Episode 170

How He Wrote $275,000 Worth of Copy in 19 Days – The Full Launch! (with Jake Hoffberg)

Featured Guest: Jake Hoffberg

Today were talking about my favorite subject…

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Episode Game Plan:

Today were talking about my favorite subject…

That’s right – copywriting!

You want to make money online, you want to be a successful businessperson, you want to be financially free?

Then you MUST learn copywriting.

17 years ago, my 1st mentor Justin Ford told me, “Every successful business person must be able to sell through the art of the written word.”

Wisest words I’ve ever heard.

And my guest today, Jake Hoffberg, understands that completely.

He’s only been writing copy for 4-5 years and has already written for Agora and trained many of their copywriters.

But that’s not the reason we have him on today…

Get this, he took a BRAND-NEW client and in 19 days executed multiple pieces of copy, put the whole launch together and went on to make $275,000 from a very tiny list.

And guess what?

We’re going to dissect that launch piece by piece.


I want to see how he did this, because this is not easy…

In fact – it’s very hard.

As always, I want you to take notes when you hear the awesome strategies that Jake deployed.

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