Episode 137

$10,000 a Month with Kindle: Lurn Student Took Action & No Reveals How! – Feat. Nate Maskeri

Featured Guest: Nate Maskeri

Today I wanted to share a story of one of our Lurn students.

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Episode Game Plan:

Today I wanted to share a story of one of our Lurn students.

Nate Maskeri kindle publishing days all started from listening to the 2 part podcast episode with Ty Cohen.

Actually, Nate and his father are avid listeners of the Fighting Entrepreneur, but his father thought the episode would be powerful for his son to learn. After Nate listend t the podcast, he then began to research and consume all of the free training videos Lurn provided.

Nate was a fast action taker, and purchased the course as soon as it was available in August, 2019. He released his first free book in November, collecting email leads and building a presence in Amazon.

Fast forward 5 months, he made his first $1,500 in January. By mid February he made $2000. At his current rate, he is doubling month to month, he is projected to make $10,000 in March!

All Nate did was follow Ty Cohen’s instructions to the “T,” and started having incredible success.

In this episode Nate will reveal exactly what he did within those 5 months, and what he will add for the future growth of his publishing business

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