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Dori Friend, Page One Engine CASE STUDY

She Wanted to Make a Dollar. She Made 1 Million of Them.


Anik is the best mentor you can have! Just one of my products sold over $1 Million this year from his training.
Dori Friend, SEO Expert

Dori Friend is THE SEO person in the Internet Marketing world. She’s considered a thought leader in the Search Engine Marketing space and is a self-proclaimed "SEO geek" as well as the founder/head of SEONitro. She’s been working online since 1993 and marketing online with her own websites since 2000. Dori has designed and built SEO software, has organized and run private SEO workshops and masterminds, and has created many of the largest and most exclusive closed-door blog and link networks.


But when it came time to launch her own product, she knew she wanted to get help from someone who had a proven track record… so she came to me with a goal to increase her authority and
influence within her niche.


Here’s what happened…

I shared my 7-step digital publishing system with her. My system combined with her expertise, she created her first information product last year.


Dori wanted to create a product to teach people who were NEW to the SEO world how to easily achieve Page One rankings. The Page One Engine launch was a way for her to give back to the people just getting started online and also allowed her to double her raving fan base in the process.


She went into it with zero expectations.


“I just want to make a dollar,” is what she told me.


She made more than a million dollars with a single information product.



  • We worked on her launch for 8 months
  • She built valuable relationships within her niche, not only with new partners, but strengthening and growing her community of followers.

  • Her launch did over $1.1 Million in sales