Is Google Looking To KILL Email Marketing?

I had a semi panic attack when I saw THIS (first thing when I woke up):


 So, what is this?

A New “TAB BASED” Google Inbox. They’re currently rolling it out to ALL GMAIL users over a few weeks and I was the lucky one today.

Google is now taking it upon themselves to figure out what you need to see and how to categorize it. For me, they chose “Primary, Social and Promotions.” I’m good with it all, but it was seeing “Promotions” that really had me shook up.

Then I raced to click Promotions to see what’s what and I found this:


So, there I am. NO LONGER In the Primary Inbox. This means someone will have to SPECIFICALLY go to their “PROMOTIONS” inbox to find my Emails soon.

This could really REALLY hurt the “Clickthrough Rate” and “Open Rate” on Emails. Having been an Email marketer now for 11 years, this is something I’m definitely watching!

I’m Tracking My Stats Closely Coming Weeks…

Jut FYI everyone, I know my Clickthrough and Open stats VERY well from past history. I will be watching them like a HAWK to see any decrease or change. It seems it will take Google weeks to fully deploy this so it may take me time to notice any change.

Let’s not “panic” yet. As my friend Jimmy says: “We’ll find a solution, we always do.”

2 Possible Silver Linings To Take a Sigh of Relief From? or Are They?

#1 – The user CAN assign your “promotion” as a “primary” and move the boxes. Google will then start boxing them the way the user wants. But, honestly, how many will really do this?

#2 – I saw THIS: There’s a fancy little green blinking message that entices me to click my “Promotions” tab by showing me that there are new messages in it.


But my main concern is the PSYCHOLOGY behind it. By the time your reader even reaches your message, Google has already put the word “promotion” into them. Guards are up!

Either way, I’ll admit to ONE thing. As a USER, I find it nice. My inbox is less “cluttered.”
But as a marketer…so far…I hate it.

As always, the marketing community will go stronger with this. I just wanted to make everyone aware of it and also get your feedback! What do you think?

** I’ll be doing data collecting and report back as soon as I have something…

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