Episode 179

How To Build An Affiliate Army Using YouTube Videos! -Feat… John Crestani

Featured Guest: John Crestani

First off, I must put a disclaimer out there.

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Episode Game Plan:

First off, I must put a disclaimer out there.

Fair warning – just be prepared to put this episode on repeat.

Because, my guest drops so many golden nuggets in this interview that you may not be able to catch them all the first time around.

This episode is all about creating an army of people who will promote your products for free.

You want to know how?

It’s all by using free YouTube videos.

I have an amazing guest who has made millions of dollars using this method.

His business is scaling month over month and a large part of it is thanks to this massive affiliate army he’s built through YouTube videos.

He’s going to show me how to do it and you get to listen in.

Get ready for another killer episode, as John Crestani shows his secrets to organically making millions with the power of YouTube videos.

To Learn more about John Crestani, head to https://superaffiliatesystem.org

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