Episode 201

Networking Master: How Anik Becomes Friends With Will Smith – Step-By-Step with Jon Talarico

Featured Guest: Jon Talarico

John Talarico is the world’s foremost expert on building business relationships and partnerships that get results for clients. His unique methods have allowed him to work directly with industry experts, celebrities, and powerful thought leaders.
Join us and discover how you can use Jon’s tactics to connect and build relationships with anyone you desire.

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Episode Game Plan:

Building relationships is how Jon Talarico has been able to create partnerships that yield amazing results for his clients. 

Through his relationships, he’s worked with industry experts and thought leaders like Sonia Ricotti, Grant Cardone, Akon and yes, yours truly.

Through Jon’s connections, I’ve hung out backstage with Akon, eaten dinner with Shahrukh Khan, and now I’m business partners with Daymond John.

There’s truly an art and science to how Jon’s able to connect and build relationships with anyone.

Just imagine what a difference it would make in your life & business if you could meet anyone at the top of your industry.  

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll have the skills you need to build business relationships that get remarkable results.  

If you’d like to connect with Jon visit www.Jontalarico.us

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