Episode 164

How To Sell $8,000 Products Using A MINI-Webinar….Feat. Joel Erway

Featured Guest: Joel Erway

This is another great episode with an amazing guest.

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Episode Game Plan:

How To Sell $8,000 Products Using a MINI-Webinar.

This is another great episode with an amazing guest.

Today’s topic – How To Use Mini Webinars To Create Millions of Dollars In Sales of High-Ticket Products.

I have the pleasure of interviewing Jeol Erway, who is known as the Webinar Guy.

He is very sought after as he has helped clients:

  1. Create crazy offers
  2. Build funnels
  3. And grow their businesses.

This is going to be another consulting session for me..

..But of course you just pull me out and plug yourself in and use the info for your business.

Get pen and paper ready.

You’re going to need to take plenty of notes because Joel drops of a lot of gold nuggets in this interview.

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