever imagine and the only thing stopping me from doing that is ME. Love and peace.

    • froxy

      Hi, Soma,

      First, let me say i’m very sorry to hear about what you are going through. I’ve had my own experiences when i was a kid going to school and it can make life feel unbearable. Please remember this is a TEMPORARY condition. You will all move on and you will have other friends. Having said that, the loneliness and despair for some becomes so extreme, they even take their own lives…such a tragedy! PLEASE take immediate action to widen your support circle–even if no one seems available, try online support services for girls being bullied (try, but there are others). I don’t know what country you are in or what resources you have, but you can definitely connect online with others and get the support you need and deserve. If it’s ok with your parents, you may try homeopathic remedies for the emotions that go along with this situation–in the Bach Flower remedy line, i suggest Rescue Remedy (for stress in general) and Larch, in particular for boosting inner security and confidence. I have a counseling background and these have helped my clients a great deal.

      I also strongly recommend prayer and/or meditation in whatever style is acceptable to you as a solid spiritual connection goes a long way in securing one’s sense of self despite life’s challenges.

      Remember you are LOVE at your core and these bullies are acting out the worst characteristics of humanity. They cannot relate to your inner beauty and are stuck in their egos. Let them be and as anik suggested, focus more on what is good for YOU.

      I believe we all have angels watching over us. I know mine have saved me many times. May yours enfold you in their soft, protective wings while you strengthen yourself, my dear. Please keep us posted as to your progress!

      God bless you,

      • Srikanth

        Soma, I don’t know what I’m writing makes sense to you. But, understanding liberates us and nothing wrong in testing solutions. We attract in our daily life, which is reflection of our consciousness (inner feelings, imaginations, thoughts put together). When our consciousness is disturbed, we experience disturbed experiences and people react exactly the way it matches inside us. If our disturbed consciousness becomes clear, the outside experiences become clear and comfortable. Even if the people comment, it will not effect us because the reactionary consciousness does’nt exist anymore. Then people either move away from our life or become our friends :) We have the power to change or transform our consciousness to the highest good we can imagine. Here is what I recommend you to do: Before sleeping, when everything is quiet, close your eyes, imagine the best outcome you truly mean and want, then say statement like “I’m attracting the people who care me, appreciate the best in me and help me in becoming the best I can.” You can write your own statement which makes more sense and which you can accept without any conflict. You can slip into sleeping state while imagining this and the consciousness will start working wonders and rewires our brain and prepares us to face the real world more confidently. Repeat this every night with belief and confidence, soon you will see your circumstances changing which match your statement. Wishing You The Best…. I will be happy to know your experience, if you have tried this :)

    • chrysa

      I am very upset to hear that.I think that change neighbourhood or school is not an option maybe will be a solution temporarily.But I think that what you really need is self asteem. Have you ever tried martial arts?

  • Tony

    Bottom of the barrel. Divorced last week, broke, stroke 3 years ago not able to work, lost don’t know where to start, im even still using exs and mine email address because I cant get going, I like your style but where do I go from here credit shot I have to start from scratch please help me.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Tony,

      Im very sorry to hear that – but listen, THIS is the time to take control of your life. You need to pick ONE thing in your life that you really want to see improvement in and FOCUS in on that.

      Not everything. ONE THING.

      Then create a list of mini goals for that ONE thing and start.

      Right now what you really need in your life (as me and my friends call it are WINS – even small tiny ones, but WINS). Start with something very small because you’ll need to build up your self-esteem and confidence again.

      So, for example, make a small list of tasks and start following them. JUST the process of following through will make you feel like you’re back in the winning process!

      1. Pick something specific in your life to change.
      2. FOCUS on it
      3. Create mini-goals around that one thing
      4. Focus on getting WINS – small/big doesn’t matter!


  • Ljiljana

    Do you believe that the innovations would be chance to change the World???

    I have information about that…

    If your thinking right and you wants this, PLEASE, let me send personal message.

    Greeting everyone from beautifully Serbia – Europe

  • Akhtar

    I can manifest small successes but need to attract abundance that will make a real lasting big difference. What do I need to do ?

    • aniksingal

      Akhtar, you’re already winning the race and MAJORLY ahead of the game if you can manifest “small” things. BTW, there’s no such thing as a small thing!

      What you need to do is create a list of mini goals that all lead up to your main goal – that way your mind will feel comfortable trying to manifest those mini goals (which you’re already good at)!

      The REAL last big difference will come in pieces!

      Also – have you tried just changing your visualizations and manifestation exercises? Just don’t think of the smaller things, think of the bigger ones.

      if you can already manifest bro – it’s the same process, you just need to change the things you’re thinking of and WA LA it’ll be done!


  • David C Becker

    How can we save the world?
    LOVE brings peace and happiness

    • aniksingal

      One day at a time 😉

  • Brittany Ewing

    What advice do you have for someone who is working extremely hard on personal development, taking goal oriented action every day, visualizing what I want and believing that it will happen but is stuck in place and has been for a long time? I read personal development books, I’m on the bob proctor streaming club, I just started FOW, etc… and although I know the end result, I can mentally see it with my eyes and feel it with my hands – there is still no physical evidence in my reality. I do have a vision board and ive weitten out in detail what my life will look like when I’ve achieved my goals. Am I doing something wrong or is it just time giving me a run for my money?

    • aniksingal

      Question for you – how is the law of ACTION look in your life. I do commend the studying and visualizing but my approach to law of attraction is a bit different.

      Tell me about some of the ACTION that’s happening in your life?

      • Brittany Ewing

        I take action every day toward one of my goals. I’m working on three very different things so I usually break them down by time of day…in the morning I am working on writing a positive children’s book, during the day I focus on building my Vemma business and at night after my kids are in bed I’m working on creating an e commerce store. There are some days that I focus on one more than the others depending on which step of the project I’m on but I am working toward one or all of my goals every day, taking sunday off to spend with my family. I do feel like I’m making some progress on the book and ecom store but definitely stuck in the Vemma biz which is the one I want to be successful at the most. Every time I take a step forward it seems like I get pushed back two. I’ve checked it with my core values and its right in line. Everyone says I’m just priming the pump but I feel like I should have results by this point.

  • Luciana Aflitos

    What is your favorite movie?

    • aniksingal

      Hmmm that is a TOUGH one. But Im a BIG fan of IRON MAN. I’d have to say the first IRON MAN movie (watched it 10 times).

      I love the following also:

      Casino Royale
      Shawshak Redemption
      Top Gun

      and for a humorous watch with my best friends – I LOVE STEP BROTHERS!! HAHA

  • Pandora Morehead

    How can I stop the “Butterfly Effect” ? Every time I manifest my goals they do not last. I have to start over again and again. For Goodness sake my Name is Pandora the energy in my name alone should help (Ha Ha).

    • aniksingal

      HAHAHAHA I love the name! You know what you have some internal belief (I can tell and sense it all the way here) that gets you to believe that when you succeed you should fail.

      You gotta work on this belief first that you always fail after getting what you want because that belief is forcing you to subconsciously take steps that sabotage you when you succeed.

      Have you tried meditating? I think you need to spend time visualizing LONG success – after success after success. Visualize just like COMPLETE ease of it.. as if “wow, I cant do anything wrong!”

      That visualization for a while combined with meditation is going to destroy the devilish belief you seem to have right now!

      – Anik

  • Alana Lea

    Anik, how would you like to apply your internet marketing and sales saavy to create positive environmental and social impact? We’re restoring a rainforest through crowdfunding, and need to vastly increase our volume if we’re to achieve our Vision of stopping climate change. Want to shine some light here? Thanks in advance! Alana

    • aniksingal

      Im not sure what the question is? Are you asking me how I would market this? If so, I say TURN TO FACEBOOK. Amazing social and viral marketing. I’d create a Facebook page, create a post about this – use a GREAT image for the post and then use their newsfeed marketing to spread it like nuts.

      You’ll be shocked how viral it gets!

      Great for social causes!

      • Alana Lea

        Well that’s what we’ve done up to now but we really need to increase our numbers vastly. Have had good results sharing pictures on FB but few people have taken the action required to acutally sponsor trees, and I can’t be pitching ALL the time! I’m looking for partners who see the potential to create great benefits for the planet and help us get the message even farther through their networks. Want to plant with us?

        • aniksingal


          I’d love to but I’m already heavily involved in my own non profit activity and barely have enough time in the days to make it all happen :)

          I’m working on raising funds to build schools around the world for under privileged children – that’s my passion.

          But, listen, you’re doing the right thing – keep going. Remember social media – it only takes ONE person to take the right action and it will create a fire for your organization (in a good way).

          Keep at it!

  • greenhouseme

    Have you heard of Kangen Water and have you tried it for your health?

    • aniksingal

      I have not! What is this and dos it help with CROHNS DISEASE?

      • greenhouseme

        Yes, it will help with Crohns Disease.

        Kangen alkali ionic water has a positive effect on the following ailments: diabetes, bronchial asthma, hypersensitive dermatitis, hepatitis, chronic rheumatic arthritis, high blood fat, Meniere’s syndrome, insomnia, obesity, pains in loins, neuralgia, climacteric disease, Hong Kong foot, hemorrhoids, chronic dysentery, constipation, periodontosis.

        The alkali ionic water not only can prevent ailments, but also can cure some ailments . The ministry for public health in Japan has confirmed that the Kangen alkali drinking ionic water has a curative effect on indigestion, hyper chlorhydria, chromic diarrhea, stomach and intestine disease, constipation, etc.

        Here are two video’s for you to check out. One is about Kangen Water and the other is a person that has Crohns Disease and how it helped him

      • greenhouseme

        Yes, it will help with Crohns Disease.

        Kangen alkali ionic water has a positive effect on a lot of diseases such as the following ailments: diabetes, bronchial asthma, hypersensitive dermatitis, hepatitis, chronic rheumatic arthritis, high blood fat, Meniere’s
        syndrome, insomnia, obesity, pains in loins, neuralgia, climacteric disease, Hong Kong foot, hemorrhoids, chronic dysentery, constipation, periodontosis.

        The alkali ionic water not only can prevent ailments, but also can cure some ailments . The ministry for public health in Japan has confirmed that the Kangen alkali drinking ionic water has a curative effect on indigestion, hyper chlorhydria, chromic diarrhea, stomach and
        intestine disease, constipation, etc.

        Here are two video’s for you to check out. One is about Kangen Water… and the other is a person that has Crohns Disease and how it helped him….

        Let me know if this information helps you. To get a water system you will have to go thru a distributor. Just let me know when your ready. With all your health issues I’m sure you would really benefit from this water.

  • Kelly McDonough

    I sold a property in 2009 and made a profit of $107,000. I was self-employed at the time and decided to go on a holiday for 3 months to find a new place to live and a property to invest in. Time went by and I held onto the money for years. It’s 2013 and I have $27,000 left. I didn’t reinvest and now I don’t have any assets to speak of. I am kicking myself for not reinvesting the money or at least travelling overseas. I regret what I did and now I am back to the start at 45. I let fear stop me from moving forward and using the money wisely and now I regret it. I could really use your advice.

    • aniksingal

      Kelly, guess what – BEEN THERE DONE THAT – but in the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. I’ll say the weirdest thing to you that you’ll go (O_O) when you hear… ready?


      You just learned the best lesson of your life and it only cost you $100,000!! Imagine you had learned this and it costed you $10M.

      See youve done done it now and made the mistake and now you can put it behind you! Listen, you’ve already proven you know how to invest and make money. Better yet, you’ve proven you know how to make money. THAT is what is most important.

      I think you gotta get back on that horse.

      So tell me more and I can help more…what exactly are you scared of? What’s the fear?


      • Kelly McDonough

        I’m scared that I will not be able to generate that kind of profit again because I am working part time and don’t have enough money in my account to get a loan for a house. I am not ready to buy one yet anyway, but when I am ready,,,? My biggest fear is losing what I have left and never being financial enough again.

  • Jean

    Anik, how do you ease the mind of someone who wants to create wealth but has been burned by scams. MLM… spend a lot of money to make money?

    • aniksingal

      Sorry Jean – I dont really :(

      But all the best!

  • jiri

    Hi Anik thanks for the opportunity to ask you a question here it is sometimes I feel like I push it so hard on the self development maybe is the fear of being regular I dont know but it looks like I get in the trap of doing so much things at once what is your advice or some time management? Thanks a lot

    • aniksingal

      Im very simple when it comes to time management – IM SO OLD SCHOOL. But I love it. It’s the only thing that works for me. I’ve tried all the latest and greatest technologies and doo-daads…

      I take out a notepad everyday and make a BIG list of stuff I have to get done. I do it. I cross it off for the satisfaction.

      Having a list forces me to not get sidetracked because I HATE the feeling of going to bed without crossing off the entire list or big portion of it…

      It also helps my mind calm down cuz I never have to stress about remembering stuff. I know its on a list!

      Try this – I know it sounds simple. But seriously TRY IT! You’ll see :)

      – Anik

  • Sahar

    How long did it take you to go from $100 to where you are now and who was your mentor?

    • aniksingal

      From $100 to $300,000 took me 2 years. From $300,000 to $1M took me another year. From $1M to $3M another 1 year. From $3M to $10M another 2 years.

      I’ve had MULTIPLE mentors in my life. I believe that you need a different mentor for different things and at different stages in your life.

      I love them all and they’ve all been superb to me. If you ask me for a specific stage of my life, I can tell you who my mentor was! :)


  • Pretty Eyes

    How can you make a membership website with awesome content/video… and have your members access it on the site only… without being able to copy or store the lessons elsewhere?

    • aniksingal

      Ohh man Pretty Eyes, that’s a LOADED question! It all depends.

      What are you going to use to PAYMENT process. You know wordpress has a LOT of “membership site” plugins. We use one called “WishList” and love it!

      – Anik

  • vojo

    How does one take a “good idea” and turn it into reality when the idea is on a grand scale, requires a large investment, and the need for others more knowledgeable with the subject matter?

    • aniksingal

      OHHH man this is a PERFECT thing for PEG method? I can’t wait to release my free report on the site here – that will show you PRECISELY what to do!

      Have you taken your bigger goal and chunked it down into smaller goals? NOTHING is unachievable!!!

      And even goals with big investment needed have a START where the investment is NOT needed. You can start creating it and planning it and putting the pieces together!

      You need mini goals that lead up to the main goal!

  • Bridgette

    Anik, How do you know if the next step to take is the truth, inspired action or right one and just ego talking?

    • aniksingal

      If when you think of that step, you get a smile, your heart races (in excitement) and you find yourself racing out of bed in the morning… if all that is happening, it’s the right step!

  • Christene Loweth

    Hi Anik
    Enjoying your course, love it, need $20,000,000 for my vision bank, this includes my retirement funds. Might change that later on when I begin accomplishing the goals I have on my vision board.
    If ever you are in New Zealand would love to meet up.
    One step at a time.
    Cheers, will be watching the videos later today and listening to the mp3 sound track.

    • aniksingal

      Thank you Christene!! You just brought a smile to my face talking about your Vision Bank – that’s awesome! Now go make it happen!

  • Cody

    Anik, thank you for being transparent enough to answer all of our questions! I have a ton of questions but ill limit it to this one. What puts your program ahead of the rest, and how does it address self belief? (I guess thats 2 questions) Ever since the first time I read the secret I was hooked on the law of attraction. I cant get enough of it and have spent thousands on books, videos and programs with very scattered results. I think my main problem is believing that I can actually achieve my goals. Every program relies on me believing that I can get whatever I want. Unfortunately, I havent had great results so the belief in myself and in the programs have diminished greatly. They all claim that they know why the LOA doesnt work, but if i cant believe that i can do whatever it is, it wont ever happen. I visualize, say affirmations, have a dream board, listen to audios while i sleep, set goals, work backwards from them and work 70 hrs a week trying to achieve them but it just feels like im working against myself and my self doubt wins.

