Perk of Working From Home: You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

1Socks, shoes, slacks, undershirt, button up, tie, jacket… hair done, clothes pressed, shoes shined…what a pain!

Are you tired of getting “dolled up” every day to go and see the same people, who are also dressed up to impress nobody but the boss, who is dressed to impress…well—who knows?

The ability to work from home comes with a whole host of perks,
one of them being every day is casual Friday!

Not just work casual either. Don’t want to get out of your jammies? Don’t have to. Sleep in your underwear, wake up and need to write a report? No problem.

A lot of the time when I shoot videos I like to rock a nice shirt with shorts and flip flops. That’s how I roll!

This is one small example of the many perks working from home allows you. No shoes, no shirt required when you have a killer job working for yourself.

Of course, some people find it easier to get work done when they throw a shirt and a pair of pants on. It’s psychological. But this is just an illustration of the FREEDOM you have being your own boss.

You wake up when you want to wake up, you eat where you want to eat, you take whatever kind of breaks you need—even a nap!

You have the ability to take care of your pets or your kids and you never have to ask for a sick day.

The key is balancing all of this freedom with the ability to stay productive.
As long as you can get your work in and meet your deadlines, you are golden!

So forget the pants. Do something you love without leaving the house. Just make sure to put on those pants if you want to head out for lunch!