Episode 109

Why Does Hiring More Employees Seem To Create More Work For You?

If you’ve ever hired people and you’ve been an entrepreneur…

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Episode Game Plan:

If you’ve ever hired people and you’ve been an entrepreneur…

Why does hiring more employees seem to create more work for you?

So you know when you get a lot of work and you’re getting very busy as an entrepreneur, you’re working those late hours going crazy… that’s when you decide to hire people.

Many times, you almost felt like you were barreling down the road to a more miserable life. It almost seems like you have to work harder than ever before, despite having more people in your team.

So, the question remains…

Why you’re more stressful when you hired someone to work on specific tasks?

In this episode, Anik shared the top 5 reasons why… and how you can reverse them to bring more revenue to your business.

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. How to determine the right person for your team so that they don’t add more work for you? (12:33)
  2. The very first thing you must do IMMEDIATELY after you get a new employee (Get this RIGHT and you’re on Easy Street) (14:43)
  3. Want the best chance of success with your new employees? Then THIS is what you need to do no matter how hard it seems. It removes the thought every entrepreneur faces, “God, if I want something done right, I just got to do it myself.” (17:39)
  4. How to remove yourself from the equation and let employees find the solutions on their own. (20:21)
  5. The real reason why giving freedom will make them fall in love with their job. (21:30)

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