    • aniksingal

      Cody! I have the PERFECT thing for you – it’s called the PEG METHOD. It’s a little creation of mine – I’ll be releasing a free report on it soon right here at the blog – but this may be your answer!

      It’s the BEST for self-belief because by the time you’re done with the exercise, you have an entire recipe for each goal of yours.

      That means you can spend the 70 hours specifically working on EXACTLY what you should be doing right NOW! We end up wasting our time doing the wrong things all the time, that’s what the Peg Method has really helped me with…

      I teach peg method in Future of Wealth, I’ll have a free report on it soon, I’m writing a book on it too :)

      More on that to come soon!

  • Akhmad

    Hey Anik! I turned 19 and entered university. Now I feel that my time is kinda limitted, because I’ve to study. What will be more effective, give priority to studying or while studying try something that is outside of universiy in order to get wealthy? You had your business while studying at university, how were you managing it?

    • aniksingal

      Ohhh school is always important and I’m very proud that I graduated with such great marks! However, towards the last year, I won’t lie – I was distracted. My business was doing great and so I focused on it more than anything… but by then I knew for sure Im graduating and there was no risk!

      I was VERY busy in college and it was hard to manage, BUT, I gave up my social life the last 18 months of college. I don’t know if it was right, but I love what I do and did – so it never bothered me.

      On Saturday night when people were out drinking…I was the one sitting in my dorm learning how to do copywriting :)

      What I would do is make a list everyday of tasks and things to do. I would always do the school tasks FIRST. Then the minute I finished EVERYTHING on my studying related tasks list – I’d run to work on my business.

      You’d be surprised, an online business only really needs an hour or two a day!


  • Juan-Pierre Leach

    Hey Bud, thank you for taking such an approach. I see you have many questions to get through, haha. Good man! I don’t know that much about you but the bits I do Know you seem genuine and a true reflection of somebody that has gone through hardship and has come out smiling at the other end and I respect that! I am a FOW student atm, its great so far!

    I am saving up to do the Bob Proctor 13 month coaching program, apparently you are good friends with Bobs son, so you will be very familiar with Bob. I think the question on many peoples minds is: Which one? Who do I follow? Who is genuine and who is just out there to make a quick buck? There are so many people/organizations that claim to now how to “show you the way to success” Am I right? It saddens me when I see and hear of people that are down and out that give themselves to these “packages” etc yet never truly find that success/wealth they are seeking and promised. What is your opinion and advice on this important topic? Thank you Anik.

    • aniksingal

      Sigh… so true… so true… listen, what i’ve found in this area is RESEARCH.

      See – you said the little you know about me makes you think I’m genuine – that’s good! But you can spend a lot more time just seeing my stuff online, youtube me, google me and you’ll learn a LOT more about me (the good AND the bad).

      I’ve been online for 11 years, it’s hard to hide anything now.

      The same goes with anyone you’re thinking of following… just do your research and start small. Don’t go in and buy $10,000 packages from day one!

      And yes, I’m very good friends with Brian Proctor and looking forward to meeting his dad one day soon – big fan. OBVIOUSLY you canNOT go wrong following Mr. Proctor 😉

      Another great way to find good people to follow is to see WHO people you trust promote (like watching who I write about, etc..)

      Being on the inside guys like me have INSIDE knowledge. I’d never promote someone who I didn’t trust…know what I mean?

  • Surabhi s.manooj

    Hi Anik,

    How are you?. I am from India. I want to earn lots of money. But i am not specialized in any field..I am just not able to recognize n which i am good at. I want to do things differently and earn money. I am working in a travel agency and i love traveling..I read many books. I have a vision board,i always visualize what i want and believe as though i have already achieved it and i practice gratitude. I have set a goal ie., by the end of this December ill earn 1 crore Rs. But How?i am just thinking, thinking and thinking how will i do it..

    How will i know in which i am good at and go ahead with it? please reply..thank you

    • aniksingal

      Hey Surabhi, I’m good :) Where in India are you from?! I frequent Mumbai alot… Anyways, so your question is hard to answer – it’s like saying “what car should I drive??

      There’s no right answer for everyone.

      See, you have to study and figure out WHAT you want to try. When I started online 10 years ago, I did so many different things. I found in those days that it was MORE valuable to me to know what I DON’T like doing than it was to know what I DO like doing…

      – I was a waiter (hated it)
      – I worked at a retail store (selling – hated it)
      – I became a financial planner – even got certified (did very well, learned a lot, but it was too hard work and eventually I didn’t like it).
      – I started a “how to study” business (failed – learned a great lesson)
      – I started doing COPYWRITING (learned a LOT and loved it – still do it for clients today, but I charge 100 times what I used to)!
      – I became an affiliate marketer (fell in love)
      – I started selling products online (match made in heaven)

      So as you see… sitting and just thinking and thinking can be a part of the PROBLEM! You gotta start doing! Even if you fail or hate what you do – SO WHAT. You learned and you move on!

      Thats what I did at least!

      • Surabhi s.manooj

        I am from Bangalore.:)).. thank you thank you thank you soooo much Anik..You are doing great job.. :))))))..

        • aniksingal

          You’re most welcome buddy! I finally had the pleasure of seeing Bangalore recently :) AMAZING weather!

  • Christene Loweth

    Last year I put a frame up saying “I demand $250,000” , it was at the beginning of this year I realised that I had that equity in my home, so I change the sum to say “$1,000,000 so with your help I shall make the $20,000,000 haha, as you said in your video, dont be scared reach for the sky, then follow through

    • aniksingal

      HECK YYES!!!!! Never be scared to read for the sky!


  • Chad Sutherland

    I listen to the audio from lesson one at night when i go to bed. i can hear my neighbors upstairs arguing in another language. Will this conflict with what the audio is doing for my subconscience?

    • aniksingal

      Chad, hmmm thats a tricky one. i’d say NO if you were not conscious of it, but since you’re hearing it and seem to be paying attention…I would say YES it may (a bit) – but not much. Can you get some noise canceling headphones? THESE ARE BRILLIANT… they really work.

      I got one from Bose and Im addicted to them!

  • krita

    Mr Anick, are you sure that FoW’s methode works for any one in any country in the world?

    • aniksingal

      100% Sure. Sign my name in blood to it!


  • Colin

    Hi my name is Colin my goal, passion is to have my music use in movies, tv shows.
    Anik i can see this happening and i believe it will happen but i just can same to fine the way just to get over the line.
    I can see myself doing this and i love playing and writing music.
    Anik can you give me some ideas just to get over this line.

    • aniksingal

      Colin, i’m not 100% following – what do you mean “line” – what line have you hit? Is it mental? Physical? What’s blocking you specifically?

      • Colin

        Hi Anik.
        I think that line is fear Anik.
        You know the what IF’s.
        I same to get to a point everything is going good then you get the bad days when something stupid gets into your why is this taking so long to happen man i can feel it i can see it i can even smell it LOL.
        Anik thanks for you help.
        Have a great one.

  • Teresita Hosaka

    Sorry but i found that the one i ordered can`t help me.

  • Hani54

    Hi Anik, In your FoW course you suggest getting rid of a goal if it clashes with your core values. What if your ultimate goal is to earn and attract £8M, yet it clashes with your Freedom core value? Rather than getting rid of your £8M goal would it be an idea to align your Freedom core value with your ultimate goal? And how would you do that?

    How would you also tackle the issue of money being 100% emotional yet your money and emotions (negative) collide?

    • aniksingal

      Well I would say a CORE VALUE that is “getting $8M” is a problem in and of itself. I have NEVER met a person till this day after coaching hundreds who truly have a core that just wants money. You have to know WHY you want that money, what are the things that money gets you?

      THOSE lead to the CORE – not the money itself.

      For example, my VISION BANK I did comes to like $100M – but that’s not my CORE. My CORES are very different…

      Now, there WERE some projects I was doing that were making me money but I found them to go against my CORE – so I got rid of them. BUT then I started doing business things more aligned with my CORE and my income TRIPLED!!!


      See you can make $8M doing ANYTHING – any business…you dont HAVE to lose your freedom to make it (that’s a common misconception). I now live an awesome travel full happy life – full freedom and I make THREE times what I was 3 years ago!


      • Hani54

        Hi Anik,

        My ultimate goal, meaning my Vision Bank is £8M, and that conflicted with my Freedom Core Value. I guess I wasn’t clear in my question.

        I know WHY I want the money, and what things will this money get me. So that’s not the issue. I seem to sense that my Freedom Core Value is in direct conflict with my Vision Bank goal of earning £8M.

        I want the Vision Bank £8M and I don’t want to get rid of it, But since it clashes with my Freedom Core Value, to want to achieve my £8M I would need to somehow align my Freedom with my £8M. Correct? If so, how?


        • aniksingal

          Hey Hani, yes definitely need some re-alignment, but I think its because you’re looking at $8M wrongly. See, I ASSUME you feel that for you to make the $8M your freedom will go away because of how hard you have to work…

          This is true and not true too. YES definitely you’ll have to work hard, but maybe only for a period of time!

          You can build a business that fits the lifestyle you want. When I started I ended up building a business that RIPPED my freedom away from me. Well, two years, ago, I RIPPED it back.

          I made major changes and got my freedom back!

          Then a few months ago I noticed things were slipping again so I just put my foot down and re-aligned.

          My business is booming again and I have complete freedom! But, yes, I do work hard – but I get to travel, I get to buy nice toys, I get to give back and I also get to put money towards my vision bank…

          It’s all in harmony!

          You just need to find a way to restrcuture whatever plans you have to make your money – it seems yours might be too intense and not fitting your CORE…


  • Shumaila Mehmood

    hi anik , i like someone very much,i want to marry him. i want him to propose to me.

    • aniksingal

      :) Thats great! But whats the question? Are you dating him or not? Haha never been good at these kinds of questions!

  • Rekhilesh Adiyeri

    Hai anik bhai, I’m from kerala (india) would like to get into weight loss industry by starting a blog that helps people to reduce there weightwith & make my bank account FAT :) yes, would like to earn passive $10k per month.I have purchased your imtarget, insider club etc & would like to change my mind to focus on 1 blog & stoping providing seo services for others.Would like put my seo knowledge & thousand dollars worth s/w for this purpose.i want your suggestions.

    I hope you will include details about professional video creation methods (Videscribe or animoto which will work better, i have pro access), infographic creation for massive traffic in your next webinar.

    My last request is can i get your personal email id bhai…?

    • aniksingal

      Hey! Well that was a very sweet post and I appreciate it! I unfortunately don’t give away my personal email ID (Im sure you understand why).

      Now, a BOOK I really think you should read since you said you want to STOP consulting is (The Art of the Start) – I’d say DONT stop consulting yet.

      This book explains why.

      RE: videos… unfortunately I create my own with my internal team and have never ever used those services – HOWEVER, I hear a LOT more about animoto in the marketing circle than any else.

      I’d try that first!

      • Rekhilesh Adiyeri

        Purchased & going to read “The Art of Start”,
        yes, I know you could not reveal email id publicly. I will also do the same. :) But can you give me any solution for connecting with you in personal, can you add me on your personal fb account.I would like to talk with you.May be help full for your next IM launch! 😛

        • Wendy smith

          The art of start is amazing! Read it and reread it. There are also YouTube videos of the author. He is a funny speaker and I often listen when I am on long drives! Glad you got the book.

  • chrysa

    I adore Internet marketing but I simply don’t Know from where to start the one day I am enthousiastic the other I am down.
    Anyway I believe in my fun life it’s really amazing but It’s a bit difficult for me to talk to people about it. If you want you can spread the idea with the people you know they are interested. If they become members,they will be in my first and second line and that will be good for them.This is my link and to share with you make me more self assured because I think that confidance is the puzzle is missing for me to start. Thank you for listening it’s a relief

  • Mark Croshier III

    Hey Anik, What puts yours above the rest? Buy/return some work some some do not work at all—now buy Joe’s? Really need to narrow down the field and have something work for good–tell all our friends about it and help the world be a better place. There is everyone coming out of the woodwork with this and that all “just the one thing you need to break loose” financially and more–so please let me know and we can work it from there.
    Best, Mark

    • aniksingal

      Mark, great question! It really depends on what you’re looking for. There are TONS of courses that are great, but you have to see who resonates with you the best.

      FutureofWealth is guided towards teaching you how to put the right recipe in place for a LIFETIME of wealth generation. It’s a slow and steady course. It’s mostly to help make law of attraction LOGICAL. It helps you come up with a plan of action.

      Joe’s is more about figuring out what is BLOCKING you from success.

      They serve different purposes (most courses) and so you have to figure out what you really want in your life at your current time and need!


      • edward pragides

        Hello Anik, You are one of the Amazing forthcoming Leaders that I admire. Appreciate you sharing some of your success and experiences with us. Like rest, I’m interested in purchasing your Inbox Blueprint just got side track at work and missed the deadline. I like your eBook. BTW, what formatting software did you use to create it? Do you or are you planning on creating a traditional book like Brendon Burchard?Maybe you do, I am just not aware of it. You both are the best model for new Top Leaders in this 2014 and the Future. Talk to you soon. Chao! and Thank you. We are bless to have you guys on this planet.

  • Christene Loweth

    What would be the most productive way you have learnt that brings in a passive income, so you can enjoy the life you are choosing to live.

    • aniksingal

      EMAIL MARKETING :) Love it. I can do it from anywhere in the world. It only takes me 30 minutes to an hour a day MAX. That includes my writing a newsletter, doing some marketing, all of it.

      I’ve seen many MANY affiliates start earning $10,000 a month or more just from being Email marketers.

      Especially those who have a budget of $2,000 to $3,000 to start – because they buy some good solo ads to get their start of subscribers. Usually they can buy their way up to 1,000 list and start monetizing from there!


  • David Estabrook

    what is the best to start with ive bought, profit instruments im target, marketing with anik empower network, Freedom Fighter club which is the best to start with.

    • aniksingal

      David, read above what I wrote for Ritoban… I’m trying to simplify the “how to start” almost every single day. Right now, I’m finding that the easiest way to start really is below…

      We’re going to be creating a very simple course on this soon. In the mean time of the products you mentioned above – I’m seeing ALOT of our students see more and more success inside the Freedom Fighter Club (which is the same thing as Empower Network – just our team name. But also look at what I wrote for Ritoban:

      Hey Ritoban! Great question! I’d go back to the basics of what I was good at – EMAIL MARKETING. I’d start developing a new list and go back to being an affiliate marketer.

      I’d also do a lot of consulting. For me, I’ve gotten quite the talent in copywriting – so that would be an area I could instantly start making some income. I really like the book “ART OF THE START” that talks about using consulting to fund your business.

      Mostly, I’d go back to setting smaller goals and climbing back up.

      I’d also sit down and figure out what led to things going bad and correct them. For example, I’ve already done this before.

      I had to virtually start all over again about 2 years ago and I realized that I had gotten really big overhead – I cut all that by 80% and now I refuse to make the same mistake again!

      But in short – I’d go back to developing an Email list + affiliate marketing + consulting. I’d be back in business in NO TIME!

  • Isley Goulart

    Hi Anik, my post is more like a compliment than a question, really. I bought your program about a week ago and I am taking serious advantage from what I’ve learned so far. I am in a situation where I made THE decision of my life! But to accomplish that I need to get things resolved step by step and you took a lot of the anxiety away from me by teaching the mini goals, peg method, people assets and Law of Action! Things are happening and people I never though before are just offering help. Its amazing! I know I will reach each of my goals, I’m confident and I’m taking action. Thank you so much! I hope I can meet you someday! Regards, Isley.

    • aniksingal

      Wow Isley that is GREAT!!! Thank you for sharing, you just put a BIG smile on my face!

  • Ritoban C

    Hi Anik,

    Thank you for doing this. I have a question:
    What would you do if you had to start ALL over again?

    • aniksingal

      Hey Ritoban! Great question! I’d go back to the basics of what I was good at – EMAIL MARKETING. I’d start developing a new list and go back to being an affiliate marketer.

