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Is A Housing Market CRASH Coming? And, Am I Still Buying?

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on this week’s solo episode as he discusses the current state of the housing market. Prices are through the roof, inventory is low - are we due for a pullback in real estate? Anik discusses his thoughts and what he’s doing with his real estate investments.

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The 4 Most Profitable Ad Funnels For 2021

Featured Guest: Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo's agency turns $3M a month of ads on Facebook and Youtube into a 2x-10x ROI for his clients. Today, he reveals the FOUR ad funnels that are working best right now - and where YOU should focus your ad dollars to maximize your revenue this year.

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Episode 264

TikTok – The 30 Second Secret To Getting Millions Of Views FAST

Featured Guest: Ryan Magin Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur as he talks with an absolute TikTok rockstar, Ryan Magin. For the past 2+ years, Ryan has helped over 30 clients grow their TikTok accounts from zero to millions of views and followers. In fact, he’s had over 500 videos get more than 1 million views (in 24 hours or less!).

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Episode 263

Recession is HERE – The 5 Places I Am Investing My Money…

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on today’s SOLO episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur. Today, he’s talking about whether we’re headed straight for an economic recession in 2022… Anik thinks so - and he spent today’s episode talking about how he’s preparing for a recession and how he plans to navigate it. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 262

How He Went From 0 TO 50,000 Members Who Pay Every Month

Featured Guest: Dave Rogenmoser

Anik is joined by SaaS expert Dave Rogenmoser on this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur. He’s the man behind Jasper. It’s an AI-based writing technology that helps customers create written content for blogs, social media, websites, emails, and literally anything you need written content for! Listen to today’s full episode to hear Dave’s remarkable story and see for yourself how anybody can start their own successful business with persistence and the right mindset. Learn more about Jasper at

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Episode 261

How He Made $7M – Full Reveal!

Featured Guest: Adrian Morrison

oin Anik Singal on this week’s episode as talks to an absolute marketing genius. Guest Adrian Morrison has made $7 million online all by selling cheap $5 products he never touches, inventories, or delivers. During the episode, Adrian walked Anik through the steps he teaches students on how to start their own stores exactly like he did!

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Episode 1

[Ask Anik] Should Employees Work Hard & Are Bosses Evil?

Featured Guest: Joe Ennis

Join Anik Singal on the very first official episode of “Ask Anik” with host Joe Ennis. In today’s episode, Anik reveals his thoughts on today’s work culture, how to get the most out of the employee/employer relationship, and MUCH more. “Ask Anik” is a new series within The Fighting Entrepreneur Podcast that will go live every Friday.

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Episode 260

How He Makes $30,000 A Month On AirBnb With Just 4 Properties

Featured Guest: Michael Elefante

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode as he grills one of the top AirBNB coaches out there. Guest Michael Elefante currently has 4 properties generating over $30,000 per month in cash flow… And on this episode he drops one value bomb after another on everything related to starting and managing AirBNB properties. You can follow Michael on TikTok at melefante6 or at

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Episode 259

Meet A $500M Genius Marketer…

Featured Guest: Los Silva

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and meet a genius marketer who has generated about $500 million online. Guest Los Silva has done everything the past 20 years but hold down a traditional job… Publishing courses, running an agency, building and selling supplement companies, building ecom brands, consulting for other businesses, growing a brokerage firm, and more! You can follow Los online at or connect with him on Instagram @loshustle.

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Episode 258

A New Wave In Affiliate Marketing – How To Make $50,000 A Year or More

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on this week’s solo episode as he discusses one of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve seen in Affiliate Marketing in years. He reveals some of the most surprising statistics about the affiliate marketing industry, and how you can capitalize on them.

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Episode 257

How He Did 9-Figures In 3 Years With TRIPLE NET (NNN) Commercial Real Estate Investing!

Featured Guest: Matt Onofrio

Join Anik Singal this month as he takes a deep dive into the secret word of “triple net real estate”. Anik is joined by Matt Onofrio - a doctor turned real estate investor who has managed to grow his net wealth to over 9 figures in less than 3 years! Join them this week as Anik realizes this is an opportunity he can’t ignore anymore. Matt also has a new book coming out in September 2022. You can get on the pre-order list at

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Episode 256

How I Make 250% On Facebook Ads

Featured Guest: Thomas Kammerer

Join Anik Singal as he interviews Lurn’s Director of Acquisition & Monetization, who reveals how he helps Anik get a 250% return on Facebook ads. On this episode, Thomas Kammerer reveals the 3 KEY things you need to make a 250% return on ad spend. And you can discover his 5-step framework & learn how to be profitable with Facebook ads. Just register at

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