Episode 161

KIBO Students – How These 3 NEW eCom Students Built $100,000 Businesses During The Lockdown!

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How These 3 NEW eCom Students Built 6-Figure Business During The Lockdown!

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Many people say the economy is collapsing…

But It’s not collapsing – the economy is changing. It’s evolving.

Everyone is buying online, and this is not just a phase – this is the New Economy.

So, today we have a Fighting Entrepreneur 1st.

We have 3 special guests on to talk about their eCommerce businesses.

You know me, I’m the digital publishing guy, but I am really into eCom right now because it has taken off.

80% increase in eCommerce sales – in the last 60 days!

If you want to build a 6-Figure business, then this is the time to start an eCom store.

I have already interview both Aidan and Steve who have shared their simple 4-Step System to building a 6-Figure eCom business…

4 Steps To $1 Million eCom Business – eCommerce Is Up 80% In This Crazy Economy! – Feat. Aidan Booth https://youtu.be/vIKfp6wNUDs

How He Made $76,993 in 24 Hours, Using A Hidden Gem in Google! – Feat: Steve Clayton https://youtu.be/hrd64KiRZ4Y

In this video, my 3 guests are students of Aidan and Steve who all have their own eCom stores which have affected by the lockdowns.

We take I deep dive into their business – learning the ups, downs and the strategies their using to finding success even in the changing economy.

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