      I’d also do a lot of consulting. For me, I’ve gotten quite the talent in copywriting – so that would be an area I could instantly start making some income. I really like the book “ART OF THE START” that talks about using consulting to fund your business.

      Mostly, I’d go back to setting smaller goals and climbing back up.

      I’d also sit down and figure out what led to things going bad and correct them. For example, I’ve already done this before.

      I had to virtually start all over again about 2 years ago and I realized that I had gotten really big overhead – I cut all that by 80% and now I refuse to make the same mistake again!

      But in short – I’d go back to developing an Email list + affiliate marketing + consulting. I’d be back in business in NO TIME!

      • Isley Goulart

        Anik, is the book you mentioned by Guy Kawasaki?

  • Pisey

    It is going to be a gift solution website where people can visit and find inspirations for finding gifts for people in their lives. The website will show and suggests gifts for different occasions and through a link or links the customers can order the gifts from the suppliers. I guess you can say that i’m just a broker. What do you think of the idea?

  • Pisey

    Thank you for taking the time to help with this.

  • sree

    HAI ANIK,iam preparing for my pg entrance exam for two years..its very hard to get it.iam totaly depressed as i failed two times.even iam trying to prepare my best i dont know what happens,nothing will work out..once in an year only the exam is,as i already lost my two years i dont know what to do…its very much essential for me to get this pg.and there is only 18 days remaining for my exam..iam tensed in every level…please help me to get out of it and to do my best..please……….

  • Karan


    I sent a very important email to your leadfighter gmail account. I hope you see this as I need some advice asap….


  • Lyn

    Hi Anik, have you used your amazingly positive mind power to zap Crohns out of your system – no more consulting tables for you? Am sure you have but if not we’re happy to help!

  • David Ernesto Panamá

    Anik good night.
    Finally I believe you program i giving me the confidence to focus and believe I am the right track. I am at 59% of the program and still very enthusiast. I need a favour: I lost all you mails and most of them were not even open can I have themes again? I am 62 and I want to be soon a bestseller. Thanks.

  • Michael Kaleikini

    Struggling to find the right fit for me to work on one solid project. Been ADD quite a bit. I nibble til something hits then I sink my teeth in. Then, SQUIRREL! How can i get out of that mode? It’s keeping me from succeeding one thing. (and I have four projects that can all succeed, worth 100s of thousands to Millions) I think my own mind may be holding me back from successfully planning and executing. ( I can plan, i can execute, get blocks when I try to do both) What can I do?

  • Zephyr Jesse Huang

    My family take me as a child while I’m 23 now.
    I got lots of dreams but I’m in a lock-in situation.
    Is there any way out?
    Also, I’d like to join IM and I had bought a course before but I don’t finish that (2 or 3 yrs ago).
    For the MOST, I wonder how to start up. ( And the IM time line. )

    My enthusiasm is still burning.
    Hear from you soon :-).

  • Novepreet

    Hi Anik, What is your specific passion and how did you come to discovering it? and how can someone go about finding their own passion? Many Thanks!! Also, I would like to say THANK YOU for taking out ur time and answering these questions!!!!

  • Gary Nitz

    On the SEO training this week, Keywordelite was mentioned. I see you provided testimonial. Are you still promoting their product and if so how do I purchase from you?

  • Airan

    Hey Anik, my question is: how do you become a people person? What are some principles/tricks that you follow? Anything you would consider as particularly important in doing well around people? This currently puzzles me.

  • disqus_9sZ0QHRJob

    hey anik thank you for everything you have done with ur site and with helping people, my question is how do I become more of a believer in the law of attraction? I heard you saying that you attracted everything you wanted because you believed so much I want to be like you and have my dreams come true. please help

  • Dsambr

    I have had alot of changes in the past few months. Some good (I met the man of my dreams and have started on a career path that will allow for financial freedom. However, I feel worn out now, and have just lost a really important person in my life. How do you keep up with it all?

  • Sharon Folkner

    Anik, when doing Internet Marketing for Affiliate Products i it is always a good idea to cloak your links. My question is when trying to build backlinks is it better to point backlinks to my site url or my cloaked url? I use IM Target and love it, but want to make sure I am maximizing it’s potential.

  • Karen Thompson

    How do I add banners to my blog?

  • Monica Smith

    Hi I watch all your videos and read all the materials you send. I must say I love them and try to put the ones that pertain to me in practice. My greatest challenge that is keeping me from achieving my goals is money. I really want to be a top eBay seller. I know exactly how much money I want to earn daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Can you tell me who I might contact to help me get my business started. I know two top eBay sellers but they are not willing to coach me even if I pay them. I don’t want to purchase some course and pay lots of money for some coach that is not going to teach me the real tricks of the trade. I have been there and done that a few times and ended up with several thousand dollars out of my pocket and nothing in my bank account. Can you help me get in contact with a real person that will really teach me how to become a top eBay seller?

  • shena mchenry

    I’m a woman and no easier than a man to get traffic to convert into money. I’ve been trying to refer people to my url’s to convert traffic to money but when people don’t want to see your site than mostly likely their not going to buy any products or services you offer them. I am wondering..what am I doing wrong? What makes people go to your site?

  • ??????? ???????????

    Hi Anik, I do not speak English, and I apologize in advance for any errors :). Few months I could not find a job on the Internet, what I like. Came to me through Bob Proctor mailing your PDF book and this is what I was looking for, but I can not understand your video training and did not understand that for clicks and which clicks should be done as it relates to goods which are sold.Please help me.

  • Lynda Mistry

    Hi Anik, I have just purchased the ‘inbox blueprint ‘ and received the receipt but no link for the download, please let me know how to access as I am eager to start!

  • pj

    hi anik, good day!ive been trying to make money in list building for about a year and a half now.i got some income. but it’s just enough to pay my montly bill (Autoresponders,hosting etc.)..Just want to ask some advice on how to set-up correctly and make passive income from it.Thanks..more power.

  • Jan Dudok

    Oh you took picture for me.. I didnt travel my whole 20 years I’m stuck, I didnt manage to buy membership to inbox blueprint. and you boast of your millions. can you borow me 5.000? I’l return in may. can you ?

  • Brett Phillips

    When will you open up more spots in Inbox Blueprint so that I can take advantage of your amazing knowledge?

  • Kathy Grandt

    When you priced your program, did you give any thought to those of us that simply cannot afford $97? Not trying to be rude, but there are people out there that don’t have that kind of money to put out for programs. I’ve heard it all…”borrow it”, “sell some of your belongings because if you want it bad enough, you will go to any lengths to get it” etc. I have watched all your videos, read all your emails and truly WANT your program, however, I am disabled, retired with no pension and have no money coming in. So, how does someone like me, get access to your program? It’s a GREAT program and I see loads of potential with it, I just cannot afford it, so how do I get it?

  • wested333

    ANIK, I am new to the computer word, but I was sold after I watched your video of the 5 people you brought into the room for the day and they made a good amount of money for 24 hours! My question is why would you not publish that whole day, the entire class, I would have learned more in a real life situation then the class i am taken to learn to do this? Just sayn.

  • Joshua Harris

    I love your spirit and enthusiasm Anik. I haven’t purchased your product yet, but you did inspire me. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can on my own for right now. When I first had the opportunity to purchase the inbox blueprint I was hesitant. The Next time I tried it wasnt available. Recently my hours at work have been cut so I haven’t had the money. I just wanted to thank you for motivating me. Any who, take care.

  • Carol

    There has developed a problem with cattle ranchers and the volume of wild horses where I live. There is going to be a round-up in May of the wild horses and I want to adopt the 9 wild horses I have tried to take care of this winter. This is their home now, but I don’t have the funds for such a permanent undertaking. Not only do I want to share their story, since they can’t speak for themselves, but I need to know how to best use their story and the internet to help me fund building a fence around my acreage and a shelter for these beautiful creatures that were kicked out of their home a couple of years ago?

  • Sandra N Peoples

    What is the right way to approach internet marketing successfully?

    • aniksingal

      Sandra, you have to first choose the right OVERALL APPROACH. There are so many out there… For example:

      1. Affiliate Marketing
      – Email Affiliate
      – PPC Affiliate
      – CPA Affiliate
      2. Make Digital Product
      3. Amazon/Ebay
      4. Sell Phyiscal Products Online
      5. Buy Private Label Rights
      6. Join a MLM or so…

      I can literally go on and on… even within each model there are many options. The first thing you need to figure out is how much you want to make, how much time you have to invest and WHICH strategy sounds the most FUN to you.

      Then, you have to choose your niche. You can also choose the niche FIRST – sometimes that helps pick the approach too.

      Personally, for me, I’ve always LOVED Email Marketing so I tend to choose “Email Affiliate” as the right first way to start…


      • Sandra N Peoples

        Thank you Anik. I love email marketing as well, but my open rates are not the best and I didn’t think I was using spammy subject lines. But, for some reason, people join the list, yet only a few actually open the emails and maybe 1 or 2 will click anything. I am an author and consultant, so I talk about books and marketing and things like that. Maybe my list thinks I’m boring…
        Or, maybe I have chosen the wrong niche. I have always been confused when it comes to picking a niche that I would enjoy. All I know is self-publishing, and that field is SOO overcrowded these days that it seems as if it is getting harder and harder for me to compete anymore.

  • Roger Bell

    Anik, My biggest problem is getting traffic, so my question is: How do I get quality traffic to my site that will not cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars?

    • aniksingal

      Roger, well what NICHE are you in?

      Also what is the landing page you are using? All these make a big difference as to what kind of traffic strategy to use right off the bat.

      PERSONALLY – to get your first … let’s say 200-300 visitors a day. You can easily use things like:

      1. Forum Marketing
      2. Solo Ads
      3. Facebook Ads (if done right, these are not expensive)
      4. Blog marketing (this can be a hit or a miss)…

      What niche are you in?


      • Roger Bell

        Anik, Thanks for responding. I’m in two programs but I may drop one when I find out which one is better. The two I’m in is DS Domination and Empower Network. I’ve tried selling on eBay and Amazon using DS Domination with some success but I’m not making much money. So much competition.  I’m thinking of just promoting DS Domination as an affiliate instead of selling on eBay and Amazon.
        With EN I really have not gotten started with it yet other
        than signing up. They are suppose to have some great traffic methods but in order to get them I think you have to be at the $1,500 level or above and I’ve been burnt so many times trying to make money online I’m scared of investing this kind of money. They do have a blog  system which is something you mentioned  in your email to me.
        So any help or advise you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.  Are you a member of either of these programs?

  • Mark Shihadeh

    Hey Anik, is a 40% opt-in rate for Facebook ads realistic to achieve? I haven’t been able to even achieve 30% and I’ve tweaked my background, headline, copy with video, short from copy, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

    • aniksingal

      Mark, I really have to see your page first to give you feedback on that? But, on FB, yes 30-40% is VERY doable. MAYBE (just maybe) the problem is not your page but the TARGETING. Maybe you’re driving too many untargeted people to the site?


  • Peter

    Seriously….what makes you really different from everyone else’s shtick on the internet. How can you prove it?

    • aniksingal

      Hey Peter :) Well, that depends… I personally like to teach a lot of Email marketing and also get a lot into MINDSET training. But there are lots of amazing trainers and systems online – many of which “I” personally study as well.

      As for proof – I just have my results and the results of my students – many of whom are doing amazing.

    • Peter

      Appreciate your response!

  • Derrick Mangram

    Hey anik, i’m glad you enjoyed your vacation. Quick ouestion, are affiliate marketers still making a lot of money or its the thing of the past. Thx

    • aniksingal

      Derrick Derrick Derrick!!! Of course they are making MORE today than ever before!! That stands true for ME too – especially as an EMAIL marketer, man I’m cleaning up today compared to 10 years ago.

      It’s actually growing bigger and bigger!! Jump in bro!!

      • Derrick Mangram

        Hey Anik , i’m looking for a life that can create financial freedom. I’m in between jobs, i’m in my early fifties, looking to retire soon from this rat race. There’s has to be a better and easier way to have life in abundance. Feels like i’m at a DEAD END!!. How can i get where you are? THX.

  • Josh

    Hi Anik, I’ve been following you for some time now and you’ve inspired me as you’ve shown me how you can make millions online even in the own comfort of your home from your blog and your video about your 5 students. Anyway, I’m 17 years old and I am on the path to becoming a millionaire. I’ve read plenty of books, listened to seminars and even watched some documentaries but I’ve never really asked a millionaire directly for help or questions. So my question is what would you advice for a young person like me, 17 years old, to learn & do to become a million online from marketing and what habits should I try attain or lose? Also, if I am to go to university/college, does my degree really matter? I hope you see this and reply, thanks!

    • aniksingal

      Wow.. Josh, I just had a BLAST FROM THE PAST reading this question. You just reminded me of when I was 19 and I sent almost an IDENTICAL question to MARK CUBAN’s Email addresss. And he REPLIED TO ME!!! At that time I hated his answer, but today, I get it and think it was a brilliant answer. So I’ll give you the same answer!

      “Focus kid. Focus. Focus on only ONE project and go at it NON STOP … beat at it all day and all night and just be relentless. But do ONE thing at a time ONLY.”

      So, right now – pick ONE strategy and Josh…put in EVERY WAKING MOMENT you can. Be serious. When I was in college, I gave up partying, I gave up video games, I gave up debauchary. I did it in balance but my DREAMS came first. I worked my ass off bro – that’s the ONLY way to succeed!

      AS FOR COLLEGE. Get a degree in that which you ENJOY and LIKE. That’s my #1 advice for you. Alongside the degree, take some classes in Entrepreneurship and join an Entrepreneur club at your University…it’s just fun.

      But if you’re going to be an Entrepreneur – I say the best thing you can do in college is take classes and get a degree in something you LOVE. Whatever that is!


      • Josh

        Wow thanks Anik, I’m so glad you replied to my answer, I’m actually really surprised… Thanks for the advice, really did help me open my eyes and realize that I’m doing too many things at once. I’ll defiantly remember this advice and take it on board, thanks again Anik!

  • Sebastin

    I have had number of internet “gurus” over the years. All of which promised me success. I paid tens of thousands of dollars and never ever made a single dime. I had few that did act on “money back guaranty” and I had those that never did. What makes you different? If you are so sure that following your teaching I can succeed why than don’t you prove it and then charge the money? I’m about $75000 dollars in debt. Going into bankruptcy in a few days and I’m out of work for the past 10 months so even if I wanted to pay you upfront I just can’t. Any advise

    • Jesse Josserand

      I’m with you and agree completely. I’ve also invested over 30k to no avail similarly and have asked several ‘gurus’ the same question you ask – if it works, why don’t you put your money where you’re mouth is, let us in free and charge us when we’re making money?

      • aniksingal

        Well guys, BELIEVE me – I understand your point. But in the end of the day, INTERNET MARKETING is ONE of the niches we are in BUSINESS in. No business is run by giving away anything for free.

        Also, I can’t give away my products and time for Free just “hoping” that you will do something with it. Let’s face it – the truth is that most who are given something for free will never do anything with it.

        You know when I started online, there was no course to buy or training to get. I used to spend HOURS a day looking at forums and just learning by trying.

        Today, there are courses that make life easier. But, honestly, you guys can just do it the way I did.

        That is actually ALL you need!

        The truth is that we buy courses because of the EASE of it and having everything in one place. That itself is a BUSINESS and so of course that would be sold.

        You never ask a restaurant to feed you and then you’ll only pay them if you are full afterwards. You pay for what you buy! It’s just business.

        As for free training – have you looked on this blog or been on my list for long? I GIVE TONS AWAY. But its not fair to expect me to just give EVERYTHING away for Free right?

        But I’ll tell you, if you want to make your first $10,000 – there is MORE than enough for you on this blog alone! And on forums and on other blogs.

        The question is – are you serious and DEDICATED and even OBSESSED ENOUGH to just do it?!

        Please dont go more into debt buying stuff guys – I rather you take some extra time and just use the free sources out there!

        You can do it!


