Episode 74

The #1 Business Model & Funnel is… Feat. Jeremy Bellottii

Featured Guest: Jeremy Bellottii

In this episode of TFE…

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Episode Game Plan:

In this episode of TFE…

I brought our Lead Transformation Coach on to talk about the easiest and one of the most profitable business models to start, as beginner.

He takes regular people, even people who think they have no chance of ever succeeding…

And turn them into successful Coaches and Consultants, making upwards of $70K a month…

In just a few short months!

In this episode, Jeremy and I discuss:

  1. Why it offers such a huge opportunity for beginners to get in & generate some amazing income right now!
  2. How you can take what you already know and charge people high 4-5 figures to do it for them.
  3. Our amazing 7-figure a year OFTEN funnel. This is the funnel students also use to get Coaching/Consulting clients like clockwork.

And much much more!

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