Episode 157

Freedom Friday — Carla Royal – How To Deal with Stress, Anxiety & The Inner Fighting Coronavirus Is Creating…

3 Mental Skill You Should Learn During Covid-19

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3 Mental Skill You Should Learn During Covid-19

One thing that may be overlooked during this pandemic is the mental, emotional and spiritual impact of this on all of us.

Our guest today, has been in the personal development field for over 30 years and was a licensed psychotherapist practicing for 15 years of those years.

Carla Royal, has worked with some tremendous people helping them reach their breakthroughs.

Outbreaks can be stressful and different people react in different ways.

But we are all carrying the collective stress.

This pandemic is an adjustment for the entire world and Carla discusses methods you can use if you are feeling stressed about our current situation.

Even if you feel like this pandemic hasn’t affected your mental state, this episode could be useful for a loved one(s) in your life.

If you want to learn more, go to Carlaroyal.com

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