    • aniksingal

      Look below to my response for Jesse :)

  • Michael

    Hello there, my question is about the nature of your internet business, is it made up of lots of niche areas, or does most of your income derive from one large business and if so what area do you work in?

    • aniksingal

      Great question! Michael, I’m in about 3 main niches and partly in ONE more. So total 4. My goal by end of 2014 is to be into 5 total niches.

      I like going into one new niche a year and really diving deep into it. I stick to the big ones so that each niche can be a 7 figure business for me!

  • luke hayes

    Hi Anik, I wish for you to come to Brisbane, Australia ASAP to help save lives and change everything. Time to stand up and be counted, what kind of future do you want? Infinite Future with responsible abundance or Finite Future with corruption and artificial scarcity?

  • Kim Thompson-Pinder

    Here’s my big question. I have a website, a free course and even my own product for sale. I have built my list up to 300 people and my Facebook page up to 700 people, but the area I am struggling in most is getting traffic to my site. What is the best source of traffic you have found? I don’t have much to invest maybe $30 and want to get the best ROI I can for my small investment.

    • aniksingal

      Kim, do you have an opt-in Page up? What niche is this in? Because I think you should consider just using FORUMS for a short while and then try SOLO ADS. But first tell me what niche so I get a better idea?

      • Kim Thompson-Pinder

        Yes, I have an opt in page, and it is also very visible on the sidebar of my website. If you want to check it out to see how it looks you can at . I have heard about forums, even googled it to try and find some in my niche MLM/Network Marketing, but all I found was a couple of old ones that no one had used for years. I do a lot of connecting on social media and have gotten some results there.

    • Kim Thompson-Pinder

      I keep replying to your reply but it doesn’t seem to save it, so I will try here. I do have an opt in page and it is also very visible on the sidebar of my website. My niche is MLM/Network Marketing. I googled forums for my niche and all I got was a few that hadn’t been used for years.

  • tti100

    I would be glad if if you could help earn but I’m broke right now due to all bogous gurus on the net. But I’m on to stop all withdrawels from my Visa account. I will uphold my account at easiestsystemever included account at aweber and empower network. But they keep on changing from my account but I’m not able to pay for the traffic to my 3 landing at pages at aweber. I also have an account at amazon that I dont understand what to do to earn with. The US phrases and expressions in net business are new to me, even if i’ve studied and lost near $10k since may 2013. This lossing cant go on, so I need help to get the balls rolling.





    • aniksingal

      Hey Bergen, I’m really sorry to hear that :( But I didn’t really understand the question… Honestly, the first piece of advice is to STOP buying anything else. Even if it’s from ME – don’t buy it. Pick ONE good system and stick to it until it’s working for you – I mean like STICK TO IT. Unsubscribe from all the emails you’re getting so you don’t get distracted!


  • Eric A.

    Please, will you bring back your last sold out system

    • aniksingal

      Eric :( I can’t right now – we are really knee deep in working with our students. BUT, I promise, I will do it soon. Probably in 2-3 months we will re-open. But I can only do it once these students are on their way!


  • Rebecca Ferrer

    When are you coming to New York? I am a stay at home mom and desperately need to make money asap!!!!! I do not want to return to work because I do not trust anyone with my baby! Especially, with all of these nannies/babysitters abusing kids! I live in a not so good neighborhood and want to give my daughter a good life!!

    • aniksingal

      Rebecca I guess you meant to ask if I plan on running a workshop in New York or anything? Unfortunately I will not be doing that soon. I don’t do too many LIVE workshops!

      But you definitely don’t need me in New York to become successful online!! You have everything you need at your disposal here!

      • Rebecca Ferrer

        Hi, I must ask, after purchasing this, is there going to be an upsale and/or downsale? I believe that’s what it’s called.

  • indiacarless

    How & where does an older woman who’s been living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck working a job she dislikes start to build a home based business. There seem to be a lot of work at home scams out there.

  • Jim Scott

    I would like to know what you feel is the best and quickest way to make a dollar online. I’ve been trying for over a year now and haven’t made a dime. I just lose focus. Then try another product. AAHHH! I know if I could see the first dollar it would get me rolling.

  • Duncan3031

    How would you advice a guy from Africa who is sick and tired of writing articles for people and wants to venture out and start promoting clickbank products fully

  • Johnny

    I’ve been reading/following your material with great interest
    the past few months. There’s however one piece of information that I’m
    having trouble figuring out. If you’re lacking that special hobby,
    interest, skill or whatever that’s such a clear niche option for so many
    people – what’s your best advice on how to get started? I don’t want to
    just pick something that’s converting well and is profitable right now,
    but rather something where I feel I can actually contribute and share
    something useful. Thank you!

  • Anne-Marie B

    I have been steadily building my list which is currently at 5,400. However, despite mailing 6 times per week and sending an ‘information email’ every Sunday I haven’t made a sale for 6 weeks. Ouch!! How do I make sure everyone on my list is worth $1 per month?

  • disqus_J34BUn75aR

    starting out, how many hours per day and how many weeks would it take to build a list of 10 000 subscribers in the diet/exercise niche only using forum’s? thanks

  • chris

    Amazon kindle…is my primary focus ….do you agree with my strategy to build a long term big business (publishing) or should I adjust….What is the most lucrative passive income strategy?

  • Calvin Alleman

    I missed “BluePrint to Inboxed”…. when will it be released again?

  • Kathleen Bradley

    Hi Boyz…Yes first of all I am the real Mrs. Parker from the movie Friday…Kathleen Bradley. I purchased your inbox Blue print program for my 24 year old son. He loves music and is a writer producer but has not begun to reap the benefits from his music yet. He seems very interested in your project and started it a bout a month ago. He has had a bad habit of not following through with various projects. I really have been pushing him especially since I am paying. Might want you to reach out to him personally to see where he is at or if he is really capturing the essence and importance of work smart not hard. His name is Terrence Redd so if you hear from him holla back. Thanks.

  • Steve

    Hi Anik,

    We met in Denver last year, it just has not happened
    for me and i dont know why, yeah perhaps some of it is in the mind, but
    there is something missing, I have been how to turn funals and get 1400 –
    2000 hits on a product in one day and not one sale, i have bought
    traffic packages from you and where some people achieve 10 -15
    substribers from one package and bought 2 and got one 25$ subscriber for
    1500$, I then came to Denver, to learn and be infused, I did learn a
    little, then waited for a couple of weeks for training on SEO, the
    trainer told us to go out and do exactly what you told me not to do in
    denver, use Fiverr or Easy Outsource. So after a year of really hard
    work I have spent 25K i put myself in another 15K of debt. The crazy
    thing is I still, no i know there is money be made.
    One thing that i
    find disappointing is that all you top internet Guru’s profess that you
    all want to help the under dog, i have offered 50% of my earnings if you
    would give me the secret to wealth on the net, Just think you could
    train 50 people a year get us upto 50K a mouth, 600K a year, 50x300K, so
    your share is 15million. I dont care how wealthy you are 15M to anyone
    is a lot. So that is my challenge to you take me and 49 people partner
    with you and show the world how you can turn 50 failure is to successful
    internet entrepreneurs. will you take the challenge.

  • tammy williams

    Hi anik,
    My questionto you is where did you get those glasses?:-)

    • aniksingal

      HAHAHAA Man I wish I remember. It was one of those “slightly inebritated” days when I found them laying around and thought I looked awesome with them on :)

  • Kihonfit

    In your experience, what is the most cost effective way to build a list? I have been doing some research into Solo Ads, PPC going to lead capture pages using free give-aways, blog and forum posting etc. All seem to have some positives, but also some risks involved. Which method did you find most effective and profitable when you were starting out?

  • Shirley P

    Anik, I want to first of all thank you for giving us this rare opportunity to communicate with you directly with any questions that we may have. I started with your IMTarget program (which was wonderful by the way and easy to follow), then after learning about Inboxblueprint, I, of course wanted to learn about it as well. You are the first teacher of internet marketing that I have found (over the many years I’ve searched) who have backed up your words and your products with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with the goal of actually wanting your members to succeed. I personally appreciate that and that, in addition to other things have really been my motivation NOT to ever give up. It’s too easy! If I give up, it’s because I want to, not because your program failed me. I am determined to be successful!!

    With that being said, my question is a simple one. I am not really tech saavy when it comes to html, but, I feel a lot more confident now about it than I did a few weeks ago thanks to the weekly webinars. If I want to create a sqeeze page and pull an image in to create my own background using it, is it best to use WordPress to create the page or one of the templates in the Elite area? I want to create a very simple page with a background picture of my choice based on my niche with the opt-in box in the center. Any suggestions??

    Thank you.
    Shirley P.

  • Art

    What kind of a fool do you have to be to swallow all of Anik’s B***S*t? He trundles this out again and again and people fall for it. Wise up folks the guy is scamming you.

    • aniksingal

      Im sorry you feel that way Art – but I’m going to go ahead and leave this message here. Personally, I give as much as I possibly can to all my students and I have TONS of students with raging success stories.

      I find that it’s the ATTITUDE with which many start that makes it possible for their success. Many students want stuff just handed over to them…like just ‘here you go – here’s money’ – that is not how life works. And it’s also typically students like THAT that complain the most too afterwards.

      Either ways, you’re entitled to your opinion about me.

      I’ll let my readers and students be the final judge about your wrong accustations :)

      Have a great day!

  • Wandi

    Hi Anik,

    I’m from South Africa, I’m a newbie and would love to hear from you. I’ve been trying to get into a program and not only program but become part of a team/network that is constantly growing financially and socially. I’ve gone onto plenty of these sites in the past two-three weeks, and i must say I’m excited bout this new journey, yet I’m also confused by the jargon you gurus use. As a South African i’ve found that some suggestions and recommendations made on these sites don’t accommodate us.
    My question is how can your program work for me and how much work goes in before the $$$$ start flowing in?
    As a South African will there be any limiting factors?
    And last one, as a newbie, will it be user friendly and get me equipped?

    Please assist. I would really love to get money smart, as right now the projects i’m working on aren’t paying me enough to survive. I am a ambitious person and definitely ready to get going, on the right project.

    I need my efforts to be rewarded!

    Thank you

  • Steven Fursik

    Hey Anik, Have any advice…. I have been in the MLM industry for about 30 years now.. in and out of money many times..set in sooooo many ways.. :( How do i change my mindset and subconscious in changing my beliefs to another way of making a Prosperous living… ??

  • Jithin J

    Hey anik I am just a high school student and have some money saved up (around 100) and my parents are willing to help me as well . I am wondering what product you personally recommend to get started as an email marketer(please give me an actual product to use and not some bs answer thanks lol) I really dont know what niche I should go in and things like that but I am very good at things relating to a computer. If you cant recommend a product can you recommend any service that will personally coach me by starting from nothing to ATLEAST making back what I invest? Thanks again really appreciate it! !!!

  • Wendy smith

    Hi Anik,
    A little background on me. I am currently a business owner. I am a Business/Entrepreneurship major at San Jose State University. I am a single mom of two boys ages 11 and 9. I have worked hard and preservered through a lot in life to get where I am. I have done a large amount of work on myself in the personal development arena.
    I recently decided that my way of preserverance is not yielding the results I want. I have surrendered. I have put faith in the universe and also in my instincts and really listening to both when facing roadblocks and decisions in life. I joined the profit academy on an instinct that felt aligned. So my question which is not profound is simply “NOW WHAT?” I have no problem with commitment. What do you suggest for shifting gears and seeing results? I looking forward to the academy… See you soon!
    Wendy Smith

  • catherine

    There is so much stuff comes through our inbox promising the world how do you know which is the best choice to spend your valuable time and money with.

    • aniksingal

      Catherine, GREAT question. OK – so firstly… you gotta UNSUBSCRIBE from too many email newsletters. It’s just very confusing that way.

      Pick ONE person and ONE strategy and just STICK to it. Remember, there are LOTS of ways to make money online and many that work just as well as the other. So, the best thing to do is PICK ONE and then stick it out with it UNTIL you make money.

      Don’t hop around. Pick one person who you really resonate with and really want to follow and stay only with that person and his/her strategy!

      • catherine

        Thanks Anik,

        I love your super quick reply. It resonates with me for the following reasons.

        1. You acknowledge the many other people with on line strategies.
        2. You offer inspiration and freedom by the commitment of focus.
        3. I am inspired by the language you choose and the Bold print in the words of great importance.

        4. I believe you are a great teacher.

  • Kaycee Dunning

    Can you give me a job ?

    • aniksingal

      Hey Kaycee, we’re not hiring right now :( But maybe in the near future!

  • fhonse

    How do I get started in a prifitable online business without the usual BS?

    • aniksingal

      Well – minus the negative attitude you just stated that in 😛

      Have you picked ONE overall strategy yet? Do you want to do affiliate marketing? Do you want to do your own product? Gotta have an overall idea first of the type of strategy you want to go after…?


  • rebecca

    How do you get yourself to take action on the things that matter when you have a million things to do to run your business when you are solo and only have so many hours in the day? TY!

    • aniksingal

      Rebecca, 100% you need to start delegating things out!! I try as much as possible to get out of the details of the day to day and focus on the highler level tasks only!

  • terri

    hi anik! i wanted to know more about inbox blueprinting and when you’d be teaching another class???

    • aniksingal

      Hey Terri, we should be re-opening in a few months!

  • barbara

    Anik my name is barb and I watch your video awhile back and really excited about what you had shown in regards to how the inbox blueprint works. However I have a problem and that is: I am not very computer savvy person as well as I am more of a hands on learner I learn by someone showing me step by step. Would it be possible at anytime that you would be putting together any more groups as did in one of your video’s? Where there were I think around five or six persons that you actually met with them and showed them in person how to get started. I really want to learn this system. And I know that I can once I am taught.

    Thank you

  • JohnSKong

    Dear Anik, I appreciate very much what you are doing. Helping people starting out and thanks to your help I already got the foundation to start an income online. But then there will be a time when I have to develop my own products and create my own video or sales page. I’m a person who stutters and could I make those videos even though I stutter?

  • JL Alvarez

    Hello Anik. You have style, and I like following your discussions. Here’s a question, per your invitation: If you were guiding an internet marketing beginner and could encourage them to choose only one online method for generating a comfortable income, what approach would you tell them to pursue? Many thanks, JLAlvarez

    • aniksingal

      Hey JL – great question!

      I would give them the same strategy I teach in InboxBlueprint! I would ask them to get an opt-in page up, start generating traffic to it and build that list up!

      Being an EMAIL AFFILIATE (in my opinion) is the best way to start!


  • Kevin Owen MacDonald

    Hey Anik. I have been really going through a change this past year. I am a musician and have been so my whole life… University trained… As well as schooled on the road. I decided this year to take myself off the road and spend more time with my daughter. It’s been tough financially but very rewarding. I’ve been looking for a business to give me the freedom to spend time with my daughter. I saw your Inbox Blueprint but couldn’t afford it at the time. Will you be making that available again? Does it REALLY work?

  • Andrew Ward

    HI Anik. Can you please give me some ideas of how to speed up the process of starting a business? I’ve been trying to get an online business running and am finally only a few weeks away from having a Kindle product. Hooray! But, it has taken a long time (i.e. since 2009). In that time I’ve been struggling with major flare ups in arthritis and spinal fusion operations. So I’ve been trying to squeeze as much time to create a business while maintaining my current employment, limited discretionary funds (which means I don’t have the money to pay for subscriptions to things like autoresponders), pain and sickness, and then just giving some of my time to help others (I run a discipleship group at the local prison and train others how to grow in their faith). The biggest hindrance has been the arthritis. I’ll clear my diary of everything to give me time to work on the business then have a flare up and be unable to utilise the time because I’m in pain. Any thoughts? The other hindrance has been money to afford the various subscriptions. I’m yet to create a website because due to funds the only avenue I know of is to learn how to install my own autoresponder, get my own hosting account, build my own website etc as well as create the product. Thanks for the help.

