Now…What do YOU want to know? Ask me!

Hey guys, I’ve spent the last month talking about the things that I know are important to start building your empire.  Now I want to hear from YOU…

Ask Me Anything

  • What are the things you get stuck on?
  • What do you feel like you need to know more about to succeed or…
  • What’s the most random, off the wall thing you can think to ask me?
  • –I wanna have some fun here too 🙂

    The only “dumb” question is the one you don’t ask — bring them on!

    Leave your question in the comments sections below – I’ll answer as many of them as I can.

    Note – Since we get thousands of visitors every day, don’t be offended or discouraged if I don’t get to your question.  But the quicker you ask, the better chance you have of getting your answer – so ask now!

    Remember nothing too big or too small – leave your question in the comments NOW…I’ll start answering SOON!