Episode 132

How to build your first email list with YouTube! Feat. Justin Sardi

Featured Guest: Justin Sardi

This is a powerful episode with my friend Justin Sardi.

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Episode Game Plan:

This is a powerful episode with my friend Justin Sardi.

He is a legend in the YouTube marketing space because he has innovated how YouTube advertisers target their audiences.

During this interview Justin has knocked me down a few times in the boxing ring! I got back up, but I learned some amazing opportunities…

…That even inspired me to start some side businesses! lol

This is the video where he reveals his powerful video scripts for his YouTube ads!

The best part…

You don’t need to be in-front of the camera! You’ll get the inside scoop on how Justin creates video Ads with HIGH conversions!

Round #1: Learn how Justin began and later Mastered YouTube Ads, his strategies work for every single niche that is out there!

Round #2: Justin breaks down the type of ads he uses and reveals his entire funnel behind all his businesses.

Round #3: Afraid of being in-front of the camera? Justin shows you step-by-step how he creates video ads and reveals his Script!

Round #4: Learn how to get LASER TARGETING with YouTube, he reveals how he targets new audiences that are HIGHLY Qualified, for super cheap!

If you are serious about your business in 2020, you need to watch this video.

You don’t want to miss all of the “Ahh-haa” moments inside!

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