  • disqus_J34BUn75aR

    starting out, how many hours per day and how many weeks would it take to build a list of 10 000 subscribers in the diet/exercise niche only using forum’s? thanks

    • aniksingal

      Alright – well there’s no ANSWER to this right? It can take varying amount of time depending on how good your posts are, what forums you’re in, what your signature file says… etc…

      I’d say that you should make it a goal to do at least 1 hour a day of forum posting and initiating good threads. You should aim to get yourself up to about 200-300 VISITORS a day.

      1 hour should be able to do that!

      At that rate, you’d get about 80-100 subscribers a day. So within 3-4 months you should be able to have 10,000. BUT, dont forget that even as you have 1000 or 3000 list, you should be making some money.

      Then, turn around and invest that money into solo ads and BAM!!! You can hit your 10,000 in less than 2 months or even 6 weeks!


  • Reinis Everts

    Hey so i had a question. What exactly happened in your life and what you’ve been through to start think outside from the box and made this amazing type of life to have freedom and escape from this slave system? Thank you very much!

  • Matko

    I could not end my order of Future of wealth twice with your Place order.
    How can I overcome that?

    • aniksingal

      Matko, have you contacted our customer support team at ?

      • Matko

        Of course, no answer yet

  • Heel Yeah

    How can I join you!? I missed the first deadline and I don’t wanna miss out! :(

    • Reinis Everts

      Same here, i want to start action as quick as i can, but i know it wont be that easy!

    • aniksingal

      Heel :( I can’t open it up again right now – we are really knee deep in working with our students. BUT, I promise, I will do it soon. Probably in 2-3 months we will re-open. But I can only do it once these students are on their way!


  • Bob Flaherty

    No list,No money, How do you generate the first dollars?

  • chris gallagher

    Hi Anik! Chris Gallagher here. I feel the same as you from reading your em. My question is will your coaching be affordable soon?

  • Sa Mi

    Hi Anik! A couple of months ago I opened up my third business venture and even though I was successful in my previous businesses I’ve noticed that after the rush of the first few months of opening up my enthusiasm seems to dwindle A LOT! I feel like I get pumped and excited for limited amounts of time but sometimes it just doesn’t feel genuine and I feel like I’m going through the motions. I have been visioning and keeping my eye on the goal but I feel like there’s something else missing. My question is what is your process for keeping the momentum going?

  • Jakki Dodds

    what’s the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing before you go to sleep?

    • aniksingal

      Jakki…wow awesome question!

      First thing: What time is it and do I really have to get out of bed? LOL… In all seriousness, typically it’s about just my day and what I have planned. Any major committments or something that needs to happen.

      Last thing: I take time to think about the day and see if I missed anything big. If I was happy with my day and then SOMETIMES there is some project on my mind that I cant get out.

      Last night I went to bed running excel files in my head on a new project i was thinking about :)


  • Shawn Lim

    Hi Anik, I just want to find out, what is it like, a day of your life? Example like what time you wake up? What you do right after that, and how do you live a normal day until night fall?

  • Robert Eachern

    Hey Anik,
    When working on a project that’s not quite working out, how do you determine when you should change your approach or just quit and move on? Thanks.

    • aniksingal

      1. Have I done everything I can.
      2. I ask someone who I consider a mentor that has EXPERIENCE in that particular business (this is key – don’t just ask anyone).
      3. If I’ve 100% lost my passion for that project, that’s a BIG factor for me.

      BUT remember, some people have a habit of quiting TOO fast. That’s not me. So don’t abuse those rules 😛 I am the kinds that IF Im really losing passion, it’s a good sign that i’ve done everything I can.

      But I will say one thing – SUCCESS can come a LOT faster when you learn to recognize BAD projects, BAD timing, BAD environment and anything else that is poisoneous for ya…

      Hope that helps!


  • Claudia

    What can cure THIS—-INFORMATION OVERLOAD?? I have purchased more than a few online products, including yours.ISSUE IS: All the “promotional videos” make it sound as though THIS one is “so simple, fast, click, click, click, and see money come FAST ( soon as tonight!!)” blah, blah, blah—THEN immediately after you purchase “base offer” and several up sells, THEY all send TONS of video tutorials, still more upsells, webinars, more upsells until you are SO OVERWELMED WITH INFORMATION OVERLOAD—-you just are LOST, as to why you ever purchased this “SIMPLE” method that now seems like endless training and endless up sells and ZERO INCOME, because (1) you are at a loss as to WHICH STEP should be the FIRST priority to see some real money come in BEFORE the new credit card bill does!! They are nutorious for saying “no website needed!” and then immediately send you to FREE WEBSITES/but you need to use THEIR HIGH DOLLAR HOSTING/DOMAIN COMMITMENT!! (when only minutes before we’re assured don’t need ANY website to use theirs!The reality is most of us—so overwehlmed, stop, just do NONE of it because they now make it all seem VERY COMPLEX—where in the “promo” they made it seem like we could “just jump right in and do it easily and fast” and see money almost instantly—but NO—-got our money and now bury us in countless tutorials and “how tos” and webinars and phone calls and coaches and on an on and on it goes—-if its so darn simple NONE of that stuff should be needed —-its like a cat chasing its tale, you go NO WHERE!
    I NEED MONEY—SIMPLE STRAIGHT FORWARD ONLINE INCOME—-right now I have at least 4 very expensive deals I purchased and have not moved off “square one” because soon as they got my money, they “bombard me” with so many different avenues to implement, I just feel tricked and duped once again and deeper in debt—PLEASE give all the people like me, ONE VITAL METHOD TO IMPLIMENT IMMEDIATELY, NO NEW COST, AND REALLY SEE OUR FIRST INCOME! Thank you , I trust you!

    • indiacarless

      I have gotten discouraged with the ‘upsells’ – if it is that vital why wasn’t it in the program I purchased. Then I lose interest in what I bought and lose faith in the person I bought it from.

      • Claudia

        EXACTLY! It successfully makes us feel TRICKED!

        • aniksingal

          Claudia, guys… did you know that you get upsold at McDonalds… at Amazon… everywhere?

          Nothing in an upsell should be VITAL. See, when I make another offer its simply an option. But the MAIN product is always always always good enough on it’s own (and I’m pretty clear about that).

          However, additional products and options are simply choices and things you can add on to make the process easier.

          For example, when you buy a TV at a local store, they offer you warranty on the way out, etc…

          Upsells have a bad wrap because some marketers don’t use them right! But, really, guys, it’s just a service to you to help you make things easier.

          IF it was all included in the main product, the costs of that product may get so high that you won’t even get to experience that!

          Hope this helps!

          • civillibros

            Reply the first question, i bought inbox blue print, no website no list, and know you tell me that i need to get a list and a website, and if i want a site that makes money it comes an upsell, also did you remember your product “i get angry” and i reveal how to make money with “only spin contente” doesn´t work for me and know i am trying this why you change your methods over and over again??

          • Claudia

            Thanks Anik for speedy, thoughtful response:-) Its Just that most
            people need money YESTERDAY, and URGENTLY and they don’t see it
            happening any time soon when they are presented with so much additional
            training and tutorials, videos, webinars, conference calls– all
            diverting them from the urgency of getting SOMETHING SET UP and GOING
            RIGHT NOW to see at LEAST some amount of money coming in to THEM! Most
            are in NEED—- a “college in-depth version” of online marketing needs
            to be 2nd priority—real money in their pockets is TOP priority because
            it HAS to be!! Over-loading people with training tutorials and training
            webinars (just more up sells most often) just complicate what they were
            told would be simple to impliment, and causes defeat and in-action:-(
            Just my humble opinion— but I know it has stopped me cold many, many
            times because there isn’t enough time in busy lives for all the
            over-load of information, before you even START—-people need it to be
            kept simple and PROFITABLE!
            Thanks Anik. You are one of the “Good Guys”, and I’m happy for this opportunity to visit with you.

      • Gail

        Wow, word for word just how I feel. And also MAD and duped.

    • Shane Ram

      Claudia, it is a business at the end of the day and needs to be understood and operated like a business and this is one area I see many people go wrong. Yes, it is easier than traditional business. Yes, it is simpler than traditional business. But success is about the person that you become. You need to become an expert to make expert money and that comes from knowing your industry and business inside out and your personal development regime. Money and success is something that ensues …….. after following success principles.

    • Charles Crosson

      Hi Claudia
      I totally agree with you, I have also been DUPED and RIPPED OFF several times, i spent cver 3000 Euro’s on CR?? but having said that, I did Purchase INBOX BLUEPRINT a couple of weeks back and have not yet finished the course, But I have Implemented the basic principles and so far it seems to be working for me, The ONE PAGE unclutered website is a clever idea, So I hope you find something that makes you some real money??

      • Claudia

        Thank you for kind words and encouragement:-) I had just recently spent so much on various deals, I missed out on Inbox Blueprint (probably only one I SHOULD have gotten, right??:-)

        Thanks and I hope it goes very well for you.

  • vicki

    vicki here Anik, from down under Australia
    I’m a 68 yr old grandmother who, like you , has both made and lost money
    currently very broke due to bad investments – but am coming again!! while there is still time – in the hope of fullfilling dreams and making money to boot. Have nearly completed a book, in the self help genre, and want to have up on Amazon/Kindle as an Ebook by end March 2014. I’ve looked at a few suggestions as to how to market it, especially in the first instance, so’s that it doesn’t just sink to the bottom of the pile under the weight of the millions of E Books out there. Is it possible to get some affilliates also selling this book for me, and how would I go about that? Don’t have a web site or domain name or anything techno like that as focussed time is spent on writing. Would this be a necessary adjunct? Need steering advice, Anik.

  • Terri Speer

    I wish you had a FREE version of your method! Do you?

    • aniksingal

      Terri, I teach TONS here at the blog! Especially, LOTS coming soon as we move forward… keep watching the blog!

  • joe derosa

    hello, i have attempted to do a couple of on line opportuities. not successful , although i did work on them . the biggest was that i am not very computer tech savvy. always it simple my favorite word. since its always simple and i can not accomplish the business it leaves me doubting that i can do any of these online businesses. perhaps its my age of 66 years or ?? i dont know . so am i able to do this new one or the inbox blue print.with my limited computer ability? heavan knows i need the money, as im using all my $1230 per month for my two boys in college. and im broke and cant enjoy my retirement.

  • Tasha Losàn

    Just wondering. At the start of building your success. What did you have to sacrifice? Was it time with family? Sleep? How did you balance everything?

    • aniksingal

      Tasha, DEFINITELY had sacrifices – big time. I was starting in college so I sacrificed a lot of the partying and crazy times. I focused myself as much as I could on my dreams.

      Today, I still have to sacrifice things, but I’m much better about managing my time so that it’s never family.

      SLEEP – hahaha that’s always been an issue with me as it is, I don’t sleep much. I just don’t “like” sleep since I was a kid.

      BALANCE – that is a battle that is on-going. I LOVE MY WORK so I tend to do too much of it. But I got married recently so I’m making a concious effort to pay attention to it!

      But yes, for success and to make your dreams happen – you will absolutely HAVE to make certain sacrifices…

      • Tasha Losàn

        Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Yes I’m finding it hard at times to balance. I am working plus building 2 business’s at the same time with my partner. So it’s difficult to do everything. I really do wish I didn’t need so much sleep though. I just can’t live my life enjoyably with less than 7-8hrs a night. Lol :). Another question: How many different businesses do you focus on at once? How do you prioritise? Or do you outsource a lot of the work you have to get done?

  • FundraisingWay

    For anyone starting out with online marketing they will eventually need an Autoresponder service or software. That’s a given. However, they must weigh how much a service costs versus what it will do for them. No experienced online marketer or money making system give any advice to online marketing newcomers toward the right autoresponder needed. Every program out there simply states, “you need to send emails” and “you need an autoresponder”, but never suggest any beyond the typical. For example, I see experienced marketers suggest Aweber and GetResponse all the time, but they are just so expensive for new marketers to use right off the bat. Do you know of any good resources that help new marketers review the choices of autoresponders available? Thanks. Jesse Carter

  • John C & Wendy Smith

    2 Questions here—VERY TIME SENSITIVE!

    Apologies for these Looooong questions, Love the program!–We’re in the
    Elite & Profit Academy and want to rock this thing A.S.A.P.!

    Stressing a bit here…So far have created 5 different squeeze pages for a solo ad we want to send by tonight (for a cool , cool product launch which has only got 8 days left) to two lists (which we’re getting for FREE/Barter by the way!) and

    Q1. EVERY TEMPLATE index.htrml file downloaded IS MISSING THE OPTIN FIELD AND SUBMIT BUTTON (well, actually 5- haven’t tried every one yet…but working on it.)
    Contacted customer support.-email & phone..but No REPLY so far =0(
    How to fix?? Today is Monday…would like to have done it on Friday, but that’s when the problems occured and cust. suppt. was unavailable then…
    We’d love to take advantage of our good fortune (free solo ad broadcast) and the product launch is finished in 7 days.

    Q2. We’re doing the Squeeze Page>”Please wait…”page>Offer optin page cycle…do we put the aff ID link in the first box/template creator part or do we put it into our autoresponder acct. re-direct part?

    Please …any help is gratefully desired!

    Peace John C & Wendy Smith

  • Phari

    Hi Anik,

    My husband and I were going to purchase the inbox blueprint. We were going to wait and buy it outright instead of doing 3 payments but when we went back to buy it which was 5 days later it was no longer available. Will you be offering this program again in the future?

    Phari & AJ

    • aniksingal

      Hi Phari and AJ, YES we will :) But not for another couple of months :( Im sorry but we are in the middle of the entire class now and so we want to finish that series first!


      • Phari

        Yay!!! Thank you for responding :)

  • Kovid Sinha

    Hi anik, your inbox blueprint program was quite a success and i can tell it for sure because the whole of internet was discussing and reviewing it. But when it was so successful and you being a person who wants to help others. Why don’t you reintroduce the program for people like me who missed it during the first phase?

  • Silas

    hi anik
    i come frome hong kong!
    and i wanna know that kind of affiliate platform you are using??
    and what kind of proudce you are selling?

  • Alicia

    Will you be re-opening Inbox Blueprint. I am very interested in that program and regret I was not able to join when it was open.

  • Alex

    What is one piece of advice that you can give, that you wish you knew when starting out on the Internet ?

  • blessed1

    Anik, can you help us to make money online. Among the thousands of online marketers, we think you are the guy to help us.

  • chris

    Hey Anik im a father of two boys and a husband who needs to find somthing to support his family. Ive been a subscriber for a month now and you had a product that helps people start email campaigns easlily. Im interested in this but I dont have alot of money… when I say I dont have alot of money I mean it, like 50 dollars in my bank account Im desperate. I saw a video you posted were you took people who knew nothing and started them making over a thousand dollars in a day. I don’t know how but I need someone to walk me through the process and teach me to fish. I could really use your help!
    Chris Wiggins

  • John C & Wendy Smith

    How can we combine floating in the Birthing Pools at Pauwela Point, Haiku Maui,HI with Living in the Himalayas above Dharamsala, India, wifi internet svc provider, sending a solo ad to build our list this week and sell an amazing product in a launch and get a quick reply from member support in one day? What would Anik Do?
    John & Wendy

  • Andrea

    Congrats Anik!
    Saw your posting on facebook. Hawaii is beautiful.
    I have committed to email marketing. I have purchased the Elite and the VIP. I am a newbie. I am having trouble putting all of the components together. Do you have any suggestions on exactly how to get started.

