Following Your Gut – Do You DARE?

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trust-gut-intuitionI’m inspired to write a post today about your GUT. This is such a debated and controversial concept. Here’s something you hear a lot now days:

“Just follow your gut…”

It’s kind of become a CLICHE statement lately.

Most don’t even know what it means to “follow your gut” – but it sounds right so we keep saying it. Well, THAT’S become a REAL problem.

I’ve discovered that knowing how to follow your gut can be a GIFT unlike any other. It’s saved me from SO much stress and SO much losses, I don’t know what to tell you.

I want to teach how to follow your gut now by giving you a personal and RECENT story…

My Story: How Following My Gut Saved My Business…

…The last 6 months my entire team was FEVERISHLY working on an amazing product. Something that I truly believe in and has helped change my life and the lives of my students, countless numbers…

– I wanted it to be PERFECT.
– I wanted the LAUNCH to be PERFECT.
– I wanted a TON of SUPPORT.

Now, to make matters more complex…

I started hitting lots of “issues” 2 weeks before the projected launch. We had technical issues creeping up. I didn’t feel the marketing was nearly as prepared as I wanted to be. ALSO – things didn’t seem perfect.

My GUT was off. I didn’t have that “GOOGLY‘ feeling that we expect to have before the most exciting project of the decade (That I’ve worked on).

Also, I had built QUITE the buzz around affiliates to get them excited to promote this offer. There were a LOT of people looking forward to it.

But… one night, I sat staring at a wall and I KNEW it just didn’t feel right. My GUT was saying to me that “we’re not ready…this is too much risk this way…don’t do it.”

Then my LOGICAL side kicked in and said “But…everyone has been working on this. You need the revenue. Everyone will be disappointed. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!”

This is when the battle begins…

Your LOGICAL vs. Your GUT

Honestly, for me…I’ve just become USED to listening to my gut.

I trust it.

I follow it.

It’s hard many times, but if the feeling is loud enough, I just know.

So I delayed the launch. Guess what?

It Was The BEST Decisions I’ve Made In Long Time

I am relieved. I am working on the launch slowly. I’m making everything better and better. Had I listened to my logical side, I could have made one of the biggest mistakes of my career.

But, I didn’t.

So, now I want to ask you question:

“How Do YOU Think We Can Differentiate Between Our LOGIC & Our GUT”

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