Episode 194

6 Beginner Entrepreneurs Break $200,000 In Monthly Sales

Featured Guest: KIBO Students

There’s a new way to build an e-commerce business that doesn’t require inventory, shipping, or advertising. It’s called KIBO, and these 6 beginner entrepreneurs reveal this secret system that allowed them to collectively hit $200,000 per month in sales.

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Episode Game Plan:

We’ve got an amazing event planned with Steve & Aidan on Monday January 25th.  To register, visit https://lurn.com/steve

This event includes THREE different workshops over the next week, so if you missed the first one on the 25th, you can still register now!

If you’ve ever struggled opening your own online store, I may have the solution for you.

On this episode, I interview six KIBO students and between all of them, they’re generating $200,000/month.

These individuals are killing it in the e-commerce world using the KIBO system.

What makes their success more shocking is before KIBO, these students had NO EXPERIENCE in the e-com space.

They used a simple 5-Step System that requires:

  1.  No Office
  2.  No Inventory
  3.  No Shipping Products
  4.  NO Paid Traffic!

They’re breaking down how they did it and you get to be a fly on the wall and take notes.

Plus, I have another treat for you…

This system is so amazing that I decided to put it to the test myself.

That’s right…

I opened up my own store using completely FREE traffic and I’m going to be revealing my results at the workshop.

Head to https://lurn.com/steve to see the results.

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