  • Keith Wurster

    so u look happy, is this just another site where ppl only make $-cash by getting others to sign up and really nothing else happens/ an hr a day is nice just why charge start up if it is so easy why not take the $ out of the first pay and when and how much can i make if i want to do 8 hrs a day and get paid accordingly , , i have health issues want to make 500,000 soon as i can and quadruple it so i can retire to part time, possible without killing myself getting nowhere like most advertised shit? if it is as easy as u say get with me personally so we can get me started, the big problem I have had since the 1st email to sell or make cash is no way at all to actually talk to anyone and bs of never getting emails answered

  • Rashid Saadman Karim

    Hello Anik,
    I completed my B.Sc in computer science and engineering a month back. While all my friends are mostly taking jobs, I have decided on a completely different path and that is being financially independent doing online work. While for someone who has started down this road,I am trying freelancing for the most part but I know it will only take me so far. So I started thinking about passive income and bit by bit I am studying on affiliate marketing as well. I have even postponed my plan to do M.Sc by one year so that I can stand on my own and not burden my parents and be more confident about myself. Its been almost 2 months and sometimes I feel so alone and that I won’t achieve what I set out to do. Is this feeling normal? Am I on the right track? I would love to hear some suggestions from you.

  • Donna Bey

    Hi, I am aware of the many methods of attracting wealth, I seem to attract small increments of funds, but nothing substantial yet. Is it because I’m not focusing hard enough or may possibly still have limiting beliefs?

  • rich ba

    why this comments are 7 months ago?

  • Sunganani L. Manjolo

    I am still mad at you for taking inboxblueprint off the market before I could raise enough money to buy it :). On a serious note; glad I found this blog. I am still using the free info you gave to build my first ever list that I am taking seriously.

    The question is: will inboxblueprint ever come back? Or I should stop drooling…

  • Marcos Mayen

    Hi Anik, I want to be chosen for the next group of people to change their lives again, just like the one’s you did in the last group of five people. You think you can do that again?

    Thank you Anik

  • Ian McPherson

    Hi Anik. What is the FASTEST way to build a quality list without buying one? I have identified a few good products that would make me money, but I don’t have a list to market them to.

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      Join a relevant forum(s) and be active. Make sure you are allowed to add your link in the signature before you join and then be very helpful. Your signature should point to your sqeeze page and thus you will build a list.

      This is what I do.

      • Ian McPherson

        Thanks Sunganani. That sounds like excellent advice! i’ll certainly follow it up.

        • Sunganani L. Manjolo

          You are welcome

  • Claira

    I’m a single mom with very little money to invest but I’m a hard worker.I want to earn money online. I live in India and all the opportunities I find are in USA. Any suggestions?

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      I used to struggle with the same issue. I am from Malawi (that’s in southern Africa. Here is how I solved the problem: I went to the online hangouts where American’s hangout. One of my favourites is youtube. In other words, think global. Your market is the world. India would be a bonus.

  • Rob R

    Congratulations Anik! That’s really awesome. My question is which 4 methods of FREE organic traffic are best for nuking my niche site with buyers, and what are they??? Thanks, Rob

  • Reginald Gill

    Anik, here’s my question(s). How can I get started making money right away with no technical skills whatsoever, and only an hour each day to spend on learning how to do it? More specifically…. would I need to STUDY for about 30 days, 60 days or more before making money? If the answer is yes… then do you have a blue print? I saw your inbox product and got lost on how you can make 10K by month # 2 if you have no skill set, list, or even a
    niche. But I do want to achieve Financial freedom and a 3 week vacation seems awfully nice to me and my family.

  • Dana

    Hi Anik, I think we’re almost neighbors!!!! Well, when you’re not on vacation. I live in Ashburn, VA. :-)

    I’m a new Inbox Blueprint student, I wanted to jump on the Profit Acdemy, but didn’t get to the 3 promo videos before it had already closed. Like most, I have a full-time job, I’m a mom, a wife and we buy houses via tax deed auctions in other states on the side with our 401K/IRA monies. (I bought a tax deed course in Jan 2013 and took action. Now that’s on a successful path. A great way to grow retirement funds, I might ad!).

    So, I am an action taker, however, it takes a little extra time to get through training materials as it’s literally an hour or so before bed and whatever time I can scrape for myself on the weekends. (no TV or wasted time for me, I put whatever little time I have I put towards learning).

    I came to Inbox Blueprint because we can’t touch the base or profits from the 401K/IRA deals. So I need an income outside of that. My goal is to generate a replacement income for my day job large enough to retire my parents who are on the “work until you die” path. :-(

    Here’s my question. I’m still going through inbox blueprint, I stopped to go through the 3 Profit Academy videos to see what that was about (great info in there by the way…I’m on #2). I know from inbox blueprint and from the 1st video exactly what I need to do to build a 10,000 person list, then what to do next.

    Is Profit Academy is a viable option for me (were a spot to open) given my huge time constraints? How much time do I need to do the things profit academy teaches you to do?

    And I just have to ask….How far could you take me if I had a whole day 1 on 1 with you? I’m a quick study! I don’t need motivation or hand holding, I just need to receive info at an accelerated pace in one chunk of time.

    It’s great to see people enjoy the FREEDOM of Lifestyle hard work and dedication can bring. You set an excellent example!

    Thanks for the great info Anik.



  • Tina

    Anik, Are you going to offer this training to us so we can make over a million in 3 weeks :)

  • civillibros

    how can i create quality content from scratch

  • manoj singh

    how can i get email list,,,,related to our affiliate products………because all depends on email…as you told in INBOX Blueprint….dear…..i searched a lot from past 2 years…and did’t find best for affiliate marketing………Please share a infographic or Blue print step by step…Dear Anik you know very well 12K or 15K is a big amount for a salaried person who earns on 5K per month….

    Dear…you earned a lot…..Then lost….Then earn …i think you now the importance of money, NOW you have everything you want………but dear…As an Indian…..i suggest you to give beautiful life who wants to be succeed in affiliate marketing….Dear One Day you will be GOING to DIE i think everyone….So Give a Little Love and Get a Little love on your own….

  • Robert January

    How can I know who is honest when it comes to an Internet opportunity. Many is out there and it is sooo confusing

    • aniksingal

      Robert, just look them up on Google and also follow their emails and blog for a bit.. Actually very few have BLOGS like I do. If someone does, search their history and see if they have a lot of posts and are active. If you LIKE what they are teaching, then and only then, should you even consider investing any money with them!

  • PhoneDoctor_1

    How can someone get started in your program if they do NOT have the funds to purchase your program till after they start making money with it ? pm me please …

    • aniksingal

      Mark, simple! Just follow me here on this blog. I have plans on giving away a TON of information coming up in the next few weeks!

  • Martine

    Hello Anik! I was really deceived that Inboxblueprint was closed when I went to register. Next time… Here’s my question: What would be your #1 advice to create and help other people by doing an online business income? Creating and helping other people are the most important things that I want to have when doing a business.

    • aniksingal


      Start a BLOG like this one and also a Newsletter and teach other people just the way I do!! I’ve literally helped hundreds, if not thousands of people change their lives and start earning online!

      it feels great!


  • Shana

    Well, this one is related to lifestyle – and your vacation… although I have to say I think all the questions below are great – and useful! I’m super into boogie boarding – I want to know how many different places you got to do ocean sports (surfing, boogie boarding, scuba, snorkling – whatever you like to do) and which activity (and at which location) was your favorite?

    • aniksingal

      Sooo.. Im not a big fan of the water :( Im weird, I know. I hate that “wet” feeling. I rarely go into water. But I LOVE the beach, especially in evening. I like to just sit there and ponder off, reflect, think, etc…

      My favorite location was Maui – we were staying on the west side. My favorite activity BY FAR was the Whale watching. What an experience. Absolutely amazing.


  • wjb

    Great, first off, thanks for having Discus up for comments!

    You inbox video series was awesome. My question is what is the smallest, quickest setup to get started, like the 24hours you showed on your case study video?

    • aniksingal



      Step 1 – Found a good affiliate program
      Step 2 – Setup a OPTIN page
      Step 3 – Used FORUMS to get my first 1,000+ subscribers
      Step 4 – Networked like crazy once I was building my list
      Step 5 – Once I had a BIT of profit, I started buying traffic
      Step 6 – I launched my own product
      Step 7 – I’m typing to you :)

      HERE IS WHAT WE DID IN THE WORKSHOP TO GET FAST RESULTS (we focused HEAVILY on the solo ad buying that night):

      Step 1 – Found a good affiliate program
      Step 2 – Setup a OPTIN page
      Step 3 – Buy Solo Ads
      Step 4 – Drive Leads into Optin and have affiliate product set up to promote

      Hope that helps!


  • KiTa

    I am a dentist by profession. This restricts the whole internet marketing thing for me. How can I branch out in my profession and amalgamate internet marketing with dentistry especially since dentistry is all I know.

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      You could put up a site where you can
      1. capture emails and give weekly tips on how to care for teeth
      2. You could offer teeth whitening solutions (as an amazon affiliate)
      3. You could have your clients book appointments (and pay) online

      Just thinking off the cuff. It is possible.

  • Mitch Dabinett

    Hi Anik, my question to you would be, what is the most fulfilling thing you have ever done in your life?

    • aniksingal


      Getting married to the love of my life is definitely fulfilling thing I’ve ever done to date. Also, together her and I are now funding a school for kids in India that otherwise do NOT have access to school!!!

      This last year I’ve been doing a lot more things like this and honestly they are so much more fulfilling to me!

      Anik Singal

      • Emelay Ozuner

        I would love to firstly say, CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage. I myself am engaged to the absolute love of my life and can not wait for July 2015!
        Also thank you for your response and well done on positioning yourself to be able to live a philanthropic life. I am a 23 year old Australian and have one more question. Why do you think that the path you’ve started to head down with your charitable acts has been most fulfilling to you other than your crowning achievement obviously? I am going to do your inbox blueprint in order for me to be able to do the same.

        • Emelay Ozuner

          Oops! This is my fiancé’s account. Nevertheless,

          Mitch Dabinett

      • Mitch Dabinett

        Congratulations Anik! I myself am engaged to the love of my life and I can not wait the day to come!!
        Another congratulations on positioning yourself to be able to do philanthropic acts! I am going to go down that very path further down the track.

        I would like to ask, why do feel that your philanthropy has been the most fulfilling you have ever done?
        I really appreciate your response, so thank you!

        Warm regards
        Mitch Dabinett


    I live in vietnam and I don’t have any experience in MMO.So,please,tell me what should I do first to make MMO?

    • aniksingal

      Hey Tan, what’s a MMO?


  • cC133

    Are you ever going to put the blueprint on special offer again?

    • aniksingal

      Yes :) In about 2-3 months! :)


  • Erica French

    I’m a big believer that if I can really feel what something I want feels like to the degree that I 100percent believe it with no contradiction, then it will undoubtedly become my reality???? so my question is, can u in detail explain what it feels like to get up in the morning, look at your bank account and see you made a exciting chunk of money when you were sleeping?!!

    Thankyou, lots of love!

    • aniksingal

      Erica, funnily enough I never ever do that in the morning 😛

      Money is actually not THAT important to me!! When I wake up, I always check to see how things are going in an area that I was challenged the day before.

      1. Maybe I piut a new solution into place, I want to see if its working.
      2. Maybe I launched a new sales video, I want to see how many sales I got and how well it converted.
      3. Maybe I sent a new Email to an affiliate and want to see if they responded.

      Things like that.

      I live more for the RUSH of knowing “I got a win” rather than the ‘Dollars I made.” I’m very driven by “winning” – from the smallest thing like getting someone to reply to my Email to actually selling someone a product … to even convincing my gorgeous wife to marry me!!!

      The feeling I look for is the RUSH of knowing, “I have the power to create my own reality. I can do anything I want!!!” Wow – even typing that gets me all going!


  • Mohan Bhatt

    Can I join your business without any payment now but pay later when I’m convinced that it is a paying proposition ?

    • aniksingal

      Unfortunately Mohan we cannot afford to do that as I also have costs to run my business and that just wouldn’t be fair to my organization but also all my other students!

      Anik Singal

  • Yazeed Talodi

    Hi Anik,

    When you first registered your domain and hosted your website. How did you build your list? what did you do in step-by-step manner to get more subscribers and eventually customers?

    • aniksingal


      My first subscribers ALL came from the following sources of marketing:

      1. Solo Ads
      2. Forum Marketing
      3. Affiliates – I launched my own offer eventually…

      I built a HUGE list early on by doing this!

      Anik Singal

  • Ritesh Sonavane

    Hey, Should a Teen of my age (16) should start a Internet Marketing? I was really interested in your Inbox Blueprint. Please Suggest.

    • aniksingal

      Ritesh, no better time to start man!! Go for it! It doesn’t take much time and won’t really interfere with your studies (so long as you don’t let it!)

      • Ritesh Sonavane

        Ya I will do it but after my Exam ;). One more thing when we start the training when we will start to earn? 1st week, 2nd week? and what else we have to buy like domain,etc. That’s it, after this question I will probably join Inbox Blueprint in March.

      • Ritesh Sonavane

        You Rock! Cheers!! 😀

      • Ritesh Sonavane

        From which country you belong to?

  • ndali shilunga

    iv been reading all the your emails since the beginning of this year ever since mr bob proctor linked me up about you,problem is im in namibia a quiet country in the south western part of africa and its hard/impossible to follow up.iv been through many internet job schemes multiple times and at the end of the day nun really happens and sometime/most of the time it breaks one down and end up giving up.but the urge/that spirit kick in me always makes me go back even when i know deep down it will stop in a dead road of not going anywhere.i had the funds to pay for the training package you offered few weeks back but the way our economic is set up in naminbia,its literally impossible to make the transaction.even emailed your team for help before the dead-line and they told me.there was nothing they could do.please really eager to join your team.cos i believe in life is full of abundance,im 24/7 online searching for online work that reallys paybut got nowhere and your my last hope or is the online work only applicable to people living in the state? please help.i know your a busy man and probably dont have time on someone who cant pay for the training package,which i totally understand.please just take 60seconds to read me on
    thank you

  • Ray Whittaker

    If you like that view Anik you should visit Cornwall in the UK or Scotland; you’d love it. Anyway to my question:
    How much does it cost (ballpark) to build a profitable business, over and above the money paid for your training. I’m trying to get a handle on the total cost of getting to where I want to be. :)

    Ray Whittaker

    • aniksingal

      Ray that depends buddy. If you want to do some investment capital for traffic, I say about $1000 is great to start! However, if you want to start for FREE traffic, you can get going for less than $100.

      Now, unless you need some OUTSOURCING help – like graphic design, technology etc… then you may need about $300 MAX…

      Again, this is only true if you’re looking to start an INBOXING business. Every business model has their OWN requirements…


      • Ray Whittaker

        It’s interesting you should say that Anik.

        I’ve been knocking around the IM world for about 5 years now (actually only three of them; I was doing something else in 2012/2013). From what you say I had plenty of money when I started but now it’s all gone. I have no income and very little capital so I’ve been looking at free traffic methods.

        In the past I’ve tried every form of free traffic generation I could get my hands on. I’ve gone through article marketing, forum marketing, social bookmarking to dozens of sites, blog commenting, article syndication, video posting, and so on. All with the established SEO techniques of course. Yet I’ve never managed to generate any useful amounts of traffic to any of my sites.

        I’m happy to be proven wrong but it seems to me that free traffic methods take an age to produce results; if at all. And they swallow up all of your time unless you outsource the job, which requires money again.

        Anyway, thanks for the advice, I’ll have to see where I can find a couple of thousand dollars to make a real start. I hope this discussion proves useful to visitors and good luck.


        • aniksingal

          Hey Ray,

          That’s a bit shocking actually. I wonder if the NICHE in which you were trying all this is not a great one?

          But yes, you ARE right in some ways! FREE Traffic generation CAN be time consuming. Personally for me, I prefer the PAID strategies, but I DID start my career with FORUM MARKETING.

          I just was fast to invest my profits into paid traffic :)

  • Wendy Lee

    What if you do not have an idea for a business or even how to get started in becoming wealthy, is this system to help me with these issues? I have tried multiple other programs and have gotten no where but frustrated and more and more in the hole!

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      I totally undestand where you are at. I was like that until I read a report by Gideon Shalwick. You have to bring something to the table. You have value that the world is waiting for. If you get that report, you will see why.

