Episode 98

Feat. Chester Santos- How to 3x your memory to 3x your revenue

As entrepreneurs, we’re moving at lightning speed.

Episode Game Plan:

As entrepreneurs, we’re moving at lightning speed.

It goes without saying that a good memory is crucial for an entrepreneur.

Whether it is business networking, building better relationships with people, or giving a presentation to investors or potential business partners… a good memory makes us more likable, impressive and memorable to people.

Especially in today’s highly-competitive world, a good memory will definitely help us stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your expertise.

In this episode, our guest, Chester Santos, who is also a memory champion, shared with us his battle-hardened secrets to getting a steep-trap memory. These exact secrets made him the International Man of Memory!

Listen to this episode now to start impressing more people, and making more money with your razor-sharp memory.

3 Keynotes:

  1. Exercise this one simple visualization exercise to flex your brain muscle and improve your memory skills… almost instantly!
  2. How to activate your brain senses and build more connections to the information so that you can encode a galore of information into your memory in seconds.
  3. Ways to take advantage of a good memory to make you more likable and, of course, make you more money.

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