Episode 195

Social Media Secrets: How To Gain 500,000 Followers Without Advertising

Featured Guest: Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pederson, mother of 3 and social media master, replaced her work income in just 6 months online. Now, she has 500,000 followers, 20 million monthly video views and multiple 7-figure businesses – all thanks to a unique social media strategy grounded in transparency and authenticity. Today, she’s sharing a social media blueprint that you can use to grow and monetize your own following in minutes per day.

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Episode Game Plan:

If you want to get FREE traffic using social media, then I have a great episode for you.

My special guest is an entrepreneur who’s a MASTER at social media marketing. She gets crazy organic reach which she’s able to later monetize.

She reaches over 500,000 people a month on Pinterest and on TikTok she has over 540,000 followers and gets 15-20 million video views a month!

But, her reach goes beyond just those two platforms.

In this episode, she’s going to give you a social media blueprint that you can implement today.

She has a killer strategy that she breaks down by:

  1. Long term content
  2. Medium term content
  3. Short term content

We take a deep dive as Rachel Pedersen reveals some awesome tactics to grow and maintain a long-lasting social media presence that you can monetize.

Follow Rachel on any social media platform @themrspedersen and check out her website https://rachelpedersen.com

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