    • aniksingal

      Then Wendy, what I recommend is first you just research the different TYPES of businesses. Take more of a “back seat” approach – no stress, no force… Just look around and see what’s out there.

      Wait until a particular business model really really appeals to you and then JUMP at it!


  • randeg

    Anik, how do you stop spam comments from populating your blog?

  • Jennefer Barua

    In order to have this kind of lifestyle business do you have to enjoy writing? Like copy writing

    • aniksingal

      You do not HAVE to. Personally, “I” do. Im sure it helps me as a businessman. However, no you do not have to at all. Just be prepared to do ENOUGH for now and in the future – get some great outsourcers to do it!


  • Dani

    Hey Aniq,
    I want to enjoy $1.1 MILLION in sales in the next three weeks. Though, I want only to enjoy them, without having to do anything more than writing these lines to do so. Is that possible??

    • aniksingal

      Dani, that is NOT possible :)

      I do work hard. I’ve worked my TAIL off in the past years to be able to be in position where I can make such money in 3 weeks while being on vacation.

      Gotta be realistic!! Right?


  • Charles Harkes

    I missed out on the Inbox Blueprint. Is your next offering going to be similar (emphasizing list building) and when are your rolling it out? I am anxious to get started!

    • aniksingal

      Hey Charles, I will be rolling out Inbox Blueprint again in about 2-3 months once we are done taking care of our first lot of students!


    • aniksingal

      Hey Charles, Unfortunately we’ve already started the class but we should be re-opening here in about 2-3 months!


  • Najia Ransome

    Feels like my business is growing but I am ready for massive growth. How did you grow in leaps and bounds in your business?

    • aniksingal

      Najia, that is a very personalized question – meaning I’d need a LOT more information before I could provide advice.

  • hammy

    Just a simple question that I can’t find answer for: How one creates trust with their e-mail subscribers when there is no blog, website just a squeeze page?

    • aniksingal

      You can create a facebook account and a youtube account, post free content there and send them links directly to it!


      • hammy

        Thanks. So I can basically use whater social media platform I want. Hmmmm, now you just simplified my life:-) ) :-) yippy

  • Kim Thompson-Pinder

    Anik, I keep trying to reply to your reply, but it not saving it. I have an opt in page and it is also very visible on the sidebar of my website. I am in MLM/Network Marketing Niche and I have checked out forums on Google but most have not been used for years. I am very active on social media.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Kim! I’m not really sure what the question is here though?


      • Kim Thompson-Pinder

        I am not sure what is going on. I had asked a question a couple of days ago about traffic and you answered by asking for more info. I kept on trying to give you more info, but it wouldn’t save it, so I put it in another post.

  • Deirdre

    Hi Anik! I truly admire and respect what you’ve accomplished, and I believe you do it with integrity. I don’t say that just to pump you up :) I say it as a lead in to my question. Having an online business, such as you teach, seems so impersonal to me. It’s as if the goal is to “get the sales”, develop a cool website and pump out products that will sell, and build your list to do it all over again? Even though you thank your customers, and have I’m sure excellent customer service, I just feel a lack of connection with your the people who are purchasing the products. I look forward to hearing your response. Thanks so much! Warmly, Deirdre

    • aniksingal

      Deidre, firstly, THANK YOU for the compliment. As for your question, it’s a great one. You’re RIGHT. Sometimes the problem with an ONLINE business is just that – a lack of connection. It’s actually WHY I’m doing this campaign to being with.

      I also have a goal to try to do more LIVE events this year so I give my students more and more of a chance to come meet me!

      But, in the end, that’s what an ONLINE business is all about right? So we make up for it with Webinars, Blogs, LIVE Events, etc…


  • Kaycee Dunning

    I hope you will keep me in mind for employment. I am teachable and would like to work primarily from home. I have been a widow for nearly 12 years and stayed home to raise my four kids on my husband
    s survivor social security. My youngest is now 13 and I need a job.Thanks for responding.

    • aniksingal

      Kaycee unfortunately we are not hiring right now :(

  • Rob R

    Congratulations Anik! My question would be what are your top 3 FREE Traffic sources and why? Thanks, Rob

    • aniksingal

      Hey Rob! Great question!

      1. Affiliates
      2. Facebook
      3. Solo Ads

      They’re fast. They’re responsive. High quality and all 3 help me build my list!


  • Gina Fedon

    Anik, is click point track a reputable network? Their CPL offers get marked by Avira as “malware”. Sorry for the extra spaces / punctuation, but Discus is marking my posts a “spam” and I’m trying to avoid triggering their system. 😉

    • aniksingal

      Gina I’ve never heard of it and never done any business with them… I’m sorry :(

      • Gina Fedon

        I meant point click track… Discus seems to delete my posts when I use their name too. Have you done business with them?

  • Sarah

    Plz. I need. Help. You. Can. Give. Me. 7. Numbers

    • aniksingal

      Sarah you can type your mesage in here?

  • Wendy Lee

    So then how will this program help me? Or will it until I have a business?

    • aniksingal

      Wendy, which program are you talking about?

  • Gift Adaeze Lemuels

    How can I buy your inbox blue print.cos I have been waiting to get started but don’t know how.and how much is last question is how can the money get to me.

    • aniksingal

      Hi! Unfortunately right now we are not open – but in about 2-3 months we will be opening for sure! thanks!


  • Stefan Feczko

    Hello Anik,

    There are so many different methods of making money online… Free methods, blogging, ppc, ppa, add swaps, banners, videos, etc. It seems to go on forever.

    The thing is that with so many options and so many gurus saying that this or that is the best… We newbies are confused and overwhelmed.

    Can you offer a step by step process (daily or hourly tasks) on what to do in the next “x” amount of days to really start making money?

    There could be two options depending on a persons budget. 1 for no money at all, and 2 for people willing to spend some money on marketing.

    This would really make a difference and act as a guide for people interested in this business.

    • aniksingal

      Stefan, I’d love to but what you just asked me to do is give you an entire course right here 😛 The answer to your question is exactly what I provided in the InboxBlueprint course I recently did…

      In short what I typed out for another question was:

      Step 1 – Found a good affiliate program
      Step 2 – Setup a OPTIN page
      Step 3 – Used FORUMS to get my first 1,000+ subscribers
      Step 4 – Networked like crazy once I was building my list
      Step 5 – Once I had a BIT of profit, I started buying traffic
      Step 6 – I launched my own product
      Step 7 – I’m typing to you :)


      I think you should focus on building an Email list. Focus heavily on only TWO forms of traffic right now…

      1. Forum
      2. Solo Ads

      That will light it’s own fire and keep working away like a DOG for at least 2 months. That alone should put you in some kind of consistent monthly profit!


      • Stefan Feczko

        Thank You very much Anik!

        One last question. Can I still buy Inbox Blueprint?

  • tina

    The main question I would love to ask you anik, is what is the step by step pathway to success that you took when you first started out to where you are today? I want to hop on this yellow brick road and do exactly step by step what you did to get where you are today. Step 1, step 2….etc

    • aniksingal

      Step 1 – Found a good affiliate program
      Step 2 – Setup a OPTIN page
      Step 3 – Used FORUMS to get my first 1,000+ subscribers
      Step 4 – Networked like crazy once I was building my list
      Step 5 – Once I had a BIT of profit, I started buying traffic
      Step 6 – I launched my own product
      Step 7 – I’m typing to you :)


  • Violeta Gudait?

    I could work to you for free, can I? I love your idea and I am following you on twitter, I wish to learn everything I swear.

    • aniksingal

      Violeta, we are really not looking for anyone right now :( But soon maybe we’ll bring some interns on one day!

      • Violeta Gudait?

        Happy to know that :)

      • Violeta Gudait?

        And thank you for your answer, look I’ll tweet to you now :) just amazing how simply we can contact with each other in general :) have a nice day :)

  • edward pragides

    Greetings Anik, When you visited Maui did you stayed at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel, that is a tourist spot over there. It’s a wonderful place I agree, the spot that you were meditating. Thank you for your unselfish attributes to share the rest of us your excellent experience. I admire both of you and Brendon Burchard. Are you or have you ever thought of publishing a hard cover book with your wisdom and knowledge to share the world. Also may I ask you if you could share with us the software you used in your eBook that you’ve shared with us. I am also working on a book concentrated on Mindset with progress and development attached to it. Blessings and Thank you. You guys are a model and great leaders in 2014 and the future.

    • aniksingal

      Thanks Edward!! Talk about law of attraction, I was JUST having a call with someone for a physical book. I hope to do my FIRST one this year in 2014!

  • Wendy Lee

    I missed out on the inbox blueprint, but I did not have a business for that one either, but the current program you are offering of Freedom for Life.

    • aniksingal

      Hi Wendy, Inbox will be open again in about 2-3 months! Right now, we’re focusing on just working with the first group of students and helping them become rabidly successful!


  • Rebecca

    I have a big fear of failure (I have a trail of failures in my past). But, I’ve been hearing a lot about how failure and success go hand-in-hand. Just wondering if you agree. If so, what failures have led to your success? How do you use failure to propel you to success?

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      Here is how I a handle fear of failure: I ask “What if I succeed?” and I also have learned to “fail forward” which basically means that you evaluate what led to the failure and take steps to address those issues (giving up not being one of them!)

  • Jennifer Hunt

    Hi Anik,

    I always love to see your smile and feel the happy frequency you emit. You certainly make me smile and keep me going. Thank you for your emails and video’s and mostly thank you for being just you, unique.

    I like this quote “I havn’t failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” that feels like me in a nutshell right now. Q. have you had to clear many limiting beliefs to get where you are today? I’m now working and focusing on this area.

    • aniksingal


      I STILL have to clear limiting beliefs till this very day. New ones come up. New ones block me from the NEXT level of success. So, yes, I am always working on my mind – at all times.

      Luckily, as you start to ACHIEVE your dreams, it becomes easier and easier because your brain has PROOF that it can achieve…

      But, to answer – absolutely I have. For me to have done what I did in my family, it’s pretty unreal. NO ONE in my family is in business so I broke the mold big time. I had to fight tons and tons of limiting beliefs that were in me, being imposed into me or that I was even born with!


  • UndergroundAffiliate

    Hello Anik, what is the fastest way to get out of debt? I’m a low income person relying on payday loans to get by.. I am sick of this routine and want to work smarter not harder? For example, if you had to pay $1000 in 5 days, how would YOU do it?

    • aniksingal

      There’s no magic bro. To make money that fast you have to invest some and that is too risky in your situation. If I were you I’d come up with a bit more of a slow and steady plan and work up to it. I’d start building an email list but use free ways of traffic to do it.

      The only catch is that it’s going to take a few weeks to really start seeing the money come in. Then, you can take that net money and reinvest it to traffic for faster growth!


  • Gigi Galase-Miller

    Hi Anik! I am SUPER happy you were here on my home island of Maui. My question to you is will you be holding any seminars or lectures here?

    • aniksingal

      Hey Gigi, I doubt it :( I just like coming their to relax and enjoy the island’s BEAUTY!!


  • Jeff

    Is there a method to doing online business with someone who is able to walk you through the process step by step for beginners? I have watched hundreds of videos and read books and it seems that there are missing pieces or I am just not getting the whole process. My goal was to learn how to create an online business so in 6 months to a year I could make what my wife is bring home so she could stop working due to a slow illness she has. This goal is still just a thought and seems to be going no where. I am not much for blogging, and I feel you need to be in this type of business. Is this true?

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      Besides Anik’s Inboxblueprint, look for Chris Farrell Membership dot com.

      • aniksingal

        I actually AGREE!!! Chris Farrell’s site is awesome. InboxBlueprint is closed right now but that is one place where you can get a TON of information all in one place!


  • Ohood Alothman

    hi anik,
    hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation.

    I want to get the inbox blueprint please.
    I want to have a decent income online.

    • aniksingal

      Ohood, our class is closed for now unfortunately, but we WILL be open again soon in about 2-3 months!


  • Nieve Lee

    Hi, Anik. I am willing to work hard to get result as long as it is proven work. I want to have online income to quit my 9-5 job. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Nieve, you gotta ask me a bit more specific question than that :)

      • Nieve Lee

        how about start as affiliate marketing? can I start the affiliate marketing with low cost? Earn not much money with my current job…Thanks, Anik.

        • aniksingal

          Nieve, ABSOLUTELY you can!! That’s the best way to start actually. Personally, I love being and teaching people how to become an EMAIL affiliate. You should look into that!

  • tbthecat

    I give up! I have tried so many online programs for making money and not one of them has delivered what they promise. Why should I believe that yours is any different Anik and that my wife will believe in me again and that I can make money online and that I’m not a complete sucker..Why is it that not one so called guru will prove it by giving up there program to me and let me get up and running (making money) and let me pay them back by giving half of all my profits to them in return. How about you Anik are you up for that challenge?If not I understand why should you. It doesn’t really matter if I don’t make some money soon I will resort back to plan A suicide but this time I will not chicken out at the last minute.

    • aniksingal

      Your comment has really worried me. Listen, please please do not go considering crazy thoughts like that. Perhaps making money online right now is not the thing you should be focused on!

      To answer your question though – Im not sure who’s systems you have tried to follow or how much work you put into them, but I’m very sorry to hear about your lack of results.

      RE: giving away our courses for Free. It’s impossible for us (or at least me) to do that as I run a business here with hard costs and daily time investment. If I started giving it away for free to everyone, I’d be bankrupt fast! Also, how would that be fair to all the students who DO pay for it.

      HOWEVER, I’m going to be giving away a TON of information HERE on this very blog for the coming weeks, months, years!! Just follow along here and you’ll never have to pay a dime for it!


      • tbthecat

        That’s OK Anik I knew you would say something to that effect. Hey between you and I what made you even contact me back ? I figured you would think I was some kind of wacko or something , I assure you that I am not. I am however very confused if I were to give you half of all my profits and say that anyone can do this system and make money then what gives ? You would not only be helping me and family but get more customers because I would tell everyone I know about the system that I purchased and how they could have the same success. Not to mention half of the profits I make . So level with me Anik what is the real reason? I can take iy I have thick skin, well Thank You really for even taking the time to respond to your clients. That really says a lot about your character. Thank again Terry…..


    hi Anik.i live in Vietnam and i do not know how to make money online.please tell me what should i do first.thanks.


    MMO stand for making money online.i know you from Bob Proctor’s email that why i trust,please tell me what should i do to make money online.thank you so much.

    • aniksingal

      Tan, you have to keep following this Blog. That’s such a big question to answer on one comment field :) I do entire courses and week long events to answer that question!

  • d Sutton

    How do I start and at gee beginning build up my contacts

    • aniksingal

      D, I highly recommend using Facebook and Skype in today’s day and age to start your networking! It’s actually really fun and easy. Just take someone you already know and use them to help make some new introductions…

  • Denise VH

    Anik, How does a Gramma of 8 do this. Nothing I’ve done online has ever worked. Bought in then Crickets cherping !!! Depressing! I will do whatever it takes! Im going on a missions trip to a Kenya Orphange march 23 —April 5th! Really need help and money!!! I hav 55 law of attraction and meta phsyical books on my Kindle. Mindset Great! Knoweledge ZIP! Traffic? Scarey! Your biggest fan–Denvh

    • aniksingal

      Denise, what strategies have you been trying? As in if you’re been trying things, can you tell me more about what they are?

  • RB

    Hey Anik,
    It’s interesting to learn from you.Thank you for sharing.
    My question for you :
    What is the single most important habit/skill or information that you have learnt and implemented in your life that has given you the biggest return on investment for long-term growth?
    Maybe it’s a habit,schedule,pattern,method or a trick that has worked really well for you and maybe something that would work really well for people like me looking to improve my productivity and results in every area of my life like my personal growth(healthy mind and body),career,relationships.
    Please share it with us 😀

    • aniksingal

      I actually have a FEW :)

      1. FOCUS. I work full steam on ONE project at a time. Focus has been BIG for me.

      2. MOMENTUM. I don’t let it go now. I am never lazy or complacent. When something is going well, I keep pushing even harder!

