Episode 121

Too Many Time-Sucking Meetings? 4 Ways To Optimize!

Meetings are unavoidable in any company.

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Episode Game Plan:

Meetings are unavoidable in any company.

Some people thrive in meetings, while some don’t.

So, it is vital for a company to know how to conduct meetings in the RIGHT way. By doing so, it can avoid wasted time, increase productivity and revenue.

Your department doesn’t go to meetings and stay stagnant at work. With good meetings, your department will have clarity and less room for errors.

Watch this episode as Anik shared his insights into optimizing meetings and increase revenue for the company.

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. There are two types of people – quiet-thinker and high-social. Which one are you? Get this right and you already won half the battle, and have a more productive meeting.
  2. The pre-requisite of every meeting. Create and publish this simple sheet to help your team stays on track.
  3. Set up meetings before the “ultimate things”. It encourages hard stops and make the meetings shorter.
  4. How to deploy the art of interruption and get things to realign in a flick of a second.
  5. Want to avoid all the small talks in a meeting that suck up time your precious time? Then do this one thing to save more time!

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