Episode 106

How I Use Think Time To Make Millions!

A lot of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed every now and then.

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Episode Game Plan:

A lot of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed every now and then.

You kind of feel like you’ve got 17 hands holding onto your shirt, pulling you in 17 different directions. It’s overwhelming. It’s stressful. You’re not getting enough sleep because you have so many jobs on your plate.

The worst part? You are no longer working for the vision or for your dream.

In this episode, Anik shared how a specific three-hour of the day has enabled him to come up with the next million-dollar idea… and how you should have this specific time in your day to take your business to a new height.

Podcast 3 Keynotes:

  1. What is this specific, sacred three-hour of the day that can generate more profit? (05:24)
  2. What you MUST do to maximize this time window and get the most out of it. (06:42)
  3. How I remove myself entirely from my team while they grow the company on their own (10:17)

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