Episode 180

How To Get 1,000+ Leads a Day with Instagram DIRECT MESSAGE Automation! -Feat… Jeff MacPherson

Featured Guest: Jeff MacPherson

My special guest and I are going to talk about Instagram.

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Episode Game Plan:

My special guest and I are going to talk about Instagram.

More specially – Direct Messaging.

There’s been a major evolution that I don’t want you to miss out on.

I missed the “gold rush” when Facebook came out with messenger, but I won’t make that same mistake twice.

Instagram has come out with something similar and now it’s the new gold rush.

You can pick up thousands of leads per day and build a large subscriber base.

My guest, Jeff MacPherson, is the foremost expert when it comes to Instagram Direct Message Automation.

That’s right, you can automate the whole process.

I hope you’re excited and ready to take notes, because we’re taking a deep dive on how to get 1,000 leads per day to your business using Instagram.

To learn more about Jeff, Head to https://www.directheroes.com

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