Episode 110

How To Monetize a 30,000 Facebook Group…Feat. Josh Forti

Featured Guest: Josh Forti

Facebook group is a huge gold mine.

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Episode Game Plan:

Facebook group is a huge gold mine.

It is a powerful tool to connect with people and, much more importantly, let people interact with one another.

Even Facebook is spending millions of dollars to run advertisements on the television commercial to promote this very cool feature – facebook Group.

And the question that gets asked all the time…

“How to grow a Facebook group, and monetize it?” Now, this is a million-dollar question!

That’s why I brought a special guest for you today to walk us through his in-house process of managing, growing, and monetizing Facebook groups!

Josh Forti, at the age of just 25, has helped his client managed over 5 millions of social media followers. He’s seen as an expert in the Facebook group industry.

Get ready to have your brain flooded with tons of knowledge in growing and monetizing a facebook group!

In this episode, I asked:

Round 1 – Who is Josh Forti and his humble story of becoming one of the best facebook Group experts the world has ever seen. (4:14)

Round 2 – Of so many social media platforms… why Facebook groups? (12:49)

Round 3 – How to make a Facebook group vibrant and active? (20:30)

Round 4 – How to grow a Facebook group? (34:43)

Round 5 – How to monetize a Facebook Group? (52:00)

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. Why you as an entrepreneur MUST use Facebook Group to grow your tribe – plus one specific way of getting fresh content from the members (that means less work for you as the admin!)
  2. Unorthodox ways to make your facebook group active, energetic, and vibrant. (If you don’t do these, you’ll lose your prospect early on!)
  3. All roads and sales funnels lead to Facebook Groups. Here are some out-of-the-box techniques to rapidly grow your Facebook group. (Many entrepreneurs are getting these wrong!)
  4. Want to monetize your Facebook Group? Here’s what you can do to boost your chances of profiting from your Facebook Group!

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