Episode 133

How he made $76,993 in 24 hours, using a hidden gem in Google! Feat. Steve Clayton

Featured Guest: Steve Clayton

In today’s episode, you are going to have a mind-blown moment, because I DID!

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Episode Game Plan:

In today’s episode, you are going to have a mind-blown moment, because I DID!

Go to lurn.com/kibo to learn more!

Steve Clayton has a powerful background as a serial entrepreneur. His business partner, Aidan Booth, has teamed up to create a platform that makes it easier for people to start and scale their eCom business!

They discovered this business model from visiting a store in Japan, although the store was a brick and mortar shop, they found a model that can be used for online stores!

There are plenty of pains all new online stores face such as, finding the right products, working a deal with suppliers, getting the right licenses and certifications, shipping the product, research and development, and the list goes on!

But now… They have created Kibo, an all in-one & done-for-you eCom business. You select the products, and within a couple of clicks, you will have a website containing high-converting best-practices & products that have been proven to convert!

They also teach you a hidden traffic source in Google that NO GURU’S Are talking about!

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