Episode 150

How to get 2 Million Tik Tok Views a week & make money with it! – Feat. Rachel Pedersen

Featured Guest: Rachel Pedersen

Chances are you’ve heard of a fun little app called TikTok.

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Episode Game Plan:

Chances are you’ve heard of a fun little app called TikTok.

And if you haven’t, then you might be wondering why everyone and their grandmother (Yes, even grandmothers) are suddenly doing crazy dance challenges and uploading them to social media.

Well thanks to the likes of people like Gary V. and our guest Rachel Pederson, TikTok has started to make a name for itself in the entrepreneurial space.

When Rachel first started TikTok, she only had 60 followers, but her first video got over 9,000 views in one night.

Get this, she even took a yearlong break from the app and still gained thousands of followers.

Now, with over 120K followers – Rachel receives well over 2 Million views a week.

Ok, so you’re thinking that’s cool…

…but I’m guessing the question that is on your mind is

  1. How does this make me money?

Well, that’s one of many questions Rachel answers in the interview.

Since she has focused her attention on TikTok, Rachel has:

  1. Increased sales by $60,000 in profit!
  2. Cut back her Facebook ad cost by $30,000!
  3. Gained 2,200+ YT subscribers in less than 2wks!

What’s her secret?

…well I will leave that up to Rachel to reveal that.

Watch the episode and get some amazing insights.

And If you want to learn more about Rachel go to TIKTOKGROWTHHACKS.COM

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