I’m sharing a bit about my journey with you in the hopes that it will inspire you.

While I can’t deny that I love my life, and that I’ve helped a tremendous amount of success, it hasn’t all been filled with sunshine. Some moments have been downright dark and scary...

I’m sharing a bit about my journey with you in the hopes that it will inspire. So you know that anything is possible if you’re willing to keep fighting for you dreams.

In order for you to truly understand my success, my passion and what makes me different, I first have to share something about how I was raised.

You see, everyone in my family is a doctor, lawyer or an industry-leading engineer. Ever since I was a child, I felt my ‘life path’ was already pre-chosen for me. I dedicated my life to the single purpose of following the footsteps of my family legacy. I was even excited about it!

For years I worked ridiculously hard to:

  • Earn a Full Scholarship
  • Attain an Ivy League, Pre-Med Degree
  • Get a One-Way Ticket to a Life of Fortune and Success

Like everything else I’ve achieved
in my life, I gave my dreams a
full 200% effort

the only problem was,
i was working incredibly hard
to achieve the wrong dream

In college, I studied around the clock, I completely ignored friends, I even sacrificed my health. What was the result?

It felt like the more I studied, the more I hated where my life was headed! I was too busy following this predestined ‘plan’ to even recognize that my HEART was violently shouting out against it!

What did my heart truly want? What did I want?

I wanted to start my own business.
And, I wanted to become an entrepreneur.

I loved the idea of being in complete control. I loved knowing the harder I worked, the more wealth and success I would enjoy.

But, the harder I worked toward the ‘forced’ pre-med path, the further I got from my real dreams. The one day my body decided to MAKE me listen.

It literally began to shut down.

That’s when I had my FIRST Aha Moments...

aha moment #1 i decided to leave everything
behind for the unknown


Yet, my passion kept pulling me in a completely different direction. Ultimately, I did what we should all do. I listened to my heart. In doing so, I took a HUGE gamble... I dropped out of the world-renowned pre-med program and took a dive into the completely unknown.

My friends thought I was crazy. My family was supportive, but concerned and honestly, I was scared out of my mind.

So immediately enrolled in business school. The problem was, I wanted more than just textbooks and business theory. I was bored. I wanted to be ‘hands on’... to learn by DOING.

But with just $100 to my name, I didn’t have many options.

knocking on the door of the digital marketing world

When I tell you I didn’t make a penny after 18 months, that’s not an exaggeration.

Oh sure, my friends were out working their college jobs, earning big bucks (at least it seemed at the time) and squandering every penny on spring breaks and football games. Sometimes I even had doubts if I was making the right decision.

My friends laughed at me. Even those who I considered mentors, told me I was ruining my life. Everyone around me told me I was crazy. Yet, still... there I was, working day and night, trying everything I could just to make my first dollar online.

Just ONE dollar!

Finally, after a year and a half of nothing, I was about ready to give up. I even gave myself an altimatum:

"Anik, you have just 24 hours. 24 hours to make just $1 on the internet. If you don’t, you MUST kiss your dreams goodbye and get a real job."

I gave this ONE last thing a shot. It was a Hail Mary play for sure, but it was all I had left. That night, I worked relentlessly until almost 3 in the morning. My head was bobbing up and down and my vision was fading and blacking out before I allowed myself to sleep.

Finally, out of sheer exhaustion, I fell asleep at the desk. But just for a few hours.

Then I work up to check my account... I said my last prayers and BOOM!

To my total amazement - my account showed that I made $330.

I made more in just a few hours of sleeping than I had made in 18 months!

Such a relief! Such a victory!

And the best part? I was on the verge of figuring out a formula for making a ful-time living online. This formula would soon transform my business, my life and the lives of thousands more!

growing my business from $330 to $10 million!

My formula became the foundation for my entire business. It simply worked. There was a direct correlation; the more I used my system, the more I gre my business! Fast!

It didn’t take long before... my initial success began to snowball. I was living the life. I was traveling the world First Class. I was speaking on stages from Vegas to Singapore. I was innovating new strategies that were changing the lives of my students.

Before I knew it, I was recognized as one of the Top 3 Best Entrepreneurs 25 and Under by BusinessWeek Magazine. As my company continued to grow, Inc500 even named my company among the Fasted Growing Companies in America. Not just once... TWICE! We are the 2nd fasted growing education company in the United States!

... all thanks to digital publishing!

I was living a jet set lifetyle. I had 3 global offices, a crazy number of employees and living the dream life.

People began to know the name ‘Anik Singal’. I had made it.


Or so I thought...

As my bank account swelled, so did my pride. I guess I thought I had The Midas Touch, the ability to turn rocks into gold.

Systems? Pff... systems are not for me. I invented my own systems. Better yet, I hired people to invent my systems. I thought I could do no wrong!

