Episode 128

My 9 Marketing Predictions in 2020 & Why I’m Completely Changing My Marketing.

My 2020 Marketing Predictions are Finally Out!

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My 2020 Marketing Predictions are Finally Out!

Some of these predictions are controversial, I can already see some of my friends who I love to death probably disagree and will come after me with a bat on this one…

I almost pulled it out because I felt like it’s gonna upset some of my friends, but I really believe in them and I don’t want to hold back!

Over the last 2 months I had been recreating a brand new marketing plan that I think is equable down to everybody. I am literally throwing out my strategy from 2019 out the window!

Mark my words…

“In 2020 Lurn will at least double or triple in revenue in 2020

Do all 9 of these predictions correctly and you’ll be a marketing ninja.

Funnel Predictions

    1. Service Explosion!
    2. Customer Loyalty: Time Extension to 90 days
    3. Birth of Engagement Funnels

Traffic Predictions

    1. Death of Organic Social Media
    2. Power Play ReTargeting
    3. Influencers Pay for Performance

Conversion Prediction

  1. Going Deep (multiple products)
  2. Camouflaged Pitch
  3. Build a Tribe

To learn more details about these predictions, go to Lurn.com/2020 and read my open letter, where you can learn how you can become a marketing Ninja!

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