Episode 101

Feat. Carlos Redlick – How He Sold 6-Figures In 6 Months Using Solo Ads At 30 Cents a Click!

The internet marketing landscape has changed.

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Episode Game Plan:

The internet marketing landscape has changed.

Although the ways we get traffic have changed considerably over the years, solo ads is not going away anytime soon.

It’s still one of the cheapest ways of buying traffic and, much more importantly, anyone can start seeing results relatively quickly.

Today’s guests, Carlos Redlich, will walk us through how he sold six figures in six months using solo ads at an insanely cheap price… and how this is infinitely scalable.

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. Round:
    Due to Facebook strict policy, Solo ad is an alternate method of getting traffic.
  2. Round:
    How anyone can implement this “untold” marketing strategy to get a high ROI from solo ad, and avoid failed credit card transactions from customers.
  3. Round:
    The one mysterious funnel that gives 6000% return on solo ad spend – implement this to see your business soars to a new height!
  4. Round:
    The unsophisticated way to find qualified solo ad providers that provide good clicks.
  5. Round:
    The proven solo ad writing structure that guarantees a tsunami of interested buyers to your sales funnel.
  6. Round:
    How, by combining both strategies of free and paid, can get the maximum solo ad ROI and build a database of long-term (and loyal) buyers.

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