Episode 88

My Recent Talk At 10,000 Person Event Bombed- Here Is How I Saved It

In this episode of TFE,

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Episode Game Plan:

In this episode of TFE, I detail my experience about speaking at one of the biggest Real Estate Expos with an audience of over 10,000. Featuring heavy hitters like Tony Robbins, Pitbull (Rapper), etc.

How I absolutely bombed my first day but was able to turn it around, and the amazing result I got.

I’m going to bring it around full circle and tell you about:

  1. Why I decided to stop speaking at events (I’ll reveal the exact moment).
  2. The MOST important lessons I learned from failing & then succeeding at this event.
  3. An incredible ability I discovered, that I never knew I had in me.
  4. The biggest lesson you can learn from this as an Entrepreneur.

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