Episode 141

My New FREE Book & What’s Inside + 3 Ways To Become A Monster Copywriter…

My 2020 Mission Statement

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Episode Game Plan:

My 2020 Mission Statement

I have a true mission – to bring the message of GOOD copy to 100,000 entrepreneurs in 2020!

In order to do that I have 3 Major requests for you.

STEP #1 – Go to Lurn.com/5steps and join the workshop and at the end you will get something killer!

…can you guess what it is?

My New FREE Book & What’s Inside + 3 Ways to Become a Monster Copywriter…

  1. Take a structured course – Intro – understand the psychology. This is step #1
  2. Write, write, write -> Don’t wait for clients, re-write existing copy. You must write a lot.
  3. Get LIVE peer reviews. LISTENING to your copy get dissected is the #1 way.

STEP #2 – Join our Silent Sellers FB group.

You see this is where we will grow as a community. My mission to bring good copy to 100,000 entrepreneurs starts right here with this community.

On the FB group you will get the chance to interact with myself and other copywriters so you can grow our skills and continue to learn how to write good copy.

STEP #3 – Sign up and take the 21 Day Challenge!

Listen, copywriting has completely and fundamentally changed over the last 20 years.

You want to learn from someone who is selling digitally today, not some outdated teachings found in a book.

I am ushering a challenge.

For just a few dollars a day, I promise you that if you complete the 21-day challenge, then I will make you a better copywriter than 80% of the copywriters in the world!


  1. Go to lurn.com/5steps
  2. Join workhshop
  3. Get a FREE copy of my new book
  4. Join the 21 day challenge

Don’t waste this opportunity – use this time to learn more and grow more!

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