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How He Builds $1M+ Ecommerce Stores From India!

Featured Guest: Badal Pandey

On today’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, Anik spoke with 20-year-old Badal Pandey who’s an expert at scaling eCom businesses. During their conversation, he explained the exact strategies he’s used to scale multiple businesses to more than $1 million in sales. Check out today’s episode now! Don’t forget to follow Badal on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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The 4 Most Profitable Ad Funnels For 2021

Featured Guest: Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo's agency turns $3M a month of ads on Facebook and Youtube into a 2x-10x ROI for his clients. Today, he reveals the FOUR ad funnels that are working best right now - and where YOU should focus your ad dollars to maximize your revenue this year.

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Episode 270

He is going to profitably Spend $12 Million on TikTok ads!

Featured Guest: Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn is going to profitably spend $12 million on TikTok ads! It’s an incredible number, but if anyone can do it, it’s Maxwell. He’s an absolute master at advertising on TikTok, and on today’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, he shared ALL of his tips and tricks for the platform. And don’t forget to follow Max at

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Episode 269

How He Did $5 Million in 37 Minutes Launching NFTs!

Featured Guest: Jordan Franze

How He Did $5 Million in 37 Minutes Launching NFTs! Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur as he speaks with Jordan Franze - the man who’s helped raise over $50 million to NFT projects. Listen to today’s episode now and learn exactly how NFT projects are launched! And be sure to follow Jordan at

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Episode 268

He makes $1M+ a Month in 23 Weird Niches Using Quiz Funnels! | Ryan Levesque

Featured Guest: Ryan Levesque

On today’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur Anik interviewed Ryan Levesque - the man who built a $10 million a year business with “quiz funnels.” Learn exactly how he did it, and how quiz funnels can be powerful tools for ANY business!

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Episode 267

He Makes $500,000 A Month From A $7 Product! | Jonathan Montoya

Featured Guest: Jonathan Montoya

Join Anik Singal on today’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur as he speaks with Jonathan Montoya - a master of low-ticket funnels. Jonathan explained exactly how he’s been able to generate $500k a month, all with a funnel that starts with just a $7 offer! And don’t forget to subscribe to Jonathan’s YouTube Channel!

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Episode 266

$110,000 Profit In 1 Month on Airbnb Without Owning A Single Property

Featured Guest: Humza Zafar

On this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, Anik was joined by Humza Zafar. He’s been able to bring in $110,000 a month in profit all from renting Airbnb properties he doesn’t even own. How is this possible? It’s all with a strategy called “Rental Arbitrage” that he explained in great depth. Don’t miss it! You can follow Humza on TikTok right here:

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Episode 265

Is A Housing Market CRASH Coming? And, Am I Still Buying?

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on this week’s solo episode as he discusses the current state of the housing market. Prices are through the roof, inventory is low - are we due for a pullback in real estate? Anik discusses his thoughts and what he’s doing with his real estate investments.

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Episode 264

TikTok – The 30 Second Secret To Getting Millions Of Views FAST

Featured Guest: Ryan Magin Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur as he talks with an absolute TikTok rockstar, Ryan Magin. For the past 2+ years, Ryan has helped over 30 clients grow their TikTok accounts from zero to millions of views and followers. In fact, he’s had over 500 videos get more than 1 million views (in 24 hours or less!).

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Episode 263

Recession is HERE – The 5 Places I Am Investing My Money…

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on today’s SOLO episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur. Today, he’s talking about whether we’re headed straight for an economic recession in 2022… Anik thinks so - and he spent today’s episode talking about how he’s preparing for a recession and how he plans to navigate it. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 262

How He Went From 0 TO 50,000 Members Who Pay Every Month

Featured Guest: Dave Rogenmoser

Anik is joined by SaaS expert Dave Rogenmoser on this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur. He’s the man behind Jasper. It’s an AI-based writing technology that helps customers create written content for blogs, social media, websites, emails, and literally anything you need written content for! Listen to today’s full episode to hear Dave’s remarkable story and see for yourself how anybody can start their own successful business with persistence and the right mindset. Learn more about Jasper at

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Episode 261

How He Made $7M – Full Reveal!

Featured Guest: Adrian Morrison

oin Anik Singal on this week’s episode as talks to an absolute marketing genius. Guest Adrian Morrison has made $7 million online all by selling cheap $5 products he never touches, inventories, or delivers. During the episode, Adrian walked Anik through the steps he teaches students on how to start their own stores exactly like he did!

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