Episode 212

How To Build A $5000 Offer In 24 Hours Or Less With Jeremy Bellotti

Featured Guest: Jeremy Bellotti

Jeremy Bellotti is the Lead Transformation Coach at Lurn and an expert at helping people leverage their knowledge and skills to create premium offers.
He’s helped thousands of people sell tens of millions worth of products online. Many of his students go from never having sold anything online to selling high-ticket offers of $5,000 or more.
Join us to discover how to finally create a premium offer and tap into the amazing boom of online education using skills you already have.

You can register for Jeremy’s upcoming 5-Day Premium Profits Challenge at https://lurn.com/premium.

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Episode Game Plan:

To register for Jeremy’s 5-Day Premium Profits Challenge, head to https://lurn.com/premium

Jeremy Bellotti is the secret go-to expert on mindset & business growth for online entrepreneurs, and one of the most well-respected experts & highest paid coaches in personal mastery. 

He helps mission-driven entrepreneurs master the mindset, legacy habits, & high-earning skills required to build a sustainable business.

Far from an overnight success, his journey demanded resourceful resilience & decisive action to break through hopeless circumstances of living in his car & drowning in massive debt.

He’s since gone on to dining with royalty, delivering a TED Talk, generating tens of millions of dollars online, and impacting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. 

As a world-class trainer & Lead Transformation Coach for Lurn®, Jeremy has unprecedented access to some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet and the millionaire rituals that make them rich & success unavoidable.

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…

° The two big mistakes most people make when trying to create a high-ticket offer…

° The most important first step you must take if you want to build a premium solution offer…

° The process Jeremy goes through with his students and clients to identify their highest leverage value and how to get people to pay for it…

° How to “take inventory” of yourself to figure out what you have to offer others…

° And so much more.

This episode is the perfect introduction to Jeremy’s 5-Day Premium Profit Challenge and a must-watch if you’re trying to figure out how to sell $5,000 offers online.

If you’re not yet registered for the event, you can do that right now at https://lurn.com/premium.

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