No More Free – Why it’s Good for Your Empire

Over the years, I’ve received literally THOUSANDS of requests for free help, free consulting and free access to my courses:

“Anik, if you just let me in for free – I’ll be your best student…”

“Anik, I need this and you are the only one who can help me finally get my finances back on track…”

“Anik, I have a great idea, I just need you to help me with…”

For the first few years I was in business, I gave out a LOT of freebies. I helped a LOT of people.
And you know what came from it?


Well… I shouldn’t say “nothing”, many of the people that I’ve given free courses and help to have actually been nightmares! They get more and more demanding, they ask for more freebies and they have even gotten down-right rude when I finally have to draw a line and say “no more”.

And – as if that weren’t bad enough, I don’t have a single success story to tell about anyone I’ve given free help or products to.

It occurred to me that giving free access to me, my team and my products is really not helping anyone.

So – recently, I made a big decision: No more “free”.

Here are the 4 reasons why I know this is the right choice for me and for you:

  1. You need to put some skin in the game. You have to be invested in the success of your business. If I GIVE you something for free… what’s the harm to you if you NEVER use it…?

    We have people selling their TVs and giving up dinner out each week in order to buy our products. Those people WILL succeed.

    Not only do they want to build their businesses, they want their TVs back, they want to go out to dinner again.

  2. You have to learn that it’s not always easy. I know that you may not have any money right now. Most people DON’T when they get started. That’s part of what makes them strong later on.

    Who is going to help you when you’ve built your business, you have a team, you have an office, you have bills that need to be paid – and you have a bad year??

    Getting started with no money and learning through the school of hard-knocks will prepare you for the difficult times that your business will go through in the future (and it will – they all do!).

  3. You have to learn that “ideas” are worthless (huh?!). Until you EXECUTE on those ideas – they are worth zero, zilch, zip… nothing!

    I’m always surprised when people come to me with their “idea” and expect me to execute it… and then share the profits with them.

    Guys, I’ve got ideas. I’ve got a team who is full of ideas. Executing those ideas is the hard part. That’s what I do – and that’s what I’ve built my millions on.

  4. I already give you a LOT of free stuff! My team was key in pointing this one out to me. They say I’m too modest about it… but they are right, I do give away a lot for free.

    We have the free 158 page book that gives away a lot of great content from Empire Formula. I have a blog at where I share proven-profitable strategies. I have an eLearning network where we share training, webinars and networking for performance marketers for free.

Ultimately – I want you to be successful. Experience has shown me that giving away free courses, executing your ideas and allowing you to become a charity does not set you up for success and does not give you the foundation you need to be successful for the long term.

So… no more free.

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Now, I just have one question for you.

Are You Ready?

The Power of The Word “FREE!”

What up, it’s 2 AM here in India where I write this, so hope you get good use of it – put it into your marketing and make me proud!

The word FREE has proven itself over and over – yea, believe it or not, I do TEST (sometimes).

Now, since I’m up till 2 AM doing this, I think it’s only fair I ask you to leave a comment, right? 😉