Episode 107

To Become The Influencer In Your Industry – Feat. JEFF HUNTER

The direct response marketing landscape is rapidly changing.

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Episode Game Plan:

The direct response marketing landscape is rapidly changing.

The cost of client acquisition through paid ads are all going up. Many marketers are trying to find ways to get past the high price of paid ads.

That’s where personal branding comes in.

It takes years to build a brand. But when done right, you don’t need to have a million followers to be profitable. All you need is a couple of thousand people who truly trust you, and look at you as a trusted advisor.

Branding is where you build a really strong, deep emotional connection with your audience… and they feel like you are omnipresent. You’re on top of their mind all the time.

In this episode, our guest Jeff Hunter, has built personal brands for founders and CEOs all over the world. He is now spilling the beans about all his hard-won secrets to branding success.

In this episode, I asked:

  1. How can a successful brand bring me more targeted, quality traffic? (15:25)
  2. How anyone can see rapid growth in their podcast and, in extension, their business? (29:33)
  3. How do I outsource quality staff in an inexpensive way? (55:20)

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. How did Jeff go from a project manager for the Philips Electronics company, to now a highly sought-after branding consultant?
  2. Why social media is vague and boring… and how anyone can use a hyper-effective branding strategy to build engagement and establish yourself as a true authority and influencer in your space.
  3. The 4-Step to punch up the power of podcasting. Plus, one little-known SEO strategy to boost your podcast brand.
  4. The one country you SHOULD only pay close attention to when it comes to outsourcing the best freelancers at reasonable prices.

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