Episode 187

Watch Me Create A 7-Figure Challenge Funnel LIVE!- Feat… Pedro Adao

Featured Guest: Pedro Adao

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a true Fighting Entrepreneur stepping into the ring with me.

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Episode Game Plan:

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a true Fighting Entrepreneur stepping into the ring with me.

6 months ago, nobody knew who he was.

And now…

  1. He’s a 7 times Click Funnel Two Comma Club winner!
  2. He’s the founder of 100X Academy – serving entrepreneurs globally.
  3. He’s done multiple back-to-back 7-figure challenge funnels.

He also consulted with Dean Graziosi, who then took the framework to work on Tony Robbins’ super successful challenge funnel.

He has some of the BIGGEST names in our industry banging down his door because of his expertise in this lucrative subject.

Pedro Adao is my guest today and he’s going to show YOU how to create your own 7-figure challenge funnel.

I’m happy to have him joining me for an amazing TFE episode.

Pedro promised to reveal some of his most powerful challenge funnel secrets  during the interview and boy does he deliver!

To get free training from Pedro, visit https://www.crushitwithchallenges.com/anik

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