Episode 177

How To Make $500+ A Day Giving Away Free Online Classes OTHER People Create! -Feat…Justin Atlan

How To Make $500 A Day Giving Away Free Stuff.

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How To Make $500 A Day Giving Away Free Stuff

The evolution of eCommerce has exploded in 2020.

It has been said that eComm has grown in 3 months, what they predicted it would grow in 10 years.

And that’s great.

But there’s another world that is being completely turned upside down…

And no ones talking about it.

It’s the world of education and self-education.

This is a $224 billion industry that has been shaken up – in a good way – during this crazy time.

That’s $614 million a day that’s being transacted that has moved virtually. This shift to online education is not only here to stay, but it’s growing at a steady pace.

So, today we’re interviewing a very special guest who will show us how to capitalize on this tremendous shift in online education.

He’s leading the charge and showing his students how to generate passive income, from the world of education, using some killer techniques, including software.

He’s even generated over $30 million in sales using a powerful system that we’re going to discuss in this episode.

Justin Atlan is my guest today and he’s going to teach you what you need to know to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar industry.

And heads up, Justin and I are going to do a killer workshop where we’ll show you how to get a passive income business up in just 3-clicks.

Head to Lurn.com/justin to sign up.

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