Episode 80

How To Create Passive Income With Amazon Kindle – Feat. Ty Cohen (Part 1)

Featured Guest: Ty Cohen

I have a groundbreaking episode for you today!

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Episode Game Plan:

I have a groundbreaking episode for you today!

In this episode, Kindle Expert, Ty Cohen and I discuss the HUGE opportunity Amazon Kindle offers for anyone to quickly generate some amazing income online.

And create a passive income stream in the process.

All it involves is uploading simple word documents into the Amazon Kindle platform once, and then get paid from it over and over again.

Ty Reveals:

  1. The simple 3-step process to generating amazing passive income on Amazon using simple word docs.
  2. How to get 90% of the work done for you.
  3. How you can start doing this & start generating income as early as next week!

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