Episode 124

Big Announcement After My Asia Trip (And How It Would Benefit You!)

How much time are you investing in your dream?

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Episode Game Plan:

How much time are you investing in your dream?

Me? It was 30 minutes a day before my Asia trip. As ironic as it sounds, that’s the truth.

I was investing far too much time into things that don’t make significant impact on my goal.

So during my Asia trip, I had a lot of thinking and reflection time. That was when I realized the big hole in my effort to fulfill my goal.

I had made big decisions for the Lurn platform, and myself in 2020.

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. The untold truth about combining work and vacation together. It is not what you think it is.
  2. The biggest change to The Fighting Entrepreneur podcast – this is a drastic change, but it is a must in order to serve more entrepreneurs like you.
  3. The biggest change to the Lurn Platform – and how it will positively impact you as an entrepreneur.

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