      3. NETWORKING. This one is BIG. I try to make sure that my network is growing every single week! This has been HUGE for me!

      Anik Singal

  • Najia Ransome

    feels like I only get one thing done today what does it take for massive action to happen?

  • mitch carter

    Anik, I want to thank you for sending me encouraging emails. Especially the motivational video to reflect upon when I’m down. But I have to admit that none of the products online have been working. Even the IM target software that I purchased a few months back has been dead weight. It takes more than to generate a blog, spread the word, and make posts. Have I been doing something wrong? Has google been using different methods aside from keywords for optimization?

    I don’t need the ipad, I don’t need millions, and I’m tired of complaining to salespeople and stock brokers about my situation. In reality, they don’t care! They can say god bless you, or YES mitch, I understand your situation. It can’t be true otherwise I wouldn’t be in debt as a result of my sinking. I would also be able to contribute more to the world as a missionary, and send wealth to where it needs to be. My thoughts, my pity, my situation drowns my thoughts, and sends my mind into a state of unbelief.

    This can be dangerous, because I found that my thoughts create my own reality. How can I stop blaming others, remain motivated, and be successful without compromise? Because it seems as if god wants me to be abundant in life, but my problem is that I can’t receive anything. Please don’t have pity on me, or pretend to show concern….. as I will know that it is mere bullshit coming from anyone, and even those who are in a state of happiness. Instead, I would ask for guidance on how to remain on the straight and narrow path. Thank you in advance for any answer whether long or short.

  • pgwnetwork

    Anik, i have a decent question. Can’t i just use safelists and ‘mailers’ since they are all ‘targeted’ lists that are looking for ways to work online in ‘affiliate and email marketing niches? thanks a bunch…-Paul

  • ygelex

    is it easy to promote high ticket items? if yes then please advise the best procedure to promote it.

    • aniksingal

      It’s not hard at all. However to do so, you have to work a bit harder than just sending ONE email.

      You need to do more LIVE training – webinars, you need to do MORE emails for it and sometimes it also helps to do your own BONUSES to really intrigue the customer.

      It also all depends on the market you are in…


  • John Petterson

    HEY! ANIK ! LISTEN I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP ! I am a Disabled person I was In a rollover car accident I have a closed head injury ,SocSec Dis is not enough to live on I barley have money for food. You offered the INBOX BLUEPRINT I was not able to buy it at the time, my SS check comes at the first of the month. I don’t want to leave this world UNSUCCESSFUL & Yes I also want to be richer than I am now!. I am slow but I really want to make something of myself I am not able to work Physically, I watched your video on the INBOX BLUE PRINT I said to myself I can do that !. As a Handicap person this can be a way to not feel useless , I REALLY NEED THIS can you offer this program to me ? I have tried to reach you or someone with e-mail no replies ! PLEASE ! Yours truly .


    Hi ANIK, To be fair to you, I NEED to know how to get the answer to complicated question. WE need to talk privately.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Doug, Unfortunately I won’t be able to do that right now. I’m incredibly slammed trying to get caught up on projects :(

  • Edward Friar

    What’s the best way to pick out the products you want to affiliate with? It seems as if it’s too popular, then everyone will be promoting it and you’ll get lost in the crowd. If it’s not popular enough, no one will be interested.

    • aniksingal

      Edward, actually this is a common misconception!!! I like to promote the most popular products… few reasons:

      1. They’re likely proven to convert!
      2. The other affiliates are creating a major brand for them so your conversions go up. Remember in marketing it can take 7-8 views of something before someone buys! (that’s why we do prelaunches…hehe)
      3. I let other affiliates do the OFFER HUNTING for me.

      I actually think the opposite is true of what you said!


  • Nieve Lee

    Anik, last time you mentioned you loved to teach people to become email affiliate. Is that inbox blueprint? And I am wonder why the inbox blueprint is not available for whole year? So, people can buy anytime when they have enough money…Thanks

    • aniksingal

      Hey Nieve,

      Yes that is Inbox Blueprint :) I have it closed only because I like to work with the students as a “class” – where we push everyone along together!

      We will re-open in about 2-3 months I believe!

      Anik Singal

      • Nieve Lee

        Hi, Anik. Is that possible I can purchase Inbox blueprint at August this year? Thanks.

      • Pranav Bhati

        Anik please please answer this question of mine – in which month will you re-open the inbox blueprint?

  • Talabi Odutola

    I am interested in internet business.How do I go about it?Give me some practical and simple internet business that I can do to make money.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Talabi, you just asked a question that I create entire courses on :) It’s too hard for me to answer here on one blog comment! But tell you what, I’m soon going to be releasing some case studies, I’m listening to everything people here are saying and have some ideas to do some FREE training for everyone!



    Thanks Anik. but you know,i live in Vietnam and i don’t have any experience in MMO.It’s hard? So, please, tell me what should do right now?

    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      The beauty of making money online is that the world is your market regardless of where you live. I have a book that has been selling on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing since early 2013 but people all over the world are buying it. It gets me an average of $30 per month…see?

      Work through that limiting belif and reach of the stars. It’s possible.

  • Debra Stewart RN

    Anik (I love your name), How do I get started. I’m desperate to quit nursing. I’m a single mom of a 13 year old daughter and am very busy with 2 part time jobs. I took a sales position to be on the other side of the fence because I’m an easy sell. I’m in crazy debt from taking chances. I once bought into an invention company with an idea and lost 10,000$ but learned not to ignore red flags when I don’t get a straight answer. An expensive lesson. I just need something fairly straight forward. Info overload makes me easily overwhelmed and then I freeze.

    • aniksingal

      Hey Debra, Thank you for the compliment :)

      As I’ve said to a few others here, the question you asked is actually a BIG one… I’ve created entire courses on just this one question! :) It’s too hard for me to answer here on one blog comment! But tell you what, I’m soon going to be releasing some case studies, I’m listening to everything people here are saying and have some ideas to do some FREE training for everyone!


  • Cheri Dion Nowlin Colón

    Hello Anik! I was SO EXCITED to have learned about your InBox BluePrint program. It is exactly the training I have been intending to find to help me launch my email marketing business. But as quickly as I found the program, I was crushed to see that it was no longer accessible. Will it be available again in the near future? In the last 2 weeks, I have been studying and applying the “Certain Way of Doing Things” that I have learned from the SSGR program and since then, all of the mentors that I have intended have shown up…including you. I want to learn from YOU. Your videos and methods of presentation are top-notch. What can I do today to gain access to your incredible wealth of knowledge and the training programs that you have so generously created for entrepreneurs like me? I sincerely want to learn from you. :)

  • barbara bidinger

    hello Anik, I to was crushed when I found that the inbox blueprint was no longer accessible. I truly want to learn about inbox blueprint. when I watched your video I was totally blown away in regards to how easy it was do. I am disable and really need to fine away to make money. when I scene your video I was so excited to have finally found something that I know I can do. only to fine out now that I am to late. however, if and when you decide to open the doors for more people to join I will be there. I hope its soon. Thank You, Barb Bidinger e-mail:

  • Ile Spasev

    Anik buddy, I am great fan of yours and I enjoy watching your videos and read your writings. I know about the Law of Focus and that if one wants to achieve anything worth in life, one needs to focus on that One Thing. But the thing is, how to find that One Thing? I find my self having many interests, and being passionate about many things, not having decided on that One Channel for expression and focus yet. Some tips on how to find that One Thing? Thanks and keep the good job, you are great inspiration for all of us here.

  • vicki

    Hi Anik

    How do I go about finding affilliates for my product

  • Terry

    I am having trouble picking a niche. I have studied the “inboxer” videos but find them a little lacking in that I still haven’t found one. Any help would be appreciated

  • Payal Shrimali

    hi anik,
    I am from India. I receive your email on regular basis. Reading your post I am just curious about knowing all about internet marketing and about inbox. Please guide me and help me how can I start.

  • Rod

    When are you doing “In Box Blue Print again”?

  • Helena Nylander

    anik, i really have trouble getting feedback from your support team….what to do?

  • Nieve Lee

    Hi, Anik. I cannot access the webinar for online training…. Do you have replay for the webinar? Thank you.

  • Isley Goulart

    Hi Anik! How are you doing?
    I am going through a course now and I have an assignment to have one of my mentors answer a couple of questions…
    1- What caused you to want to become an entrepreneur and what has been your greatest achievement in your business so far?
    2- What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to me, as I grow into my entrepreneurial journey?
    As always I appreciate all you do for your students, especially the great 101 opportunity I had!
    Best Regards,

  • Pranav Bhati

    Hi. Please answer these questions of mine. In which month will you re-open the inbox blueprint? And I don’t have a credit card, so what all methods do you accept as payments? How will I recieve my income? And do I already need to have a business before, or I can start out with absolutelt nothing, (but the email lists, as you had 😛 ) and start earning money? Thanks a lot!!!!! :-)

  • rudy ferrara

    hi anik

    Though it’s been a slow steady road i’ve made more progress with inbox blueprint than any course i’ve taken. I’ve actually written an “about me” which i’ll put on my first blog in the health and fitness niche. I’ve never made a dime on the internet but have more hope of doing so with IB. I put a minimum of two hours a day for IB. Hopefully i’ll have my first blog up and running soon as well as my first free offer, a pdf. and offervault TYP offer. I have questions esp about building a mutually profitable relationship with my subscribers.From what i can tell it’s much easier to get a list than it is to keep people coming back each day/week for more, as well as making enough money to continue. Your continued support is priceless to us newbies. Thanks, and i hope to one day soon report my first sale

    rudy ferrara

  • Mrdave Dahl

    Dear anik .

    Love your new ASM team.

    One question I have is , I had amazon call me in person ,to ask me if id like to do business with them etc . I turned them down.
    Called me again.3 weeks later .
    After I seen you aad bob with ASM.

    I said yes .
    One question is .about private labeling a product.

    Lest use the new Philips LED slim buld as an example.

    Can you show me how or send some info how to do or your way?

    Wont that Infringement on the companies brand etc.

    Im very confused. Here.

    Thank you kindy Anik for your focus to change the world one person at a time.

    Sinerly Dave Dahl.
    Ceo and founder of OSIN

  • joanne

    what advice would you give and tipsto building my business alone.
    as im asking to be blessed with the money to become part of your team

  • Musonda Mumba

    How can I purchase inbox blueprint and become your affiliate no. 1

  • bob

    Hey Anik, I thought I saw that you have a product that teaches you how to sell products through Amazon. Can you send me a link to that ?

  • Jim B.

    How to teach what I know about clean, sustainable energy? Like the new standard of electricity will be 48 volts DC….etc.

  • Steven Kinard

    Anik, are you LDS? In your Future of Wealth PDF, on your “spiritual” section on vision board examples, Elder Henry B Eyering was on there haha. Just curious because I am LDS myself. Love your stuff btw! Thanks!

  • Jay Black

    Excellent and free content, I’ve been recording many of the workshops from your site and mark lings site, then converting them to mp3 and listening to them on my mp3 player. Excellent content, and Bob Proctor is awesome too.

  • roshan

    I am at a point in my life where iam stuck and lost
    how can i direct the inspiration i get from people like you and Bob Proctor to find my purpose and achieve happyness

  • Susan Goldman

    What happen to this offer. When I bought the package it said that this was one of the benefits of the purchase, and then when I called to find out how to build a business live with you and monitor it, your CSR made it sound like this offer never existed. Why? I would also like to know why I can’t get answers to my questions that are not glorifying the program but that are complaints. For instance, I sent a request for an answer to the question: Why weren’t we told that your Inbox Blueprint Method could not be used for advertising on google. I asked this question 2 times over the last 2.5 months and have yet to receive an answer. Why?

  • tameka

    i was just wondering if your 3 minute system really works i want to try i am a complete newbie

  • Carol-Ann

    Hi Anik, I am Carol-Ann from Barbados, in the Caribbean and i am desperately trying to start an online business that is truly successful and can finally relieve the financial, emotional and physical burdens that my family now experience. I am soo tired of all the overload of info without sound direction, therefore I NEED to know that I am finally going in the right direction that can help create for us the financial freedom we soo desperately need at this time. I am wife and mother to 4 and i have a full time job that literally stresses me until most recently I became ill because of it. My husband works really hard and has great business ideas but no financial backing and we cant afford to lose anymore money. Especially if its me investing in something he doesnt really trust because of all the scams out there. I NEED your honesty, can this work for us even from Barbados????

  • Carol-Ann

    Can this 15 week program really work for me??? Before i take the financial leap of investing in this, I just need to have some honest advice,OR can you ask me any important questions i might need to reflect on, as those of us in the profession of personal development and counselling so often do.
    Eagerly awaiting your response…..

  • Jagdish Jani

    Dear Sir Mr.Anik Singal,

    My name is
    Jagdish Jani and my age is 65 years,i know you through internet since
    long back when i saw a video in which you took a interview of Mr.Amit

    because i am trying since last 6-7 years to learn how to earn
    money with internet online.but never earned a single dollar.and wasted 7
    years of life and more then 80,00=00 indian rupees for buying some
    courses and internet expenses and

    I saw your video in which all 5 peoples making more
    than $1000 each,i also read your e-book – Inbox blueprint.but i could
    not understand how to start,i know i have to join you by paying $97 X 3
    times but i don’t have a credit card and i think i can not learn it
    online through your online training,if you have any office in Mumbai –
    India,then please send me address and contact number so i can visit
    there and learn to earn online with your coaches personally.because i
    don’t have any special skill or technical knowledge about internet and
    even i can’t understand English language 100% properly.all i can do is
    read and write emails,copy+paste

    ,and follow some simple instructions.

    I hope you
    will help me to start my internet business to earn online.By name Anik
    Singal i think you are indian,and you will surely help me,so i can help
    lots of indian peoples


    • Sunganani L. Manjolo

      Jagdish – I totally understand and identify with where you are. I used to be like that. Here is how I got out
      1. Follow what the successful people do…like Anik, Chris Farrell and many others. Get on their lists, watch their videos, read their blogs, reports etc. Let’s stick with Anik. I couldn’t pay the $97 but I got the book and
      2. Worked the system using free resources i.e. blogger, weebly, listwire. I have since started earning money from that. Then
      3. Invest that money into paid resources. They get things done faster.

      A side note: never undervalue yourself. You are an expert at something that people will want to pay for online. All the successful guys and gals making it big online sell something valuable. Just like you would do in the offline business world.

      Just for the record, I am from this tiny country in southern Africa called Malawi. India is way ahead of us but I have started earning money online…you can do it too.

      Regards and all the best.

  • Holly Campbell

    I started your inbox blue print program and also joined Mark Ling’s program too. However, I’m experiencing the same problem. There are so many steps to learn with affiliate marketing that is seems almost impossible. Is there a way to just chunk it down and just do one thing and well? But it appears you must have a blog, write good emails and frequently, have active social media channels and the list goes on. I find your program easier than Mark’s but I still feel overwhelmed. Will I really make money?

  • Susan Magna

    Hi anik,

    I’ve been studying law of attraction, bob proctor, and tony Robbins for years. I’ve actually gotten good at manifesting things especially free vacations!

    But as far as a personal income growth, it has improved but not fast enough.

    What’s the best way to keep my mind strong and focused on the income I want. I think it’s hard for me to visualize a $200,000 income because it’s just a number and not really a tangible visualize image.

    Should I focus on all the things I expect to change in my life with having that income or should I focus on checks with large amount coming in?

    i guess the money is hardest for me to imagine as if I already have it. Maybe it justs takes practice and persistence

  • Peter Bardsley

    I have 5 health businesses,+ 70+ top tips,hear of free viral mailers but need help to program one & advice if best to send links alone or combine in a blog with one URL.possibly adding regular content from the tips to attract any searching for items listed,Peter

  • Justin Kouassi Yao

    just want to now which traffic your 4 students used to earn more than 1000 us the very first day…