Episode 139

How I Made $3.8 Million in Affiliate Sales – The Complete Psychology Behind It.

Want to know HOW I generated $3.8 Million dollars in sales?

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Want to know HOW I generated $3.8 Million dollars in sales?

90% of the success was because I implemented a marketing strategy called “Event Based Marketing.”

You may be asking, what in the world is Event Based Marketing?

I break it down into 3 Principles I apply to promoting… literally anything! It is applicable to any business model, product, or service!

The pudding is all in the psychology, It is all about guiding the potential buyer to commit to daily micro commitments that will inevitably lead to a sale during the Launch date. Most affiliates break down their campaign strategy in 2 phases, pre-launch & Launch…


In today’s marketing environment, you need to keep it engaging, as if each day is a cliff hanger of your favorite HBO episode series.

I break down my Event Based Marketing strategy into 3 principles:

  1. NARRATIVE – I break down my campaigns into 6 stages! It is all about planting the seed in their minds, & nurturing the idea up through Launch.
  2. EXCITEMENT – Are you talking AT your audience or WITH your audience. This is the key difference between Direct & Interactive Marketing.
  3. GO ALL IN – “I am No Gambler.” -Anik Singal

I was almost hesitant to not post this episode because some of my teammates thought it was too revealing, but I don’t care about all that. I want to see my strategies put to action, all over the world!

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