But in realiy...

i began losing touch with
the forumla & system...

I stopped following the simple steps that were responsible for
building my success and had made me millions.

I started to go away from digital publishing.

I ‘ll never know why, I just did...

And out of nowhere my business took a nosedive. Believe it or not, even the year we did $10 million in sales.

I actually LOST money. I didn’t have a lick of profit, and I actually went deep into DEBT!


it seemed like overnight my midas touch turned into
a evil curse

My expenses were through the roof. I was making mistakes left and right. It seemed every
move I made to get out of this hole, just made it deeper.

$1.7 MILLION deep in debt!

I borrowed from everywhere and everyone. Banks, credit card, affiliates, vendors... even friends and family.

Could it get worse? Yep - and it DID.

as my business & finance
went down the tube, so did my health...

I remember it vividly. I was on the runway on a plane in Amsterdam that was about to take off, when I had an ‘attack’.

I was sweating, my heart was racing, and I was beginning to fade out. Deep down I could feel something bad was happening, but what I didn’t know at the time was that I was having a major internal bleeding.

I blacked out right before the plane took off.

Luckily for me, my neighbour passenger noticed and alerted the flight attendant. The plane was stopped dead in its track on the runway, an ambulance was called and I was carted off the plane.

Later I discovered that in a matter on just a few hours, my body had lost almost 60% of its blood volume. When I passed out, I was just minutes away from going into shock. It was truly the most frightening times in my life.

the most frightening times in my life. The single moment was the biggest WAKE-UP CALL I’ve ever experienced.

MY BUSINESs was destroyed.
My health was destroyed.
but, guess who was still fighting!

I remember being in he hospital, surrounded by strangers who didn’t speak my language. I had nothing but silence around me.

This gave me time to really reflect on who I was, where I was going and what in God’s good name had happened to my life!

I was tortured by questions, specifically:

‘How did my business collapse so quickly and where did I go wrong?’

I didn’t exactly discover the answer at that hospital, but I began my journey to find the answer there.Thankfully, those amazing doctors saved my life.

I was given a 2nd chance.

I was convinced that God still had incredible plans for me. He wanted me to re-write my future. But first I had to learn from my mistakes, correct my wrongs and climb back to top again.

So... that’s precisely what I did.

aha moment #3 re-discovering my proven system a millionaire again!

as i regained my health, i regained
my drive it was shortly after that
incident in amsterdam that everything began to come together.

I started by asking myself ‘What was it that built my business the first time?’

And then it hit me like a bag of bricks... it was my formula. My digital publishing system. That was the engine behind my business. It’s what build my customer base. It’s what drove massive growth.

So, I went back to the basics. I focused on building my business through my proven system. Everything simply CLICKED! It took me 6 years to make $10 million the 1st time. This time... It did it in JUST 16 MONTHS!

Now, fast forward to today and... I have multiple online businesses. Between my own business, my clients’ busineses and the products I have helped others sell online, I’ve been able to generate over $120 million in online publishing sales.

I’m proud to say that I’ve trained over 250,000 students from all around the world. Many have gone to become millionaires and prominent business leaders in their fields - all by following the same golden system that I’ll never deter from again.

I’m also proud to say that with the money I’ve made, the non-profit I run, For All Our Good, has built 4 schools in India! And I plan to build over 100 schools in Mumbai, India alone! Then I’ll scale my model and build more schools around the world.

Basically - I’m not planning on slowing down anytime soon!

My Main Life Mission Making Education
Accessible for All People especially our future generations

my mission. my dream. my fight.

all of my experiences made me the person i am today

I’m a dreamer. I’m a fighter. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a speaker.
Most importantly, I’m a teacher.

Every morning, I make myself one solemn promise: to teach others, to teach you, what I know... So you, too, can share in these grand opportunities of creating and growing an online business using my simple digital publishing system.

What I’m Doing & Working On TODAY!

Years ago, when I was starting out and spending countless hours researching and testing, I learned a valuable lesson. One that shifted my whoe business mindset.

You see, there’s a massive amount of information out there that will lead you down the wrong path! Ideas, strategies and formulas that will HURT your business more than help it (believe me, I’ve tried a countless number of them)!

I’ve seen firsthand, too many people invest absurd amounts of time and money into resources that will never work, and it breaks my heart.

So, here’s my mission each and every day...

I promise to provide the most proven, most direct, and most beneficial ideas, strategies and blueprints to ENSURE your success: professionally, financially and personally!

My team and I will constantly create new entrepreneurial solutions that deliver the best results for today’s markets and technologies. So... If you’re willing to fight for your business and your success, I personally will never stop fighting for you.

ANIK SINGAL Dreamer. Teacher. Fighter.

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